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Chapter 622: 622

Hucheng, located west of the Panyang Lake, was a relatively developed inland city of the PAC before the war .

But after the nuclear war, everywhere was the same .

Even the prosperous Wanghai could not escape the doomsday nuclear strike .

But the people that lived here were more fortunate than the people of Wanghai . The invasion and nuclear strike all began in the coastal area, therefore they had time to scatter, enter into the fallout shelter or evacuate with the army to inland .

Right now, on the desolated shambles .

The rural area east of Hucheng, beside an abandoned concrete plant, a Death Claw was using its sharp claws to dissect the stomach of a survivor and used its long tongue with back spikes to lick the red organs .

The person's eyeballs were dug out and from the still whimping mouth, he was not completely died . The pool of blood also proved this point . From the fresh red color, the Death Claw should have started to eat not long ago .

Just then, a suppressive "cloud" arrived above the lucky Death Claw .

The sunlight that suddenly disappeared pissed off the Death Claw having its meal, so it raised its neck slowly and looked to the sky .

The amber colored pupils suddenly contracted, the dumbfounded Death Claw even slowed its mastication .


The air was instantly pierced .  

The dust scattered around the area and flew up five meters tall .

Rounds of bullets were instantly unleashed and shredded the Death Claw along with the poor corpse into pieces .

"Kill confirmed . "

With his thumb moved away from the trigger, the soldier in front of the computer closed the safety and answered .

Monsters are monsters after all .

The Death Claw that could fight the power armor could not even last half a second from the "trigger press" of the pilot .

"Landing spot confirmed . Human signal detected in the nearby water treatment plant . Suspected to be a raider group . Best luck, commander . "

"Roger . "

Jiang Chen closed the radio . In the kinetic skeleton, he turned around and looked at the soldiers of his personal force .

The soldiers were the elites of the army, led by Sun Xiaorou . Although there were just ten of them,they each could use their equipment to easily take care of five times the foes .

"Okay, gentlemen, pay attention . "

"Now below us is Hucheng! We don't know if the people in the water treatment plant are friends or enemies, we are going to meet them now . "

"Remember the procedure . Open the safety, put your backpack on, and tighten your shoelaces . Understood?"


The soldiers of the general protective force stood straight and tall with fists holding the emblem in front of their chest .

"Now, let's depart!"

Then, Jiang Chen opened the valve to the hatch, and jumped out…

"What the fu*k, what is that?" A man with a cigarette in his mouth peeked his head out of the window while nervously looking at the steel airship .

"AS Order… What is that, why is the name ugly . "

A bald man was oiling his machine gun while cursing out .

"I have seen the NAC symbol before . They are from a base from Wanghai," another thug said .

"Psychos, why did they come so far . " The cigarette man looked at the Death Claw shredded into pieces with lingering fear .

The water treatment plant thug was a quite renowned raider group in the region . They occupied the water treatment plant and after they closed the valve that supplied water to the region, they sold purified water to the local survivors at a high price . At the same time, they were in the human trafficking business and occasionally robbed merchant fleets .

Because of their strong combat ability, even "Empire" and "Federation" must be cautious and avoid in-depth interactions with them .

The leader of the heinous villains was a woman…

"You guys are so rowdy . You don't even know how to patrol properly . Don't you know there is an important client coming today?"

A sluggish voice drifted from behind their backs, making the man drop his cigarette onto the ground in fear .

Wearing a crocodile leather jacket, the hot figure barely hidden under the scraps of clothes, a woman with red hair casually strolled to the door .

The sleeve of her jacket was stained with blood, just like her red nails . Her messy hair stuck together into chunks; her appearance could be described as a form of raunchy beauty .

It was just that no one other than the raiders appreciated this form of beauty .

The machine gun man kneeled at the wall quickly scanned their leader's long legs before erasing his disrespectful look .

The scorpion's nature was evil, promiscuous .  

But even then, this "juicy meat" was not something the small thugs could eat . The people fortunate enough to hook up with the venomous "female scorpion" were either important members of the clan, or at least strong and powerful . For example, the man behind her…

His head was engraved with a centipede long scar, the vicious triangular eyes scattered a bloodthirsty light .

Jiang Xiaoyou, a lone traveler active in the Panyang Lake region, used a sniper rifle and mastered the art of dagger usage . He was hired by Wang Xie to act as her gunman . He would occasionally receive service from his employer, or make him and another man serve her, he never rejected the requests .

Decency was something only a few lone travelers had .

Everyone had their own standards, and his standard was just different from other people .

Wang Xie's narrowed eyes stared outside the window .  

The sucker that died outside was the second in command of her clan, he was planning to overthrow and quarantine her . Fortunately, Wang Xie discovered his plot and killed it in its cradle . She used her nails to dig out his eyes before feeding him to the Death Claw .

The red on her nails was not nail polish, it was bloodstains .

But the Death Claw only started its meal before the poor guy escaped his agony .

The airship that suddenly intruded disrupted her punishment to the traitor, the hailstorm of bullets shredded them into grounded meat .

She had heard the name NAC before, but it was from the merchants and mercenaries heading east . From the respectfulness in their voice, it made Wang Xie feel slightly eerie, especially from the odd looking airship, it made it even more difficult for her to understand the strength of the NAC .

If it were another force that offended her, she would have taken her raiders to fight already . But for the unknown force, she chose to remain cautious .

"Something dropped down from that airship . "

The cigarette man pointed outside the window and shouted .

The machine gun man along with his buddy looked lost as they stared at each other, not knowing what to do .

"Jiang Xiaoyou, go take a look from the top floor . If they approach without listen to the warning, take them out . " Wang Xie ordered .

The man nodded and silently headed upstairs with his sniper .

With Jiang Xiaoyou as the sniper, Wang Xie felt assured . While the bullets from the sky were terrifying, they were not necessarily afraid enough to hide inside their bunker .

Then, she opened the radio beside her ear and shouted crankily at the thugs of the water treatment clan .

"No . Six, take the brothers out and ask why they are here! No . Five, bring out our cannon and set it up . If they dare to flinch, shoot down that mofo in the air for me!"

"Yes Ma'am!"