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Chapter 603: 603
Chapter 603: The Amazing Graphene

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

In Jiang Chen's "Ocean Expansion" strategic plan and "Space Elevator" plan, the research of Nano material – graphene was fundamental and core .

Most people know that graphite is one of the softest substances in nature . What most people don't know, however, is that its so-called "softness" is just its macro phenomenon . For example, the hexagonal grids stacked on top of the other, the graphite interlayer structure is maintained by "the least reliable" van der Waals forces, so that the layers and layers are relatively "slippery" under the action of external force, thereby giving a "soft " illusion .

But in the direction perpendicular to the plane, graphite is "amazingly" durable!

According to the latest research results, it shows that graphene per 100 nm distance can withstand a maximum pressure that reaches 2 . 9 micro Newton . In other words, it will take 55 Newton of force to break one meter long graphene! Intuitively, graphene with the same thickness of food plastic bag will need to exert a pressure of almost 20,000 Newton before losing its integrity . In other words, if the plastic bag is made out of graphene, it will be able to withstand about two tons of weight!

Here only its strength is discussed, its conductivity, light transmission, lightweight and anti-bactericidal nature are all superb . All of this is also precisely why graphene is one of the most important research topics in the world . From space elevators to supercomputers, screens of the next-generation photonic sensors to mobile phones of the second generation, this new source of material, which is cumbersome to produce, has garnered worldwide acclaim since the turn of the century .

Graphene material is the future!

Jiang Chen's Future Group was leading the world in this aspect . Although it was not revealed to the public, Future Group has been using graphene material in many of its products . For example, the K1 kinetic skeleton Celestial Trade is currently using, from the chip to the removable bulletproof guard; graphene could be seen everywhere . The Phantom helmet was also another example along with the electromagnetic acceleration track in the deep water mining facility, they were all made with graphene material .

Application was only one aspect . These products were all designed in the apocalypse and not indicative that Future Group really mastered the technology . To digest the technology from the other dimension and apply the technology to more broad applications, Jiang Chen invested and established the graphene lab and "bought" the group of scientists with achievement in the research of graphene to digest the superior technology .

Lu Yuan didn't disappoint him either .

Jiang Chen took the "strand of hair" back to Fallout Shelter 027 . After the testing done by the scientists at the shelter, it reached the quality needed to build the space elevator . It meant that in the field of material science, Future Group's technology led the world by at least 20 years .

A stream of cargos sailed from New Guinea to Ange Island; anyone could have guessed Future Group had big plans . UA was the most sensitive about this since the two parties recently were in an escalated tension on the topic of MLL Island .

But what the CIB Agent on Ange Island didn't know was, after Xin further refined the crudely refined steel products, they transported them back to the port again and then hauled them to a region 200 kilometers out, then ended up dumping the refined steel products into the ocean .

Dumped into the ocean?

Not only were the CIB agents confused, but even the UA soldiers playing video games on the aircraft carrier were equally as confused . The Capitol immediately ordered them to closely monitor Future Group's move!

Therefore, they sent the unmanned multi-purpose MQ reconnaissance drone stationed on the aircraft .

They were fortunate that they sent an unmanned drone .

The unlucky bird lost communication not long after it flew into Xin's territory . The aircraft carrier thought it was Celestial Trade that shot it down and reported the information to the Rainbow Mansion . The Capitol was furious and immediately called Jiang Chen… they finally learned that even Zhang Yaping couldn't give them a response .

But Jiang Chen's reaction was "innocent" and stated that he didn't know any drones that entered Xin's airfield, he then retorted the Capitol, when was it okay to be this straightforward about going into someone's house without permission?

The Capitol felt awkward but acting shamelessly was key for all politicians around the world . The newly elected President is no less shameless compared to her predecessor . After she forced some explanation, she requested Celestial Trade to permit the aircraft carrier sending out unarmed recovery boat to recover the drone in the region .

Jiang Chen didn't reject but did agree on a time limit with the Capitol . If the drone could not be recovered within 72 hours, the recovery boat must leave Xin's region . After the Capitol accepted Jiang Chen's proposal, the aircraft carrier immediately sent out a recovery boat . But after 72 hours, the boat recovered nothing and could only leave Xin's territory under the supervision of Celestial Trade .

Of course they couldn't find anything .

When the unmanned drone entered Xin's territory, Droplet 1 set sail from the port of Coconut Island . At the same time, Aurora-20 departed from New moon Island . When it arrived above the drone, it launched an air-to-air EMP missile to the area . The drone was just like a fly that smashed into the spider web, the electronic equipment instantly malfunctioned and dove into the sea .

At the same time, Droplet 1 waiting underneath extended its mechanical arm and dragged the wreckage of the drone into the net before returning to Coconut Island . The Capitol and aircraft carrier didn't think Celestial Trade's action would be so swift which made the captain of the aircraft carrier even questioned himself .

'Could it have just encountered bad weather?'

But what if it was not bad weather, but it was actually taken down by Celestial Trade's anti-air missile without any signs…

Captain Hoffman shivered at the thought but he quickly shook the unrealistic thought out of his head . It was not difficult to shoot down the drone since it was not advanced technology, but it was impossible to do so without being detected by the aircraft drone .

Within the 100 nautical miles, any anti-air missiles ascending to the drone's attitude will be captured by the radar of the aircraft carrier .

But what Hoffman didn't know was that their radar's detection ability was a joke compared to Aurora-20's invisibility .

It was not UA that kept an eye on Celestial Trade, the small neighbor Malaysia also closely monitored the situation .

Different from UA, Malaysia was not focusing on military advancement, but economic changes…

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