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Chapter 627: 627

"Mr . Jiang Chen, I need your help . "

Stopped in front of Jiang Chen, Ji Yucheng's head was lowered and his voice was even lower .

"Help? Don't you think the fact that I didn't exchange your head for some crystals already did you a huge favor?" Looking at the gloomy Ji Yucheng, Jiang Chen smiled .

Just two hours ago, he experienced defeat, falling from cloud nine to hell .

He previously thought his president would pay the ransom in exchange for him; he hadn't imagined it was a conspiracy targeting him from the start . He thought carefully and realized how it was possible for lousy thugs to dare to execute a kidnapping on Federation's territory - if one permitted it to happen .

When he thought someone wanted to take his life, he didn't leave NAC's outpost although he felt afraid . If his president wanted his life, he wouldn't be safe wherever he went . The raiders in the area were more and less associated with that man . Unless he escaped to Empire to become a slave, his only option would be to leave the region .

He didn't just want to escape .

He wanted to seek revenge on the people who stabbed him in the back .

NAC was his last chance .

Ji Yucheng took a deep breath and slowly said, "Just three days ago, I got drunk at the bar in the city then I was taken outside of the city by someone…"

"Do you think I want to listen to your story?"

Ji Yucheng was clearly struggling to make a decision . Finally, he made up his mind, took a deep breath, and said, "Are you not curious why they want my life?"

"Because of power?"

Ji Yucheng shook his head .

"Because of a secret . "

Jiang Chen looked intrigued . He looked at the wretched parliament member .

"Oh? What secret?"

"If you promise to kill Federation's president… and advisor . . . kill all the bastards and I'll tell you the secret . "

"You're too confident . NAC isn't a killing organization," Jiang Chen ridiculed him .

"But you're merchants, right? The vehicles of all the merchants from Wanghai have NAC's symbol . "

"That's not wrong," Jiang Chen put the alcohol aside and looked at him . "If you can convince me, I can even make you the president . But if you're just throwing me a hook to trick me into helping you, I'll regretfully tell you that there are no such good things in life . "

"A password," Ji Yucheng said .

"What password?"

"The password to immortality . "

. . .

With Jiang Chen's response and the same money sack, Zhu Baojin returned to Hamster Village .

He didn't say anything to his villagers who had hopeful faces . Instead, he gathered the villagers of the nearby survival camps for a short meeting .

While they were still unsettled, the survivors accepted Jiang Chen's terms and expressed their willingness to join NAC to become an economic zone under NAC's jurisdiction, controlled by the military government .

It didn't take long for them to feel glad to make the decision .

Just as Jiang Chen promised, NAC didn't need deprived people like them to pay much dues .

Aside from a team of NAC soldiers patrolling each village daily to purchase supplies like concrete, crystal, and mutated fruit, their lives were almost unaffected . Or rather, with NAC's presence, the number of raiders and mutated humans decreased drastically .

On the seventh day after AS Order arrived in Hucheng's rural area, a U-shaped airship landing tower was built on the empty plot of land between the military outpost and water treatment plant .

At the same time, a second blimp arrived at the military outpost and brought along the first batch of supplies .

The supplies included ammunition, living necessities, and food that made all the soldiers cheer! Even if the supplies were just compressed crackers, they'd be happy as long as it wasn't sour-tasting nutrient supply . In this depressing world, what else was more joyful than having a full stomach?

The extra food was exchanged with local survivors . A box of compressed crackers could be exchanged for up to a bag of concrete, ten crystals, or a full night of service from a survivor gal . NAC's rules didn't permit prostitution, but a willing trade between two parties was allowed as long as it took place outside of work hours .

Since soldiers are humans too, being suppressed for too long could cause other problems .

The survivors wouldn't eat the exchanged compressed crackers; they could sell them for at least 20 crystals in the city . Often times, there was no supply at all .

After the survivors gained approval from Jiang Chen, they established tents in front of the military outpost and formed a sizable market . Merchant fleets occasionally passing by would take a look to purchase useful goods .

The blimp only stopped for one day at the outpost before carrying the 54 female slaves rescued from the prison back to Wanghai .

With the arrival of the second blimp, the major forces in Hucheng all took on a cautious attitude . They previously thought NAC was only passing by, but with the establishment of an outpost and arrival of supplies, they looked like they planned to stay .

Both Empire and Federation sent scouts to the military outpost . They scattered throughout the market and closely monitored the actions of the foreigners .

Inside the city, presidential palace .

"NAC has only 500 people in their forces, but their equipment is extremely sophisticated with at least one kinetic skeleton per person . " Inside the old office, Xu Chengwei reported to the president .

"What about power armors? Do they have power armors?" Sitting on the chair belonging to the president; Li Zhenping asked what he was most concerned about .

Since they inherited the power armor belonging to the land forces, Federation wasn't at a disadvantage against Empire's human flood tactics; they were also Federation's strongest combat units .

Xu Chengwei thought before replying .

"They also have power armors… but they don't look like they are produced from before the war . They look handmade . "

"Therefore, their combat ability is inferior to ours . "

"Not necessarily . They also have a steel airship with an unknown purpose . "

Li Zhenping scoffed .

[What age is this? Who still uses junk like an airship? Who would give them the opportunity to fly above their heads? Not to mention the anti-air machineguns - even a cannon could take that thing out . ]

"Is Mr . Ji dead?"

"We don't know - NAC hasn't contacted us yet . We also cannot infiltrate the military outpost," Xu Weicheng said .

Qingshan Arena, the "palace" at the highest point of the stand .

"… Emperor, we already detected that the NAC forces located at the water treatment plant have around 500 people . They are equipped with advanced technology . " The retro-looking man had one knee on the ground while he reported to the man sitting in the gold chair .

"I want to know the combat abilities of that airship . " The man in the golden chair had his legs crossed, giving off no emperor vibes at all . Just like Ji Yucheng said, they were just a bunch of raiders ten years ago who now just expanded .

Although they used "palace" and "dragon suit" to disguise their past, these words didn't change their nature . Looking at their words and actions, the discord was evident .

"We don't currently know . "

The Empire put his leg down and stood up, smashing the chair .

"Pass my order: gather the elders to discuss a strategy . "


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