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Chapter 601
Chapter 601: Expand to the Ocean!

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"A budget of 20 billion dollars… Are you planning to build an aircraft carrier?" Xia Shiyu rubbed her temples and said with a slight headache .

Twenty billion dollars was worth 130 billion RMB! Although Future Group had a lot of money, this was not the way to spend it . And based on what Jiang Chen said, this was the price tag just for the first phase of the project .

"Why do you relate everything to an aircraft carrier? Even the Nimitz class cost only 4 billion dollars," Jiang Chen sighed and jokingly said .

Xia Shiyu's eyebrows jumped . She took a deep breath and calmed her agitated emotions before asking .

"A budget of five aircraft carriers, can I ask what you are going to do with it?"

"Of course, since it is nothing worth keeping a secret about," Jiang Chen paused, "I plan to build a city . "

"A city?" Xia Shiyu was dumbfounded, unable to respond to what Jiang Chen was saying .

'What kind of city would need this much steel, aluminum, and polyethylene…'

"That's right . " Jiang Chen nodded with seriousness .

Xia Shiyu gazed into his eyes before finally letting out a sigh .

"Fine, I will go arrange it after and speak with the finance department . I'll have the document ready for you before the end of the day at the latest; you can give it to me after you sign it . "

Jiang Chen was shocked how easily she agreed .

Xia Shiyu saw the shock in his eyes . She lips made a small curvature, but the serious expression didn't change at all .

"But as the CEO, I still have to remind you . Future Tourism has a great profitability margin right now, but even under the most ideal scenario, it would take five years to recover 10 billion dollars in investment . "

"I know . " Jiang Chen nodded, "but this project is pure tourism, its purpose is not only reflected on the profitability of the income statement . It may seem abstract the way I'm describing it, but once I hand you the project plan and visualization, you should understand my idea . "

"You're the boss; you don't need to explain to me . " Xia Shiyu pushed up her glasses with her finger with a smile . "Also, I trust you . "

Because you can always create miracles… the latter half of the sentence was hidden inside her heart .

"Let's not talk about this . I think you should find an assistant soon . "

"Aren't you my assistant?" Jiang Chen said with a grin .

Xia Shiyu gave him a hard stare, coughed, and calmed down, "let's not make jokes here, be serious . "

Jiang Chen sat up straight waiting for her to continue .

"With the current expansion speed, my work in decision making will increase, and I will no longer have as much free time as before . Such as document organization, discussing the decisions, and pouring coffee… it is better to leave it to the professional . "

Xia Shiyu then added .

"It is more efficient this way . "

"Thank you . " Jiang Chen said sternly .

The shadows of her bang hid the faint hue on her face, Xia Shiyu stared at the documents around her arm and whispered, "Its okay . "

[You have a conscience after all . ]

After a short silence, Xia Shiyu placed the documents she had been holding on to on Jiang Chen's table .

"I have a few resumes on the table . These talents have impeccable education and ability and there are people from Harvard, Imperial College . They are extremely interested in working for you . You can see which one you like, and I can arrange the interview for you . "

"Okay, thank you very much . " Jiang Chen picked up the documents and start flipping through them .

It felt the servant was picking out the concubine for the emperor .

Jiang Chen shook his head, dispersed the inappropriate ideas from his mind, and started to examine each resume carefully .

<Wang Xiao, male, 37, Tsinghua University Human Resources Masters, worked as a human resources manager at Huawei before…]

Just like Xia Shiyu said, these talents were impeccable in both academics and abilities . But after reading through them, he realized something was off .

It took him a while before he realized what was wrong .

The resumes were all males?

The idea that the person pouring him coffee and tending to him would be a guy made Jiang Chen feel unpleasant . Ability was one thing, but at least give him some passion to work .

Although he understood Xia Shiyu's intention behind this, he was still hurt by this .

[Where did the trust go? Am I that kind of person? Even if it is a female assistant, even if she looked pleasing to the eyes, I wouldn't do anything okay…]

Perhaps .

Jiang Chen realized himself that his ability to reject temptation has been poor . And Xia Shiyu who realized his point did nothing wrong to cut off the "temptation" . Since she is the CEO of the group, it was reasonable for her to moderately control the desire of the president for the sake of the Group's expansion…

Jiang Chen stuffed the resumes in his drawer, called the human resources department, and asked them to send a few more resumes .

He could not accept a man wandering around in his office all day .

Assistant selection aside, compared to the irrelevant small stories, Jiang Chen had other urgent matters to take care of .

Just like what he told Xia Shiyu, he planned to build a city .

Not on the ground, but the ocean!

Followed by the economic development of Xin, a large number of foreign workers and tourists flooded Xin, the not large Pannu Islands instantly became crowded . The previously spacious residential land started to experience shortages . Although it wasn't to the point where the original residents could no longer afford housing, it inevitably increased their cost of living and the requirement to immigrate .

Even if Xin possessed the economic conditions for population increase, on the islands not-so-big in the first place, how many people could you stuff on there?

Xin had a massive territory; not on land, but on the sea .

Next to the vast west Pacific Ocean, there was no territorial dispute for Xin .

With such a god given geographical advantage, it would be a waste of heaven sent if not utilized .

Future Group and Celestial Trade's next strategic focus was to expand to the ocean!

It was the prequel to the space era .