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Chapter 624

Intense shaking came from the roof .

Wang Xie used her hand to block the dust that had fallen from the ceiling while keeping her balance against the wall . Dry coughing, she opened her radio and screamed into it with a sharp voice .

"What are you all waiting for! Shoot them! Return fire!"

"Yes, yes!" The thugs immediately crouched beside the window and fired at the approaching figures with their weapons .

Wang Xie gritted her teeth in fury . Her harsh face twisted together without any sense of beauty .

Six was captured; Jiang Xiaoyou on the roof probably didn't get too lucky either . While she agonized over the loss of her two fighters, she was beyond furious .

[They dared to fire without any warning!]

[My 40mm cannon will fu*k you up!]

With teeth gritted, she waited for a while but the sound of the cannon firing didn't arrive .

Wang Xie's face turned pale white .

Could it be that they took out all three targets along with the 40mm cannon…

"B…Boss, what, what do we do?" The cigarette man looked back at Wang Xie, shaking uncontrollably, with fear written all over his face .

"What can do we? They only have twelve people, FIRE!"

Wang Xie's order was mixed with a psychotic scream . She immediately turned around to run inside the plant .

Her years of experience struggling on the wasteland told her that the power displayed by the airship was not something the thugs at the water treatment plant clan could resist . The ability to instantly lock onto the sniper and the cannon hidden in the shadows meant that the enemy must possess superior aerial observation capability . And her pawns…

Only a bunch of lousy pawns…

The bullets with orange sparking tails jumped between the water treatment plant and the empty ground . The NAC force used the assistive aim module inside the K2 kinetic skeleton to reap the life of the raiders inside the plant .

At the same time, followed by the eerie blue light arcs, ten T-3 power armors descended from the sky .

Based on this airdrop capability, the kinetic skeleton was no match for the metal giants .

With control, the ten pairs of steel boots stomped through the roof of the water treatment plant and directly invaded the top floor . The shockwave of the impact lifted the raiders up into the air and the firepower of the tactical rifles turned the bodies into pieces .

Just a glimpse of interaction but Jiang Chen noticed ten red drops disappeared on the hologram map .

"This is the airdrop platoon . The top floor is cleared out . Waiting for further instructions . "

"Push down and clear the enemy targets on the fifth, fourth, and third floor," Jiang Chen ordered .

"Roger . "

Followed by the weapons roar, they announced another round of slaughter .

Because of the reuse value of the equipment in the water treatment plant, AS Order didn't use weapons such as missiles to assist the combat . The four machine guns along with the ten T-3s were more than enough to take out the pawns .

When Jiang Chen with his private force stepped inside the water treatment plant, the sound of firing began to scatter in the entire building .

The raiders curled behind the bunkers all dropped their weapons at the face of the suppressive firepower . They ran and they surrendered .

Jiang Chen fired the rifle while opening the speaker on the helmet .

"We will spare anyone that surrenders . Anyone else will be executed on spot!"

It was an order not only directed to the soldiers behind him, but also against the opposing raiders .

Just in a short moment, the infamous water treatment plant clan bowed down at the feet of the NAC .

The airship dropped a pod connected with graphene cables and transported down some of the infantries of the Third Division and some logistics personnel . They began to establish a military outpost on the empty plot of land beside the water treatment plant . At the same time, Jiang Chen's people gained complete control of the water treatment plant .

Below a water tank, the airdrop platoon discovered the hidden Wang Xie .

A Knight wearing power armor dangled Wang Xie by the neck and threw her to Jiang Chen's feet .

While Jiang Chen didn't agree with treating a lady with such brute force, he didn't feel any compassion for someone that committed such atrocities .

He touched his chin, took out a notebook, and flipped to the page with information on the forces of Hucheng . He then examined the woman on the ground .

"You are the… umm, the leader of the water treatment plant clan? Wang Xie? Why do you have such a funny name?"

Wang Xie gulped while trembling in fear, through her messy hair she saw the man in front of her with fear written in her eyes .

With a heinous life, she knew she wouldn't have a good ending . Similar to the previous leader that was killed by her in bed, she knew she would be replaced by the next person . But she didn't expect the day would be here so quickly . She finally climbed up from being a despicable slave to her position today .

She was still young . She didn't want to die!

The fear in her eyes quickly turned into flattery, she used her hands and feet to crawl beside Jiang Chen . Just like a dog, she pleaded without any dignity .

"Please, please don't kill me, I…" She had a hint of hesitation in her eyes, but quickly she gritted her teeth and the hesitation in her eyes changed into seduction, "I can be your slave . My skills are great . I can definitely make you thrilled…"

She said while kissing Jiang Chen's shoes .

Wang Xie's pleasing action took Jiang Chen a moment to process .

He didn't think as the leader of a force, she could commit an action without any dignity .

Contempt flashed across Sun Xiaorou's eyes . She gently closed her eyes, and the finger beside the trigger silently opened the switch .

Smoke dispersed from the muzzle .

Blood burst out from Wang Xie's mouth . Her eyes widened in disbelief as blood gushed out of her mouth .

Gradually, she stopped moving .

A daunting blood hole was on her frail neck .

"Sorry, I misfired . " Sun Xiaorou rolled out her tongue and closed the safety .

Jiang Chen let out a sigh and kicked away the bloodstained face .

"Tell me before you fire . You stained my shoes . "

[Whatever, there are plenty of captives . ]

Inside the spacious basement, Jiang Chen saw water treatment plant clan's "collections" .

Naked bodies watched from the cage without any spirit in their eyes, they didn't react to the strangers that stepped into the basement . Some were cuffed down and some were tied down to torture equipment . From the bloodstains on the equipment, it was not difficult to see the cruelty that happened there .

It was no different than the basement of the Huizhong Mercenaries; the raiders were typically associated with human trafficking and naturally, the hideous sex slave trade existed . The unfortunate women came from nearby fallout shelters, or survival camps, or from merchant fleets, or were lone travelers…

The genetics of the 22nd century people were quite superb and it was difficult to see someone ugly . The "collections" included some gorgeous women, and the uncivilized raiders wouldn't give up the opportunity to enjoy them .

Jiang Chen furrowed at the atrocities within the basement .

The stink filled the air along with the smell of mold . It was nauseating .

The boots felt sticky stepping onto the ground, the tiles on the floor reflected a greasy color and it looked like blood and fat that was unable to be washed away . It was a prison for the slaves; no one would clean this place .

"What do we do with them?"

"If we can save them, send them to Fishbone Base Welfare . If we can't, end their misery . "

"Brother-in-law is compassionate . " Sun Xiaorou gently whispered beside Jiang Chen .

"Am I compassionate? I'm just not committing unnecessary evil . Especially with so many single men in the NAC, this is also another part of the consideration . "

The men to women ratio on the wasteland were abnormal . While the birthrate was the same, the survival rate was completely not on the same level . Although the people that became the slaves of the raiders suffered greatly both psychologically and physiologically, with NAC's medical technology, and with proper care, they could eventually recover .

The slaves recused from Huizhong Mercenaries were mostly married by now . This included the wife of the Sixth Street's director, Chu Nan .

The people struggling in the apocalypse were not picky in some aspects .

"No need to explain . " With hands behind her back, Sun Xiaorou grinned .

"…" Jiang Chen chose to stay silent .

When they were alone together, she was surprisingly more active compared to being inside the mansion .

Speaking with Sun Xiaorou subconsciously made the depressed feeling less noticeable .

Jiang Chen strolled inside the prison before surprisingly discovering a man . The man was naked on top but was still wearing pants . He had a cut on his forehead and was chained to the chair, looking lifeless .

From the redness still visible on his face, he didn't stay there too long .

When the man noticed the noise outside, he immediately raised his head .

When he saw that they were not the raiders, he immediately had an expression where he looked like he was saved .

"I'm thankful for the ideology of the Federation . Friends, thank you for saving me . "

"You should be thanking the ideology of the NAC . I'm not from the Federation," Jiang Chen joked .

The person's expression numbed for a split second before he laughed in awkwardness .

"Sorry, I thought… Wait, you are from the NAC?"

The man seemed to have suddenly realized something . He looked like Jiang Chen with an expression as if he just saw a ghost .

"That's right . Is there a problem?"

"No, nothing . " The man shook his head and smiled at Jiang Chen . "I'm just surprised since Hucheng is 600 kilometers from Wanghai… The Federation did hear about the NAC before and said they are a powerful force . It is indeed true after witnessing what happened today . "

"Even if you don't try to flatter me, I'll still let you go . " Jiang Chen shrugged while joking with him, "So, you are the sex slave of Wang Xie?"

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