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Chapter 612: 612
The mysterious construction that made Capitol lose sleep…

Is actually real!

No, it was not a missile silo, it was . . .

Laurence's eyes widened as he stared at the scenery outside of the glass, stunned .

It was a circular ring .

From above, it was a massive circular ring two kilometers in diameter .

The light beam from the searchlight, like a spotlight on a stage, illuminated the massive and magnificent project . The colorful fishes traversed among the circle, as if they were exploring a city of metal buried in the sea . The cylindrical mechanical device (the amphibious construction robot) worked around the circular ring in an organized fashion . Not far in the distance, construction boats continuously dropped supplies into the sea before being picked up by the robots and transported elsewhere .

It was unbelievable, breathtaking!

Laurence's mouth opened wide . No words could describe the magnificence sight .

"The circular ring is the 'foundation' of the entire city . Just like what you saw, the helium room, the power room, and part of the living quarters are all on the exterior of the circular ring . " Jiang Chen smiled while speaking to the completely dazed Laurence .

"Wait, the footage you released, isn't it a city on the ocean? Why is it underneath the water!" Laurence suddenly realized and asked Jiang Chen .

"Once construction is completed, we'll inject gas into the helium room, and the entire circular ring will float . "

"This is too absurd!" The UA experts shook their heads nonstop, "did your designers consider tidal force? Without any exaggeration, once the circular ring floats close to the sea's surface, it wouldn't take five minutes before it is shredded into pieces . If it is serious, it may potentially cause a habitat crisis on in the west Pacific Region!"

"And there is also the weather's influence . The west Pacific Ocean is common to typhoons, even if God protects your boat from not being shredded to pieces, a gust of wind will make your circular ring into a hula hoop," Another expert said in a mocking tone .

"Haha, you guys are so humorous . " Jiang Chen laughed nonchalantly .

"We are discussing a serious matter . " Laurence narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiang Chen . "Although we haven't discovered any suspicious activities, like what our experts said, your project is a complete failure from start to finish . "

"What does my failure have to do with you?" Jiang Chen glanced at Lauren with a grin forming on his face . "When did you start caring about climate change?"

Laurence's mouth opened, but no words came out .

"Since you have already seen it, it is apparent that we didn't deploy missile silos, so could you guys please go back now?"

"No!" The UA expert suddenly said while exchanging eye contact with the other expert, "We have only seen the overview of the construction, we haven't checked the details . "

The other expert read the hidden message inside his colleague's eyes and looked over maliciously, "That's right, the circular ring structure is not enough to deduce if it is a missile silo or not . We need to conduct a more in-depth investigation . "

Although they didn't believe that the circular ring could really withstand tidal forces, they were still curious about the project . It was a ten billion dollar project! As long as Jiang Chen was not dumb, his designer must have thought about material integrity .

They were curious what technology Future Group possessed to have the confidence for such an absurd project .

Even if they believed that no one would be foolish enough to spend 10 billion on a random deepwater project used to disguise the construction of missile silos . Just like what Jiang Chen said, since they have the ability to complete the deployment of missiles without them being aware, there was no need to take an extraneous step .

Laurence looked at the experts behind him and gazed at Jiang Chen .

"We need to go in . "

Laurence thought Jiang Chen would stop them, but Jiang Chen said, with a smile, "Of course, we can even live inside . "

"Live inside?" Laurence furrowed his eyebrows . "People can live inside here?"

"Of course not here," Jiang Chen coughed and raised his watch, "Just five minutes ago, the Phantom's application was updated . In the loading space of the user, we installed a small advertisement interface . You can see everything inside the ring for yourself . "

Like his usual routine, Wei Wendong put on his helmet and was immersed in the virtual reality world .

Inside the white loading space, he called out the menu but noticed a unique advertisement interface beneath the game .

[Penglai City? The system update was just to update an ad?] He ridiculed, but with his curiosity for Future Group, Wei Wendong pressed on the interface .

Just like when he logged into the game, the white cubical room shattered into dust, and a splendid picture unfolded .

The sound of tidal waves echoed beside his ear, and the pleasant sea wind blew on his face .

Wei Wendong stood blankly and looked at his surroundings .

He was standing on the edge of the artificial ring island .

The middle of the island was a tower with clearly defined buildings surrounding the tower . The complex road scattered from the middle of the circular island . Miniature vehicles moved between the roads, holograms flashed on the advertisement boards along the street, and ships of different sizes surrounded the island, massive screens were carved on the tower like The Times Square .

Manmade beach, theatre, five-star hotel, residential area, opera…

The place combined luxury and comfort . The leisure of a holiday destination and the fast-paced nature of a metropolitan city .

Waves splashed onto the exterior of the ring, but he didn't feel the changes to his center of gravity at all . The sea wind blowing on his face comforted the turbulence in his mind .

He even forgot about the scenario almost starting .

There was no mistake; it was the ocean city Future Group recently advertised!

It was not a floating island at all . It was a monstrous city planted on the sea floor .

"Welcome to Penglai City! I'm your guide, Xiao Yu . " A thumb-sized mermaid surfaced beside him and danced happily in the air before stopping in front of his eyes .

"Xiao Yu… May I ask where is this place?" Wei Wendong examined his surroundings, dumbfounded .

Xiao Yu stopped her dance in mid-air and gave him a sweet smile .

"Just like what you saw, this is Penglai City . "

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