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Chapter 628

Fallout Shelter 071, located in Hucheng, stood in the barren land south of Wuyang Town near the small hill by the Fu River . It had a depth of 1000 meters .

Precisely speaking, the geological formation of the area wasn't suitable for building deep fallout shelters, but the project was approved before 2150 . At that time, the global situation was trending positively with rapid developments in aerospace technology . All the countries were working together and no one believed in war . The local government only built the shelter in order to meet the targets set by PAC . It wasn't until 2155 when the local government realized the fallout shelter project was no joke that they reinforced some of the poorly-made ones used to meet the target . By 2160, Hucheng finally built enough fallout shelters with a capacity of ten million people .

On the way to the fallout shelter, the abandoned maglev train was still visible .

The place was covered in grass and weeds with thorns tangled around the track . The wolves hiding in the dark scratched their sharp claws and exposed their fangs at the approaching NAC soldiers .

"Is this the hometown of Sun Jiao?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly while staring at the stone sign corroded by acid rain .

The letters and were no longer clear . The sheds around the train station still showed the marks of bullets and combustion .

"You could say that since we were born in this fallout shelter . " Sun Xiaorou's face was pensive as she gently caressed the stone sign .

Just like touching a tomb of the deceased .

The tomb belonged to a civilization .

"General, be careful . "

Li Wang noticed the wolves hidden among the bushes . He raised his rifle along with two other private force soldiers and stood in front of Jiang Chen and Sun Xiaorou .


The pack of wolves realized they were noticed . They jumped out howling with their bloody mouths wide open .

The soldiers pressed the trigger calmly and turned the wolves into nothing .

"Good job . " Jiang Chen patted Li Wang on the shoulder . "But make sure you remember to call me captain here . "

"Yes!" Li Wang nodded .

"Guard the door . We'll be out before night . " Jiang Chen noticed it wasn't noon yet and instructed the soldiers behind him .

Li Wang looked troubled at being left outside .

"I have to disobey the order - I'm responsible for your safety . "

"What danger could there be in an abandoned fallout shelter? There will probably only be a few mutated cockroaches at most?"


"No buts . This is an order . "

Seeing Jiang Chen's decisive attitude, Li Wang had to comply . He organized the soldiers to position the vehicles in front of the door and created a temporary blockade . He agreed with Jiang Chen that if Jiang Chen wasn't out by six in the evening, he'd bring people down for support .

The reason why he didn't take people down wasn't because of his confidence in his own abilities but because of considerations .

The secret to immortality was destined to only be controlled by a few .

Fortunately, the elevator was still functional .

It took half a minute before the elevator stopped at the bottom . Jiang Chen then saw the gate to Fallout Shelter 071 .

Every fallout shelter had a different design, but the structures were mostly the same .

The gear-shaped gate was wide open . From the thick dust on the ground, the place had been deserted for a long time . A body against the door was wearing a blue uniform . From the bloodstain on the chest, the person must've died of a gun wound .

"The raiders' attack was unexpected . The director ordered security to attack back, but a manmade fire made everything turn into chaos . Sister ran outside and encountered a PLA female warrior when she wandered around the shambles… Sister must've told you all this . "

"That's right . " Jiang Chen nodded .

"Retro ideologists" in the Hua area, they were organized under the previous flags and strictly forced themselves to abide by glory and virtue . They attempted to recreate the magnificent country in these shambles . But up until now, Jiang Chen still hadn't seen them .

"What about you?"

Sun Xiaorou shook her head .

"It happened too long ago; my memory of that incident is cloudy . I just vaguely remember… it was the Dusk Church who took me in . "

"If it's a sorrowful past, don't think about it," Jiang Chen said quietly .

"Brother-in-law is so gentle . " Xiaorou smiled,"I'm so envious that sister met you first . "

"Let's get moving . " Jiang Chen dry-coughed to mask the awkwardness . He raised his gun and walked into the fallout shelter first .

With her finger tapping her lips out of habit, Sun Xiaorou's mouth was curved up with joy . She then slid down the graphene glasses on the helmet and followed .

The fallout shelter was completely dark inside without even basic lighting . The nuclear fusion fuel rod was used up a long time ago and the two could only use the headlights on their helmets .

"The layout is similar to Fallout Shelter 027 . " Jiang Chen picked up a diary and brushed the dust off .

He put the diary on the table nearby . With his rifle loaded, he continued to press forward .


A sharp screech broke out through the darkness . Jiang Chen immediately turned his rifle to lock onto the source of the sound only to discover a few fat rats squeezed into the corner .

"They're mutated rats . Unless they're very hungry, they typically won't attack humans," Sun Xiaorou said .

"We should still be careful . " Jiang Chen let out a sigh and opened the life signal detector on the helmet . "The big crab even ate people . "

While it was in the distant past, since she lived there for a long time, Sun Xiaorou still had memories of the layout of the fallout shelter .

Due to a lack of electricity, the elevator inside the fallout shelter wasn't functional . The two of them chose to use safety stairs instead .

The dark corners hid unknown dangers, but they were lucky to encounter merely a cow-sized mutated spider and nothing more dangerous .

Their kinetic skeletons were too strong for the fangs of the spider . Its giant mouth suddenly attacked him from the darkness, making Jiang Chen jump before the unlucky spider's head was chopped off by Sun Xiaorou's dagger . After taking care of the fluid on his arm, he discovered only shallow teeth marks on the armor covering his left arm .

To prevent accidents from occurring, when he passed by the spider web, Jiang Chen crushed all the spider eggs .

Finally, the two of them arrived at the office of the director in the deepest part of the fallout shelter .

Everything related to the fallout shelter was recorded there .

As the brain of the fallout shelter, the electricity system was independent from the exterior; it was supplied by a separate battery .

"I don't understand one thing - how did Federation know the password? It was obtained by a small parliament member and their president felt the need to shut him up," Jiang Chen said while typing the password into the terminal .

"Yet Federation's president, who knew the password, didn't come here after all this time . " Sun Xiaorou pondered .

"Could it be that they don't know the location of the fallout shelter?"

"It doesn't look like it . " Sun Xiaorou shook her head .

The moment the door of the office was opened, a light on the wall lit up and sent the darkness away .

At the same time, a gentle female voice entered their ears .

"Thank you for using Fallout Shelter Technology . Fallout Shelter Technology will do its best to serve you . "

"What's going on?!" Jiang Chen pulled out his rifle and cautiously pointed at his surroundings .

"The power system reactivated? That's impossible - the fallout shelter should be out of power already…" Staring at the screen on the wall, Sun Xiaorou muttered .