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Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Extravagant Spending

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When Xiao Mengying saw that Jiang Chen paid the two hundred forty million in full, her eyes lit up and she felt the pain was worth it, especially when the General Manager secretly sent her a thumbs-up .


“I’m certainly pleased with the house, but I was more pleased with your sales manager . ” Jiang Chen smiled and shook hands with the General Manager after signing the necessary documents .

The General Manager responded by laughing with a look that all men understood as he passed the proof of ownership and the electronic key to Jiang Chen . He also promised that within three days, Jiang Chen could move in .


The mansion was technically available right away, but in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, Wanhua Real Estate conducted a complimentary cleaning and inspection . Since it was a new estate without any previous owners, it needed a dusting at the very least . Compared to the trail of zeros in two hundred forty million, the cost of cleaning was inconsequential .


The tedious process was completed in a relatively short amount of time . Pleased with the General Manager’s work, Jiang praised him before he leaving the luxurious Wanhua Real Estate headquarters .


On his way out, he glanced at the still-stunned Fang Yuanyuan with a playful smile and a wave of his contract and keys . Xiao Mengying followed him with a meaningful smile, licking her lips ambitiously .


In recognition of her work, the General Manager commended her sales record which meant that she would soon be promoted .


But compared to the million dollar commission, she was more interesting in the owner of that mansion—rich and handsome, and also single . As for Xia Shiyu? She was nothing to worry about .

In terms of techniques, it was impossible for that virgin to please him like she could . She was confident that with her intoxicating body, she would be able to attract him . All she needed to do now was bide her time and call him at the number she secretly memorized .


She firmed believed that with the proper bait, no man would be able to resist biting .

Of course, these were all her own speculations .


Although Jiang Chen was never a nice guy to begin with, he still maintained balance in his heart .

When Xiao Mengying walked out of the office, her colleagues surrounded her and rapidly questioned her about the man who was personally greeted by the General Manager .


“Be truthful! What trick did you use to dig up that rich man?” A saleswoman with a gorgeous body pushed her way to Xiao Mengying’s side .


“No, no, it was just a regular deal,” Xiao Mengying modestly replied, but with her vanity secretly fulfilled .


“You have that smell on you, hehe, you can’t escape my nose . ” A cute-looking girl sniffed Xiao Mengying’s face with a grin .


After some back-and-forth teasing, Xiao Mengying finally and “unwillingly” revealed her experience .


When they heard about the two hundred forty million deal, the sales staff gasped without exception . Xiao Mengying even hinted that the man did not even blink when paying the full amount, making them even more hysterical .


“Mengying, you are the best . You must know that man’s phone number, right? Hurry up and tell me,” a curly-haired girl asked pleadingly, holding onto her arm .


“Yes, yes, sharing is caring . ”


Inside, she was ecstatic, enjoying the flattery of her colleagues, but outwardly, she maintained her composure .


[You bi*ches, I know exactly what you’re all thinking . ]


Even the girl who acted innocent and pure with her adorable face scared Xiao Mengying with her acts in bed . How did she conclude that? From her sales record that remained in the top three .


The other saleswomen all had their own plans . A two hundred forty million deal solidified Xiao Mengying’s position as first in the department, and since it was unlikely to be shaken, it would be wise to flatter her . Then in the future, she would be kinder to all of them .


Intoxicated by their flattery, she waved her hand gallantly and promised to treat everyone out tonight, sparking loud cheers . The commission alone was two million, so of course she didn’t lack the money .


The girls all had a common purpose, however, which was to hook up with the rich and handsome man . No one wanted to be a real estate saleswoman for the rest of their lives, especially with the short life of the career . The only thing they could do now was earn money but more importantly, find a rich man . And although Xiao Mengying had her advantages, the girls also had their own competitive edge .



The curly-haired girl, for example, although not a virgin, won with her age . As a recent graduate, she had less experience with the rules of the business . If she cried and emphasized her innocence in how she accidentally lost her first time, it would make for a compelling story .


The key was in obtaining the phone number . They all secretly planned on getting her drunk to make her loosen up .


Xiao Mengying, who was basking in the praise, noticed Fang Yuanyuan standing at the front counter .


[You are not trying to flatter me?] Xiao Mengying frowned, then smiled mockingly when she remembered that this new girl had a conflict with Jiang Chen .


“I really don’t have Mr . Jiang’s number . An important person like him would never like me,” Xiao Mengying said with faked sadness . Then her eyes seemed to coincidentally come across Fang Yuanyuan, and as if recalling something of utmost importance, she joyfully asked, “Oh! I remember, Fang Yuanyuan was Mr . Jiang’s classmate . Why don’t we ask her?”


All of the girls paused, then began to laugh .


Fang Yuanyuan’s face had gloom written all over it, hearing the mockery in their laughter as if they were saying, “You bit*h, you went to the five-people party which just barely allowed you to become a sales girl, but when a piece of meat was fed to your mouth, you ended up giving it to someone else . ”


“I, I don’t know . I’m not that close with him,” Fang Yuanyuan stuttered . It was a lie as well, since she had almost gotten together with him in the past .


It was too late now for regrets . If only she had accepted the poor guy from that time…


Ashamed and regretful, she hastily organized her table and left with her bag . Work had already ended anyway, and she needed to run away from her embarrassment .


As for the mockery behind her, she couldn’t hear it anymore; it was not her first time experiencing the cruelty of the world .


She didn’t question the reason behind these events . Instead, she hated Jiang Chen, the cocky Xiao Mengying, and even resented the expressionless Xia Shiyu who played no part in this .


Her hatred mixed with guilt and regret until it became a poison that gradually overwhelmed her .


Xiao Mengying contently observed Fang Yuanyuan’s expression without the slightest guilt or compassion . If that girl had managed to get the deal instead, the sales manager would have been someone else . Then it would be her flattering the girl while getting looked down on .


The workplace was no less cruel than a battlefield, especially one filled with women .

So, she didn’t need to have mercy, and no one would feel sympathetic for Fang Yuanyuan .

They would only use the opportunity to prove their loyalty to their invincible boss .

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