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Chapter 625

Ji Yucheng was not a sex slave; he was a parliament member of the Federation .

The reason why he was in prison, based on what he said, was due to an accident .

Jiang Chen had been wondering about the Federation .

In the modern world, his hometown was beside Hucheng . Because he visited it quite often, he thought it was just a small place . And in this small place, there existed two forces .

Federation? Empire?

Just from the names, it sounded much more authoritative than the NAC .

Could it be that Hucheng in this world is bigger? But from the map, he didn't seem much of a difference compared to the modern world .

"We are different from the evil Empire, they are just bunch of raiders, thugs, or even mutated humans gathered together . We are superior to them in terms of technology and structure . " The parliament member immediately became passionate when Empire was brought up .

Right now, he already changed into his previous suit and sat across from Jiang Chen in the building of the military outpost .

Before the conversation started, Jiang Chen expressed that he was the captain of AS Order, representing NAC to discuss cooperation and trade . The parliament member immediately expressed his welcoming attitude when he heard Jiang Chen came with peace . He strongly recommended for Jiang Chen to work with the Federation and stay away from the evil Empire .

"Is that so? Then I'll take what you have said for now . " Jiang Chen nonchalantly wrote a few things on the notebook, spun the pen in his hand, and used the tip to tap on the table, "I have one point I don't understand . In Wanghai, the mutated humans are the enemy of all survivors, we view them as equal to the cannibals . Why does Empire… accept them?"

Jiang Chen first wanted to use the word tolerant, but he changed his mind .

Ji Yucheng took a swig of the tea and savored the taste . He never drank such delicious tasting tea before . The fresh aroma was not something mutated tea could produce .

When he heard Jiang Chen's question, disdain appeared but quickly faded from his eyes .

"Accept? Ha! Those bastards forgot the basics of human dignity . But they are not to be blamed . Raiders are raiders after all . Perhaps they sense something familiar from the mutated humans?"

"We need objective information," Jiang Chen said in frustration .

Ji Yucheng became more collected when he heard the annoyance in his voice .

"To put it simply, they establish rules on their own territory . For example, since mutated humans are naturally violent, they permit the mutated humans to use 'limited violence' on inferior people, and refer to that as the intimacy of the family . " Ji Yucheng scorned .

"That's a weird rule . If it were Wanghai survivors, they would have flipped the table and pulled out their weapons already," Wang Zhaowu standing on the side interrupted .

"The situation at Hucheng is different from your side . You are the primary battlefield before the war, where the concentration of mutants and the number of firearms left behind is much higher compared to our side . You probably noticed that the people of the water treatment plant clan all used homemade rifles," Ji Yucheng explained .

"How big is there territory?"

"From the west bank of the lake all the way to Gan River . Half of the city is under their control . "


"150,000 . "

"They control more than half of the Hucheng survivors . Looks like you are weaker compared to them?" Jiang Chen smiled .

Ji Yucheng quickly added .

"That is not necessarily the case . They occupy the most fertile land, befriended the mutated human tribe, and put the shackles around normal survivors . While we are at an advantage in terms of equipment, they have a lot more people . And especially…" The parliament member hesitated but then continued .

"They are discussing allowing cannibals to eat humans so they can join forces . "

Perhaps he thought his response was not objective enough, so he glanced at Jiang Chen before carefully added, "Of course, only cannibal's slaves are permitted to be eaten . "

Jiang Chen and Wang Zhaowu were stunned .

"Are you not going to ask about the Federation?" Ji Yucheng asked in a whisper .

"No . " Jiang Chen negated him . "We'll personally go and take a look . "

"I'm willing to be your guide," Ji Yucheng said fawningly .

"We'll talk about this later . " Jiang Chen waved him off in annoyance .

Just then, Sun Xiaorou in her kinetic skeleton came inside the room .

"There are survivors outside of the outpost . They say they are ambassadors from the Federation . "

"Is it Xu Chengwei?" Ji Yucheng's eyes lit up .

Sun Xiaorou looked at Jiang Chen and received confirmation from his eyes . She then nodded . "I think that's the name . "

"He is the advisor for our president; I can introduce you to him . " Ji Yucheng looked at Jiang Chen with his white teeth showing . "He should be here to negotiate with the water treatment plant clan . But now that I'm saved by you, the ransom should belong to you . "

"We don't think you can pay a lot of ransom . As the payment for saving you, I'm only going to ask you two things," Jiang Chen took out the notebook from his pocket, "Quantum computer research institute . Doctor Sun . "

Unfortunately, Ji Yucheng couldn't give Jiang Chen a satisfactory answer .

Doctor Sun was at the capital of the Federation, other than that he knew nothing . As to the quantum computer research institute, he never even heard about it before .

But Advisor Xu made up Jiang Chen's regret and gave satisfactory answers to both questions .

"The quantum computer research institute is located inside Empire and is controlled by Qingyun High Technology Park with security robots around the perimeter . Other than some quantum computer production technology and equipment before the war, there is nothing worth salvaging . "

To most of the survivors, the sophisticated quantum computer offered no value .

"Doctor Sun is currently living in Qingshan Arena, the capital declared by the Federation . Based on rumors, Doctor Sun is not a human, but instead a digitalized human . He has lived inside the arena for eighteen years without any change to his appearance . The lone travelers and merchant fleets hold high praises about him, whether it is his medicine or his character . "

"Very intriguing information . " Jiang Chen nodded, pleased, "thank you for your cooperation, Advisor Xu . "

"My pleasure . " The tall and slim man shook his head . He then scanned the door before lowering his voice . "But in return, we hope you can do us a small favor . "

"Go ahead . As long as I can help you . "

"The head of Ji Yucheng . "

"No problem… wait, what did you say?"

"He is currently in your hands so it should be pretty easy for you right?"

The glasses on his nose reflected a menacing light . The triangular eyes resembled a snake's .

Xu Chengwei put a stuffed bag on the table .

"There are 310 points of crystals inside, Mr . President wants to buy his life . "