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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Roshan

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The gray concrete road, filled with cracks, stretched towards the horizon . The unknown looking plants vigilantly sprouted through the cracks on the concrete, as it bathed in the unhealthy looking ray of sunshine .


The buildings in the vicinity had no closed windows . They were all shattered in the nuclear explosion . Some of the abandoned cars occupying the streets had windshields that were cracked but remained intact . They were made with higher quality glass than the windows .


It was also possible to spot the occasional sleek looking “metal box . ” Sun Jiao explained that NATO’s paratrooper previously used them as shock absorbers . However, as she talked about the city’s history of invasions, she didn’t express too much emotion . It probably had to do with the fact that she was raised in the survival base and the concept of patriotism was non-existent .


But when she mentioned the history of wars, she openly expressed her disdain . Her eyes showed that both sides, in the war, were complete dumba*ses .


“Is it going to rain?” Jiang Chen raised his head as he gazed into the sky . The thick gray clouds covered the sun, as if it was the clouds that made the sunshine looked so unnatural . There was a suppressing yellow light mixed with the ray of sunshine . He was curious as to how the plants grew here .


“Those are not clouds . Those are radiation dust . ” Sun Jiao found the comment quite funny . He was almost as naïve as she was when she left survival base 071 .


“That means we are completely exposed to radiation?” His only understanding of radiation was from the Fukushima nuclear reactor accident . He remembered, at the time, all the salt was purchased clean from the stores .


Although it's absurd looking back now, it was easy to imagine the emphasis people placed on health in the modern world . Radiation was as fearful as it could get .


Sun Jiao wasn’t too fazed . “Don’t worry, as long as there’s iodine in your EP, the radiation level will not surpass the limit . You also don’t need to worry about growing a third hand . However, if you are in front of a nuclear reactor or a former government’s parliament, where radiation is high, it would be wiser to wear a protective suit,” Sun Jiao warned as she rolled her eyes again .


Although they had an exciting night, there was no sign of Sun Jiao being fatigued . But Jiang Chen felt a bit drained from all the action .


It was not to say that Jiang Chen was weak, regardless how much endurance he had . There was no way he could compare physically to a female Superman that constantly fought in battles .


[Those ridiculous body stats…]


Jiang Chen could not imagine that, without any signs of muscle, she was much stronger than him who at least maintained some muscles .


The decision to venture out together was completely HER idea .


“Since you said you are going to help me, then you have to study some combat related knowledge . Tomorrow let’s venture out together . At least you need to learn how to shoot, and how to protect yourself . ”


“Hmm, well, I do think I can be a backup personnel . ”


“Be quiet… tomorrow we’ll go to the survival camp at Sixth Street . You need to inject the anti-infectious vaccine . Without it, it would be too dangerous . You have to go . ”


Therefore, Jiang Chen had to carry the rifle as he quietly followed .


They continued to chat along the way, but for some reason, she didn’t ask about his origin . Since she didn’t ask, Jiang Chen did not bring up the topic either . Jiang Chen knew that she stopped asking because she developed trust in him . When the time comes, she knew he would tell her .


For the same reason, Jiang Chen didn’t pursue the topic of why she was at the mansion in the first place .



“We’ll pass a zombie infested area up front . The best place to practice shooting is the battlefield itself . Get familiar with the weapon first, but don’t fire, “ she explained, as she took out a high-powered looking rifle from behind . She then looked at Jiang Chen, as she continued to answer his questions .


“SK10, short-to-medium range laser rifle . The best kind of weapon against zombies would be lasers because it has low noise and high accuracy . However, to improve your shooting, let’s start with bullet weapons first,” She pointed at the gun Jiang Chen was holding and continued .


“PK200 assault rifle . 7 . 62 mm in diameter . These bullet guns are not as accurate as the laser ones, but the high penetration power and reliability cannot be underestimated . Even if you use the barrel to smash your enemies, it would be durable enough to get the job done . The safe is on the right side of the rifle, remember to keep it closed if you are not firing . ”


The sleek looking gun barrel had a futuristic design . At the handle, Jiang Chen saw a small symbol .




The two of them walked through the empty street . The occasional three feet long rat crossing the road would always scare Jiang Chen, but he got used to it after a while . These mutants were everywhere . Jiang Chen even saw a cockroach the size of a dog as it fled into the shadows of the street . Their one-meter long tentacles were disturbing to see .


“Not all creatures possess attacking abilities . For example, while rats are large, biologically they still preserved their natural fear of human . While cockroaches certainly look frightening, due to the source of their food, they won’t attack any living things . ” They were approaching the intersection as Sun Jiao raised her rifle in caution . “Zombies would stop all activity during the day time . The mutated cells in the back of their heads require a stable environment to photosynthesis . Shocking right? That’s why these zombies survived all these years without starving to death . I think some of the zombies even evolved to a point where they can reproduce asexually . ”


Sun Jiao joked around for a bit while keeping her guard up . “What we need to be careful of are the carnivores . They usually eat zombies or other creatures at the bottom of the food chain . However, if they do encounter a human, they are not picky eaters . Lastly, the most dangerous species are humans . If someone points at your head, don’t hesitate and fire immediately . ”


Her decisiveness made Jiang Chen feel a sudden coldness run down his spine .


Astounded by the cruelty on the wasteland, Jiang Chen was also amazed . The city developed its own complex yet distinct ecosystem . Nature was truly compelling in adapting to the idea of survival of the fittest .


Under the iron forests, there were no signs of civilization . Only an uncivilized land remained . Despite holding a highly advanced weapon, Jiang Chen did not feel safe at all .


“Shh . ” Sun Jiao suddenly stopped and raised her right hand to stop Jiang Chen .


“Don’t point your gun at me, dumba*s . Watch my back,” Sun Jiao cursed at Jiang Chen under her voice .


Jiang Chen took a deep breath and opened the safe, as he pointed the gun directly into the peaceful street .


“This is odd, all the mutants in the surrounding area disappeared . They must have sensed their predator . ” There was a shiver of nervousness in Sun Jiao’s voice . The hint of nervousness made the almost calm Jiang Chen nervous again .




“Carnivores of some sort . Hopefully, it is not a Death Claw . ”


Although he didn’t know what a Death Claw was, Jiang Chen heard the concern in her voice .


At that moment, a loud blast came from somewhere far down the street . Immediately, a deep but loud roar followed and a burst of gunshots ensued .


“There is a battle up front, come with me . ” Sun Jiao instructed after she heard the noise in the distance . Without retreating, she moved in the direction of the battle .


“I mean, are you sure we are not going the wrong way?”


Sun Jiao didn’t respond to Jiang Chen’s question; he had to follow as he had no other choice .


A burst of howls erupted from a hideous yet vicious looking face . Saliva was flowing from its mouth, while it swung the almost broken lamp post . The fat on the creature’s body looked as if it was about to burst .


“Focus fire . Throw the explosives over! Quick!”


“Ammo! I need ammo!”


“Ahhh, my hand!” A flying car door cut through a poor guy’s arm, as it penetrated into the wall not far behind from him .


The monster was angered, as it unleashed all of its power onto the soldier's defense line .


The mutant was under heavy fire from the not so well equipped soldiers . They tried to suppress the raging meatball . A few soldiers ducked under friendly fire while avoiding the debris that the monster throw . They continued to throw explosives at the monster .


“… It's Roshan!” As Sun Jiao backed into the corner, shock was written all over her face . “How did it appear here…”


Jiang Chen was even more surprised . With his mouth wide open, he was completely stunned .


[What the hell is that? That thing is massive!]


Roshan pressed forward, as it bathed in the heavy fire . The situation was looking dire for the soldiers . While the bullets did affect Roshan’s movement, it was far from stopping him . The thick layer of fat was like a bulletproof vest, which stopped the bullets from penetrating through his skin .


The soldiers were out of solutions . Even the leader of the squad immediately sent out an order to approach the Roshan with explosives . However, the thick layer of fat was designed for more than bullet protection .


Although the waves of attack were not effective, the Roshan’s movement was hindered by it . The Roshan could no longer make any advancements forward .


At that moment, a homing missile penetrated the air, as it cast a gloomy trial of death directly at the Roshan .


But the missile did not hit the Roshan . It skidded across the Roshan’s face, as it impacted the building behind it .


Boom! Following the impact, a wave of the violent explosions ensued . The steel reinforced concrete broke into pieces as it left a massive hole in the building behind the Roshan .


It seemed to have sensed the danger, the Roshan’s body of fat began shaking violently, as its power was even more explosive and fierce . Its bloody mouth opened wide, as if it was letting out an angry roar, but the roar was silent .


Another missile flew across the battlefield . Following the track of the first missile, this one directly penetrated into the Roshan’s bloody mouth .


In seconds, blood, brain, and fat exploded into small droplets . The content of the Roshan's body filled the street .


The Roshan, without its head, fell to the ground . The soldiers celebrated their victory .


Soldiers walked out of their covers as the battle came to an end . They hugged each other and helped the wounded . Then, they cleaned the battlefield in an organized manner .


“99-Type Anti-tank Missile, that is pretty much the only thing that could destroy the Roshan . The Roshan’s fat is very thick, which would make any bullet type weapon obsolete . At the same time, the Roshan's bad habit of throwing things makes fighting one a nightmare . ” Sun Jiao felt relieved as she let out a sigh .


“What are they doing?” Jiang Chen glanced at the people who were dissecting Roshan as he tried to keep the food in his stomach down .


“Collecting the crystals . Also, Roshan’s fat can be used as nutrients in the nutrient supply . Oh, I think the blood cell can also be used as ingredients in the vaccines . ”


Nutrient supply? Why does it sound like food?


Jiang Chen shivered as he promised himself that he would never touch that nutrient supply . Wouldn’t that be equivalent to eating Roshan’s meat?


Sun Jiao smiled as she seemed to have guessed why Jiang Chen was grossed out . She then took Jiang Chen to the group of soldiers .


Sensing their approach, a soldier walked over . He then examined the group of two .


With professionalism, he spoke, “Sixth Street welcomes you . Based on the necessary procedure, I need to inspect your gene code . ”


Gene code was a type of code based on an algorithm developed through a person’s genetic sequence, and was used as EP’s user ID . Due to EP’s broad adoption, and the uniqueness of each genetic sequence, it was used as a form of ID . In the apocalyptic world, the government didn’t exist . Therefore, to prove one’s identity, DNA was the only option .


In some governed survival bases, the entrance was dependent on the inspection of the gene code . The goal was to find criminals who violated the law in the survival base .


After they had displayed their EP, the soldier allowed both of them to pass politely .


“I always thought only barbarians existed in the wasteland . I can’t believe I can see some traces of civilization . ” Jiang Chen’s cautious heart calmed down as he saw the soldiers did not bother them any further .


Sun Jiao grinned as she heard Jiang Chen’s statement .


“Oh, my opinion is the opposite of yours . I think civilization exists everywhere on this piece of land . It’s just that its form is rather unique . ”


The steel gate slowly opened, as the tension within the camp decreased . Behind the sandbags, Jiang Chen saw the Anti-tank Missile that destroyed Roshan . The vicious cannon spread an eerie vibe as it just stood there . The ground was littered with its large metal shells .


Jiang Chen followed Sun Jiao into the camp .


Sixth Street was a harbor that welcomed travelers of the wasteland . Its philosophy was to protect the order in a land filled with chaos . But it would be naïve to consider Sixth Street as the enforcer of justice .

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