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Chapter 621: 621

The airship quickly left Wanghai behind .

When it flew above the Taifu River, a lot of soldiers saw with their EP the Garden of Eden captured by the observation pod .

It was a semispherical structure several kilometers in diameter; the transparent graphene board reflected a colorful ray under the afternoon sun .

The serving NAC soldiers more or less heard about how the Garden of Eden could recreate the most stunning scenery from before the war .

The survivors also heard that they could experience life before the war through virtual reality, but in the heart of the survivors, they still wished they could really live in that environment and not lie among shambles while reminiscing the past .

After finishing with Sun Xiaorou who couldn't even move her finger, Jiang Chen tucked her in and organized his clothes before leaving the room .

He still needed to discuss the point of landing and contacting the different forces with Han Junhua .

When Jiang Chen pushed open the door of the conference room, Han Junhua was already standing in front of the long table . It seemed like he had been waiting for a while .

"Sorry, I'm late . " Jiang Chen scratched the back of his head, pretending to act calm while stepping inside .

"No worries . "

Han Junhua didn't' seem to mind . He pressed a button on the table and opened the hologram map .

But just then, she suddenly sniffed and looked at Jiang Chen expressionlessly .

"There is a weird smell… did you put on cologne?"

"No . " Jiang Chen facepalmed and then coughed to divert the topic . "Let's not talk about this and get to the point . I want to listen to your opinion regarding this mission . "

Han Junhua nodded, put her hands in front of chest, and pointed the laser pen on the map .

"Based on the information brought back by the Zhao Corporation merchant fleet, there are a total of 310,000 survivors in Hucheng with a medium level mutant threat and a high density of raiders . The west bank of Panyang Lake is scattered with some farms producing mostly mutated fruits, as well as bullet shell grains transported from Wu City . Also, because it is the capital of the province, a lot of technological resources and damaged production equipment worth collecting are buried underneath the shambles .

"Based on the plan, the first step is to establish a military outpost locally to create a supply point . The second step is to establish an airship landing tower near the post and then set up a survivor's camp there as the last step . "

Han Junhua put her arms in front of her chest again . Her voice still pierced with the unchanging coldness of the frozen glacier .

"The fourth step is eliminating the mutant nests and declare control of the Hucheng area . Any resistance will be wiped out . "

War is always the best diplomatic strategy on the wasteland without order .

Jiang Chen concurred with Han Junhua's strategy .

But if possible, he still wanted to approach this with peace . Although he declared "I like war" in front of the soldiers, to be honest, he didn't think war is ever good .

"Permanent residents? That's more than double Wanghai's population…" Jiang Chen exclaimed at the numbers on the map .

"Not necessarily . After absorbing slaves from the giant slave pit, the population of Sixth Street reached 80,000 . Without considering the shadow population, the total population has exceeded 200,000 already," Han Junhua said .

Looking at the labels of the few survivor camps, Jiang Chen continued to ask .

"What's your recommendation on Empire and Federation?"

"Befriend one side, disrupt the balance of the local forces . After disrupting the situation, establish a new order," Han Junhua said without changing her expression .

"Does it need to be this problematic?" Jiang Chen asked with a smile .

"This is related to logistics and supplies . The airship's payload is limited . While housing 500 individuals, it can carry kinetic skeletons, power armors, Aurora-20s, and transport helicopters . There are only five rounds of the 100-kilogram bombs with around 200 missiles onboard," Han Junhua continued .

"Don't we have light blimps supplying us?"

"This is then a cost problem," Han Junhua said . "If possible, before we establish a supply point, we have to do our best to collect supplies . Including the construction material of the material outpost and the airship landing tower . "

"So we have to contact the local forces," Jiang Chen said deep in thought while scratching his chin .

Obtaining supplies was not difficult for him .

It was not possible on the airship because of the payload restriction .

But on land, he just needed to return to the modern world to be able to obtain a large number of supplies .

"That's right . " Han Junhua nodded . "On the other hand, based on the consideration that we're planning to conquer the place and not raid or destroy it, we must limit the battle to a certain degree . "

The discussion of the future for the Hucheng survivors quickly came to an end .

When Jiang Chen returning to the bedroom, he was surprised to discover that Sun Xiaorou tidied up the messy room . Her previous restrictive uniform became a casual purple long dress . If it were not for the unnatural blush on her face, it was difficult to spot a trace of that "battle" .

"Eh? You've recovered already?" Jiang Chen asked curiously .

"Not at all, my body is still sore . You're so rough, brother—"

Sun Xiaorou's face quickly turned red when looking at Jiang Chen's half-smiling expression before she closed her mouth .

With her state now, she had no energy left to make dirty jokes .

"Hmm, it's dinner time now . "

"That's right . Are you not going to go back and drink your nutrient supply now?" Jiang Chen jokingly said .

"Brother-in-law is the best . " Sun Xiaorou with a grin, hugged herself around Jiang Chen's arm, and timidly rubbed her face on his arm .

Jiang Chen heard the abnormal vocabulary again as he rolled his eyes with defeat, he then magically took out two pizza boxes .

He purchased them from the restaurant of Future Building .

He ordered twenty boxes which completely stunned the chefs there .

"How did you know I would bring food?"

"Haha, brother-in-law never mistreats the people he cares for . " Sun Xiaorou then pointed at the microwave on the desk . "Also, nutrient supply doesn't need to be heated . "

"Go back after you finish . We should arrive at the destination by midnight . Get a good night's sleep . We still have to do work down there tomorrow morning . " Jiang Chen stuffed the pizza into the microwave as he spoke .

Already sitting beside the table, Sun Xiaorou dangled her pale and delicate feet and grinned, "What is brother-in-law saying? My room is right here . "

"Don't be naughty . We have to get up early . " Jiang Chen sighed and brought the two steamy pizzas back to the table .

"Then we have to sleep early . "

With her arms supporting her chin, Sun Xiaorou stared at the heated bacon pizza adorably, the soft tongue hid between her lips while she murmured ambiguously .

"Making sure you are full is the order of Sister Sama . "


Jiang Chen put down his fork, speechless .

Looks like he can't eat dinner anymore .

When night came, the soldiers dove into their sleeping bags before dozing off into dreamland .

Inside the captain's room, Wang Zhaowu yawned as he confirmed the map for the last time before initiating cruise control . Then he pulled down the bed on the wall . The size of his room was too narrow and he was too lazy to go back and sleep . Therefore he made himself comfortable inside the sleeping bag there before his thunderous snore began to echo inside the room .

AS Order sailed above cloud nine steadily .

Passing through Hang City, flying over the Yellow Mountain, and setting sail in the direction of Hucheng…