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Chapter 609: 609

609 The Living Doll


The prince's persistence did make Jiang Chen feel exasperated .

Although Future Group currently held no special interests in the Middle East, based on the consideration of Xin and Saudi's future relationship, he ultimately agreed to Yerif's request .

He obtained a strand of Princess Amira's hair and extracted the DNA inside . He took the DNA back to Fallout Shelter 027 and replicated her look at 20 years of age . He then used 3D printing technology to create the digitalized human version of the princess .

The skeleton was titanium alloy, and the skin was silica gel . She possessed Princess Amira's looks and basic artificial intelligence, infinitely approaching intermediate artificial intelligence . Her memory was replicated based on Price Yerif's memory of her and a personal diary she had .

From the appearance, she was no different from a human .

No… she was no different from a human internally .

The moment she woke up in the modern world, she called for Yerif . She was fearful toward the scientists in the lab and thought they were bandits who took her hostage . She threatened Jiang Chen to let her go or the Saudi royal family would take serious actions…

Standing inside the surgery room, Jiang Chen and Amos looked at each other .

They both read the unnatural concern in each other's pupils .

The concern didn't originate from the uncanny valley effect .

"This is immoral . " When Doctor Amos recovered from his shocked state, that was his first sentence .

"That's right . " Jiang Chen concurred .

"This is more immoral than a clone . At least clones don't possess your memory, drive your car, sleep with your woman, and make everything feel like it should happen . God…" Amos closed his eyes and drew a cross in front of his chest .

Jiang Chen didn't have anymore to add .

He only narrowed his eyes and gazed into her pupils until she started to tremble before he moved his eyes away . He saw Lin Chaoen's shadow on her . Although the scientists at the fallout shelter swore she only possessed basic artificial intelligence, all her actions were just logical responses to an external stimulus .

Although she was extremely similar to humans, she wasn't the same .

She was just a "doll" .

"Are you really going to give her to the Saudi Prince?" Amos asked .

"Of course . " Jiang Chen nodded . "Xin needs allies in the international community . A friendship that can be won with just a robot is worth it for us . "

Amos still wanted to say something, but seeing as Jiang Chen didn't want to discuss further, he didn't speak .

Disregarding morality and ethics, the robot could be considered the peak of technology . The "uncanny effect" Doctor Amos couldn't solve despite all his efforts was easily solved by the scientists at Fallout Shelter 027 .

Technological advancement wasn't a sprint but a marathon .

Jiang Chen scanned her like he was looking at a piece of equipment . He then threw some clothes on her body before he turned around and left .

Her memory could be adjusted later .

Yerif stayed on Coro Island for three days . Based on the words of Future Tourism's CEO, Wei Yun, the wealth Saudi spent 5 million USD at the Heart of the Sea, which certainly dazed Jiang Chen .

Three days later, Jiang Chen took Amira to see Yerif .

When Yerif saw his love, he hugged her emotionally . Amira tearfully hugged Yerif while telling him how she spent a long time in complete darkness and how she missed him .

"Don't cry, my baby . " Yerif comforted her .

It was supposed to be a touching scene, but Jiang Chen felt an abnormal disgust, so he looked away .

After they hugged, the gorgeous Amira bowed to Jiang Chen and thanked him for saving her from the bandits . Based on her adjusted memory, she hadn't died because of sickness but because she was captured by bandits . Future Group ended up rescuing her and cured her terminal illness before finally meeting her husband on Coro Island again .

Because other people thought she died, Yerif agreed that she would only share Amira's name and have a similar look .

After Yerif spent two more days at the Heart of the Sea, Yerif said goodbye to Jiang Chen .

Before he left, he asked Jiang Chen for his price .

"Just treat it as a gift . I don't plan to release this model of robot to the market . " Jiang Chen shook his head .

"Don't be like this, my friend, you'll make it difficult for me . Money or beauty - please tell me what you desire," Yerif said sternly .

In their correspondence over the past days, he really treated Jiang Chen like a friend .

"If you really feel troubled, just keep this a secret between us . " Jiang Chen sighed .


"I can't explain why, but it's an immoral technology . "

Yerif didn't quite understand what Jiang Chen meant, but he still accepted what he said . He swore again in the name of Allah to keep this forever a secret .

"Your generosity earned the friendship of the Saudi people . " Yerif took a deep breath and bowed to Jiang Chen . "Regardless, I owe you a favor . Once I become the King, I will repay you . "

"Receiving the friendship of the future King certainly makes the gift worthwhile . " Jiang Chen laughed before he gave Yerif a few cautionary words .

Robots wouldn't ever get sick, so he should never take her to get a body examination . Robots wouldn't produce blood even though their bodies are designed with blood vessels, so he had to make sure she wouldn't get seriously wounded . He should never take her apart or the protection mechanism would burn the chip . She didn't need to be charged, but she required food as the digestive system was her only source of energy…

Jiang Chen personally sent the prince off on his plane .

Before Yerif boarded the plane, he hugged Jiang Chen again and expressed his gratitude .

"If you visit Dubai, please contact me . "

"I will!" Jiang Chen waved his hand and sent the couple off .

Gazing at the flight disappearing in the horizon, Jiang Chen's smile began to fade .

Moments later, he suddenly muttered to himself .

"Perhaps I should never have said yes . "

Ayesha, beside him, looked at him, lost .

If the deceased could be freely replaced by robots, people wouldn't ever truly die in this world . One hundred years later, when the last human passed away, his friends and family could bid farewell around his deathbed then a replica of him could be pulled out the second his eyes were closed .

That thought alone made Jiang Chen shudder with terror .

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