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Chapter 611: 611
The helicopter landed on the temporary helipad on the construction boat .

With Ayesha accompanying him, Jiang Chen in casual clothes jumped onto the deck .

The captain of the construction boat was already waiting on the side . Chen Anmin with a dark tan immediately greeted Jiang Chen .

"Welcome . President Jiang's personal visit is making the boat a magnificent place!"

Jiang Chen almost burst out laughing when he heard the welcoming words of the tanned captain . The usage of words was not considerate of the circumstance at all .

"Don't be so nervous . I'm just here to see the progress of the construction; and also here to take people on tour to see our group's construction of the century . "

Chen Anmin took a moment to process this and looked at the boss in confusion . Then he saw a Caucasian man who came down from the helicopter .

From his impression, the construction of the ocean city should be kept confidential . Even the workers on the boat didn't know the specifics of the construction . Only a few engineers on non-rotating shifts knew bits of the specifics .

"In a few days, the information of the construction will be fully released . The world has the right to know what we are doing on the west Pacific Ocean . " Jiang Chen opened his hand and spoke in a ridiculing tone, "some scared people think we are building missile silos . "

With the graphene cable development completed, the primary structure built by the amphibious construction robots was 20% done . Country F who was completely crippled in the last war continued to spur up the conspiracy of Celestial on the Pacific and slandered Celestial Trade for building missile silos on a large scale .

Jiang Chen knew exactly who was behind all of this .

IBCM has a minimum strike radius . There is no need to use it to strike a neighboring country only a few kilometers away . The people who feared the missile most was UA, standing behind Country F .

It was not the best choice to hide the information . So Jiang Chen planned to release the ocean city project to the public . And the release of information immediately drew the attention of all the countries around the world . UA was the first to demonstrate their suspicion and believed that the footage released by Future Group was fictitious!

An ocean city five square kilometers in size? How is that possible!

Of course, UA was also building an ocean city not far away from their homeland . While it was supposedly a city, it was just a concrete floating vessel made out of reinforced steel 70 meters tall and 27 meters in diameter . But it was already difficult to achieve that . This city wasn't going to be in the shallow region; it was in the middle of the Pacific! It was not creating an artificial island; it was creating a floating and movable city!

Normal steel could not withstand the massive tidal force, even if titanium alloy was used .

Constructing a "real ocean city?"

They were not filming a sci-fi movie!

They were not filming a sci-fi movie!

Jiang Chen knew that UA didn't believe him and he was too lazy to provide any explanation . [If you don't believe it, just come see it yourself . Since in a few minutes, Future Group will use the Phantom to push an advertisement to the entire world . ]

An absolutely stunning advertisement with the theme of immigration and tourism .

"We will see if it is a missile silo . " When the Caucasian man got off the helicopter, he adjusted his somewhat muddled tie, walked beside Jiang Chen, and said, "where are the scuba diving gears? I think we can start now . "

"You are always in a rush, Mr . Laurence . " Jiang Chen smiled, "I'm really curious . I heard Robert say that you were transferred to the Los Santos office for office duty?"

"There are not enough people, I've been transferred to do field work again," Laurence said in annoyance .

Because of Jiang Chen's poor impression of CIB and his consideration of the diplomatic relationship with Xin, UA didn't send out CIB people but instead sent out an agent from FBA and two experts .

When the FBA agent first got off the plane on Coro Island, Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that it is someone he knew . The hooked nose that left a deep impression still looked aggressive . But during this meeting, the sharpness from Iraq no longer existed and he grew a beer belly .

"Looks like you want to return to Los Santos soon, and then let's get started . " Jiang Chen looked at the captain . "Prepare the submersion device . "

Chen Anmin immediately nodded and glanced at the three UA citizens in alert before going inside the ship .

Chen Anmin immediately nodded and glanced at the three UA citizens in alert before going inside the ship .

"Ayesha, wait for me on the deck . "

"Mhmm . " Ayesha nodded and stood aside .

Laurence looked at the girl in sunglasses and thought she looked familiar, but he couldn't remember the exact place . He sensed a hint of danger from her . Since he left the god forbidden Iraq, he hasn't sensed something similar in a long time .

They followed Jiang Chen to the back of the deck, and the circular submersion device was prepared .

Because it was a visit by outsiders, Jiang Chen naturally couldn't use the highly advanced Droplet No . 1 . Since construction was taking place 500 meters under the sea, the normal submersion device could serve their purpose .

"Is there deep ocean diving gears? Perhaps we need to leave the submersion device later for an observation," a UA expert asked Jiang Chen .

"Of course, but I don't think you'll need it . Our construction is magnificent . You can see everything clearly from the outside . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"That might not be a case . " Laurence scorned, "who knows if you are pretending to do something and building missile silos in disguise . "

"Did you know when we first started building nuclear silos?" Jiang Chen acted like he was shocked .
"That might not be a case . " Laurence scorned, "who knows if you are pretending to do something and building missile silos in disguise . "

"Did you know when we first started building nuclear silos?" Jiang Chen acted like he was shocked .

Laurence didn't understand what Jiang Chen wanted to express .

"Mr . Laurence, what I will say is not only directed to you but directed to the government behind you . " Jiang Chen stopped and turned around to stare him in the eyes . "We have the ability to deploy missiles at any corner of the sea without you being aware of it, and we have the ability to strike any target on your homeland without you being aware of it . We are not NK, we are not Iran, and don't use what you use against them on me . Or else you and I will both regret this . Remember I'm not saying this to you . "

Laurence held his breath and watched Jiang Chen in a stunnded fashion . One of his foot was still hanging in the air .

"What are you waiting for?"

Laurence, who regathered his thoughts, hid his infuriated state behind his poker face . He scorned and asked the two experts to board the submersion device .

The veil hidden underneath the Pacific will finally be unveiled by him .

The mysterious construction that made Capitol lose sleep…

Is it a missile silo, or the unrealistic ocean city?

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