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Chapter 620: 620


The soldiers' roars pierced through the air above Camp 27 .

The slaves transporting the supplies stopped their work, trembling and dumbfounded as they gazed in the direction of the camp . The soldiers on patrol placed their fists in front of the emblem on their chests, silently raised their hands in front of their forehead, and saluted to their departing comrades .

The roars echoed in the square and in the hearts of every NAC citizen .

The salutes from the residents of Camp 27 from the bottom of their hearts demonstrated their respect to the parting soldiers and their general .

Standing at the front of the row, Han Junhua, who was looking at Jiang Chen, carried an apathetic expression under her cap .

With her right hand gently squeezed in front of her chest, Yu Lu's gaze staring at the observation tower was mixed with a hint of intoxication…

Everyone boarded the airship .

With a mixture of emotions, the soldiers bid farewell to their families and stepped onto the deck of Order after taking the elevator . Under the watchful gaze of the survivors of Wanghai, the steel monster ascended, broke through the depressing clouds, and began to move toward the heart of the wasteland .

Inside the captain's room, Jiang Chen made orders through the radio .

"Angle 220 degrees, speed 40 knots, push forward!"

"This is the power room, roger . The turbine engine output has been increased to 75% . . . engine ramped up . "

With the force from the turbines at the end wings, the airship adjusted its course . Following a negligible vibration, it began to accelerate .

At the same time, captain Jiang Chen, second-in-charge Wang Zhaowu, advisor Han Junhua, and captain of the General Protective Force, Sun Xiaorou, were inside the captain's room .

War was always the best method to increase one's reputation, and it was the only way for Jiang Chen, who couldn't appear in front of the public often, to maintain his reputation .

Therefore, he decided to take on the role of captain on AS Order and lead this conquering!

With the procedure completed and flight course set, everyone returned to their rooms, leaving only Wang Zhaowu inside the captain's room .

Right now, standing inside the tiny room, Sun Xiaorou stared at the clouds outside the small circular window and sighed .

"We only managed to be together for such a short period of time before having to separate . Sister Sama must be sad being at home alone . "

Based on the recommendations of advisor Han Junhua, Jiang Chen accepted her proposal after careful deliberation .

Based on the intelligence brought back by Zhao Chenwu, Hucheng wasn't occupied by a powerful military force and lacked anti-air weapons that posed a threat to Order . Therefore, the risk of this conquering was low and presented significance in terms of establishing a point of influence outside the province .

This was the first time NAC stepped out of Suhang province .

Thus, their "first time" should be under the name of the general .

But Sun Jiao, as Miss General, had strong opinions about Jiang Chen leaving immediately after coming back . She demanded Jiang Chen to bring her along .

Of course, Jiang Chen wanted to bring her .

But without him there, someone had to remain at the Office of the General . Only Sun Jiao could play that role .

Therefore, Sun Jiao had to take a step back and allowed her sister to accompany Jiang Cheng on her behalf .

She was meant to protect Jiang Chen's safety since Sun Xiaorou's combat abilities weren't bad .

The other goal was to prevent him from doing anything unsafe .

"'Sister Sama' is a peculiar way to call her . " Jiang Chen, standing beside the table, flipped through the notebook in his arms while commenting nonchalantly .

The notebook included the things he had to be aware of during this trip to Hucheng, the intelligence collected by Zhao Chenwu's merchant fleets, and information on the mercenary union managed by Zhou Guoping .

<"empire" and="" "federation"="" are="" the="" two="" local="" forces="" fighting="" over="" control="" of="" the="" hucheng="" nuclear="" fusion="" station . ="" note:="" our="" strategy="" could="" be="" to="" form="" an="" alliance="" with="" one="" or="" destroy="" both="">

The last note wasn't written on paper but remembered in Jiang Chen's heart .

"Speaking of which, the bedroom of the captain is quite big . " Sun Xiaorou's hands were behind her back . She strolled to the soft bed before patting the bedsheet .

Due to space-saving considerations, normal rooms slept four people . Aside from a two-foot wide walkway, there was only a table beside the window along with two bunk beds attached to the wall… Rather than say they were beds, they were more like sleeping bags . Only senior officials could sleep in a room alone, but their rooms were still extremely small with the beds only slightly better than sleeping bags .

Only the captain's room was slightly more spacious with room to store some private luggage .

"Mhmm . "

"I'm hungry . When are we going to eat?"

"Mhmm . "

Sun Xiaorou was clearly displeased with Jiang Chen's reaction, but she wasn't discouraged . With her hands behind her back, she gently walked behind Jiang Chen .

She bent down and whispered into his ear .

"… It's a rare chance for us to be alone . Why are you so boring?"

Her warm breath blew into his ear, turning Jiang Chen's neck into a shade of red .

A smirk appeared on Sun Xiaorou's face while she stared at his red earlobe .

She enjoyed the feeling of bullying the person her sister liked, seeing him blush because of her . This ambiguous sense of morality gave her an inexplicable joy .

Judging by how they treated food, it was evident how the two sisters differed in personality and attitude toward life .

With a piece of delicious cake, compared to her sister's way of "stuffing the cake" with one bite, Xiaorou enjoyed smearing the sweet vanilla around her lips and using her tongue to slowly savor the taste…

Jiang Chen started to have a reaction . He closed his notebook .  

Or rather, when Sun Xiaorou seductively straightening the bed, Jiang Chen was already resisting . Since he still needed to discuss the strategy with Han Junhua later, he thought it would be disrespectful to smell weird .

But the warm breaths in his ear blew away the rationality in his mind .

"Brother-in-law? No… you can't do this . You've only been separated from sister for less than an hour . " With her back smashed against the bed, Sun Xiaorou lightly pushed Jiang Chen while naughtily "escalating" the situation and playing innocent at the same time .

The uniform on her body made her uncomfortable and her voice was intermixed with a soft moan .

"Could you not refer to me like that?" Jiang Chen said fiercely .

The word made him feel guilty .

Although Sun Xiaorou couldn't move under Jiang Chen, she still blinked playfully .

"Nope . "

"You'll regret it!"

"What are you doing? Brother- wooo…"

The tense giggle soon turned into a seductive shout and echoed inside the steel room . Along with the engine roaring outside the window, the sound traveled further and further ten thousand meters in the air…</"empire">