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Published at 15th of December 2018 07:06:30 AM

Chapter 608
Jiang Chen didn't think the Saudi Prince would personally make a trip . As per the request brought up in the morning, the Prince arrived at Coro Island in the afternoon and checked into the Heart of the Sea .

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The plane imprinted with the royal badge landed at the Coro Island airport . With bodyguards in suits accompanying him, Prince Yerif walked off the plane .

Perhaps because of his royal blood, the Arabic Prince looked extremely handsome . He wore a traditional Arab white robe . The moment he saw Jiang Chen waiting at the gate, without giving Jiang Chen the opportunity to speak, he walked out with quick steps and gave Jiang Chen a hug .

"I finally met you - the most successful businessman of the century, Mr . Jiang Chen . " After letting Jiang Chen go, Yerif spoke to him in English .

"I'm grateful to meet you too, Mr . Prince," Jiang Chen said humbly .

The person standing in front of him was indeed richer than him . Based on the information he obtained from Xin's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prince Yerif wasn't only a prince, but he was also the likely successor of the King . Once the Saudi King pass away in the future, it would be him on the throne .

Based on what a Saudi Prince told him, Saudi Aramco's valuation was expected to be in the range of 2 trillion USD . Although it was undetermined if this number is inflated, if the number is, in fact real, Saudi Aramco's IPO would break Apple's 700 billion record .

Among the people Jiang Chen knew, only the Rothschild family with an undisclosed financial standing could compare to the wealthy Arabs .

When the car arrived at Future Building, Yerif was generous with his praise while standing at the gate .

"A beautiful building . It is equally as beautiful as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai . "

"Haha, thank you for your compliment . " While they chatted, Jiang Chen invited him into the conference room .

When they sat down, Yerif asked his bodyguards to stay outside the room . It didn't take long before the conversation turned to robots . The handsome prince seemed to be uncomfortable expressing his request .

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Jiang Chen, who noticed his awkwardness, signaled Xia Shiyu to step out for a moment .

Xia Shiyu closed the door behind her .

Seeing there was no one else present, Yerif felt relieved .

"Thank you . "

"No problem . We're all men, I understand . " Jiang Chen laughed . "But I have a question . Could Mr . Prince clear my confusion?"

"Of course, please go ahead," Yerif said courteously .

"Why didn't you get someone else to handle the small task of customizing a robot? Considering your identity… it seems inappropriate for you to make a trip down here just for this . "

Yerif smiled .

"I see . I'm here on vacation to Coro Island . At the same time, I wished to bring Future Group a greeting from Saudi, so the outside world won't know about the robot . I hope Mr . Jiang can keep this a secret for me . "

"Of course . We always value the privacy of our users . What kind of robot do you need?" Jiang Chen tried his best to show a smile that wouldn't make Yerif feel awkward since asking the question felt equivalent to asking the size of sex doll Yerif wanted to buy .

Just as he thought Yerif would say something embarrassing, he put his hands into his pocket and took out a delicate wooden box .

Yerif handed him the box .

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Jiang Chen took the redwood box, opened the sophisticated switch and found a photo inside .

"This is…"

Suddenly, he sensed that the photo looked familiar .

"I feel like I've seen her before…"

Jiang Chen suddenly recollected that when he was in Sanya in 2015, he was fortunate enough to attend a birthday party of an Arab Prince . The person in the photo was the beautiful princess he saw .

Yerif looked more familiar the more he looked at him!

Jiang Chen examined the prince a few more times and confirmed his suspicions .

"My princess . " Reminiscence surfaced on Yerif's face and he put his hands on his face . "My true love . "

From the hint of remorse in his eyes and the photo of the beautiful lady, Jiang Chen could guess his true intentions .

It made sense now . He was the prince of a country, so how would he have made a personal trip down to Coro Island simply for a "doll"?

But his wish troubled Jiang Chen…

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"The deceased can't be awakened . You should know that what you're pursuing is wrong . " Jiang Chen looked sternly into his eyes and reminded him .

"You already guessed what I want? Indeed, that is fitting for the most successful businessman of the century . I understand everything you're saying, but I just want her to return to my side . " Yerif sniffed and looked at Jiang Chen with a hint of desperation .

"I apologize—"

"Don't reject me! I'm willing to pay money . How much do you want—" Seeing as Jiang Chen was about to reject him, Yerif stood up emotionally .

"Remain calm . This isn't about money . " Jiang Chen attempted to comfort him . "Even if I want to help you, I have to consider the technology at Future Group . Do you think Xiao Lin's design could fill the hole in your heart?"

The wealthy just wanted to throw money at people whenever there is a conflict now .

"I don't want that," the calmed Yerif shook his head . "But it's already very close . If there are technical challenges, just solve them . How much investment do you need? 100 million? 1 billion? We can discuss . "

Seeing as Yerif wouldn't back down unless he achieved his goal, Jiang Chen sighed .

To be honest, considering how infatuated the prince was, he almost agreed but ended up rejecting him anyway .

"Reviving the dead is taboo in science . "


"I can't explain why; I can only provide you with an example . Let's say that you had a brother who passed away and your father used the same method to revive him . Your father loved him like before and made him the successor of the kingdom . The robot would be the King one day - don't you think that's scary?"

"She's only a woman! Even if you revived her, what influence would she have?" Yerif said ardently .

Looking at the pleading Yerif, Jiang Chen sighed .

"… Fine, but you have to keep this a secret . "

With excitement lighting up his eyes, Yerif nodded fiercely .

"I promise! I swear in Allah's name!"

It was the most sincere promise a Saudi could make .

Jiang Chen nodded and he continued .

"Before I help you, I have to ask - how are you going to cover up the fact that Amira already passed away? Most people should've attended her funeral already . "

"I'll marry her again . She will be my ninth wife . I'll tell people I fell in love with her on Coro Island and she looked like she was made from the same mold as Amir, so I granted her the name Amira," Yerif said without hesitation .

[… Fine . ] For a split second, Jiang Chen thought Yerif was an infatuated man .

Nine wives .

Jiang Chen thought he was shameless enough, but he still paled in comparison .

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