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Chapter 630: The Fuse

630 “Empire“s Capital“

Before they left, Jiang Chen and Sun Xiaorou went to the power room and hibernation center separately .

Just as Sun Xiaorou suspected, someone came to the fallout shelter to install a new fuel rod for the place . The person even lived there for an extended period of time but for some reason, or perhaps because he reached his goal, he left .

And it had been years .

After he left, he shut down power to the fallout shelter until Jiang Chen entered the password at the terminal to finally wake up the dormant Fallout Shelter 071 .

"Immortality, or at least extending life, is part of the intergalactic colonization plan, although it isn't necessary . The Dusk Church attempted to take me here, and they did get here . But because they didn't know the password to the office, they could do nothing about the things inside . "

"Could the door not be blown open?" Jiang Chen asked .

Based on what Han Junhua said, the door of the office at Fallout Shelter 027 was opened through force .

"Not unless it was permitted by design . Otherwise, even if you blew up the entire fallout shelter, you might not even blow open this room . " Sun Xiaorou sighed .

Jiang Chen processed that information and shook his head .

"This is too dark . "

He was referring to both this place thousand meters below the surface and the fallout shelter itself .

Sun Xiaorou grinned and continued the topic .

"The Church finally did collect some interesting clues outside the fallout shelter . For example, the experiments of the observer and the director refusing to continue with the experiment involved a girl . "

"The girl took off the list mentioned in the diary?"

"It's possible . " Sun Xiaorou nodded seriously . "Since she was chosen as an experimental subject, there should be something unique about her . "

"Observer, girl… only these two clues?"

Jiang Chen searched through the entire fallout shelter without finding the lab mentioned in the diary .

Sun Xiaorou carefully sifted through her memories from when she was young and had no recollection of the lab at all .

The horrific experiments conducted by the observer were brought to the grave along with the abandonment of Fallout Shelter 071 .

But aside from the secret to immortality, the two also found some "interesting" stuff .

One experimental quantum computer, a taken-apart soilless plantation device, and some stuff only available in the fallout shelter .

It was a pleasant surprise to find a quantum computer there as most of the abandoned fallout shelters had been razed through by scavengers . The electronic parts and special material of the quantum computer could be used for weapons .

Since the quantum computer hadn't been uncovered by scavengers, that meant it was hidden well .

The two took a stroll in the fallout shelter . After confirming there was no other useful stuff, they left marks on the items that needed to be moved .

Along with the diary, Jiang Chen and Xiaorou stood in the elevator as they returned to the surface . When he pressed the start button, he raised his left arm and glanced at the time on the EP .

It was precisely six .

When they arrived at the surface, the soldiers all went to greet him .

"General, if you didn't come out just now, we would've gone down . " Li Wang was relieved when he saw Jiang Chen .

"It's already this late?" Jiang Chen looked up .

The day had turned completely dark . It looked like it was about to rain .

"What are you planning to do with the fallout shelter?" Sun Xiaorou asked .

"Temporarily take control of the place, and at least maintain an inspection station here… as well as a cemetery," Jiang Chen said while scanning the bodies all around .

With a gracious smile, Sun Xiaorou gently nodded .

"Mhmm . "

He ordered Li Wang along with five soldiers to guard the place as Jiang Chen entered the vehicle and returned to the military outpost .

Before dark, a helicopter would arrive, bringing supplies and backup .

Qingshan Arena, the capital of Empire .

In the beginning, Empire wasn't called Empire but had a plain name – Qingshan Survivors Gathering . The people there were nowhere close to nice, they occasionally did some mercenary work while being raiders in the dark .

But the villages west of Gan River formed an alliance and referred to themselves as Federation . They elected a President through voting and established a wireless base station to launch propaganda at nearby residents . The survivors at Qingshan saw this, used the opportunity to clear their name and adopted a different name .

With the principle that they would never be inferior to their arch enemy, Federation, they referred to themselves as Empire .

Using the ideology of rebuilding civilization, and promoting openness and freedom to attract merchants and population growth in the region, Federation gradually became a wealthy gathering spot . But with the increase in traffic, loose laws, corruption, and crime prospered there and spread to every corner of Federation like a plague .

Everything there could be bought with a clear price tag .

Whether it was the position of president or the head of a parliament member .

The contrary was true for Empire . With their origins as raiders, they had the thug tradition all along, so they took the route of centralized power .

They gathered a group of raiders and gave "stocks" to powerful mercenaries then they accepted the mutated human's tribe as their own . People with histories of crime could become accomplices to share power while the honest could only work hard . The clear social structure was simple, yet it established a primal power pyramid .

As for who would be the emperor, patrilineal succession would definitely not work . Otherwise, the bosses of the raiders and mercenaries wouldn't be pleased . Then who should be the emperor?

The first leader was an intelligent leader . He dug out the crown abdication system (1) embedded deep in history .

Everyone could be the emperor, and everyone took turns being the emperor .

Federation and Empire .

It was hard to say who was more heinous and who was more civilized .

Since this was the wasteland, it was a dumpster .

"This is the history of Empire and Federation . " A mercenary with a PK2000 rifle on his back took Zhao Baodong to pass through the gates while explaining the history .

Zhao Baodong, an ex-Qingpu survivor . He joined Fishbone Base with the Hunter Division and cleared out the bacterial source with Jiang Chen long ago . But he wasn't as well off as his friend Ma Zhongcheng; that guy already became the head of the Hunter Divison, and he was only the captain of a reconnaissance platoon .

He couldn't be blamed since he made the wrong decision from the beginning . The first survivor community Jiang Chen visited was his, and what did he do? Not only did he reject the proposal to fight with him, but he took out a recoilless cannon and asked Jiang Chen to leave…

Jiang Chen didn't seek responsibility from him in the end .

While a gun was pointed at Zhao Baodong, he cooperated . Without the Qingpu survivors, the X2 bacteria source couldn't have been eliminated by the power armors alone .

If he could achieve success in his missions, he thought he could get promoted . Therefore he requested to go to Hucheng and boarded the supply blimp with the reconnaissance platoon .

After he entered the gate, he stood in front of the arena .

The mercenary eyed him, the guard with a homemade rifle also looked at him .

Zhao Baodong immediately took out four grain-sized crystals from his pocket with a smile and stuffed them into the guard's hand . He then pointed at the mercenary beside him .

"Together . "

Without saying anything, the guard tossed the crystal on the detector, and the number stopped at four .

Zhao Baodong looked reminiscent, watching the number jumping up and down on the crystal detector .

The Sixth Street hadn't used this equipment for a very long time; the entire Suhang Province had no trace of this device at all . People all used NAC's credit points to purchase goods, so crystals became a product instead .

That was why a lot of soldiers were unwilling to be sent here . Compared to the "advanced" Wanghai, this was an undeveloped mountainous range .

Still, without speaking, the guard waved his gun and looked at the survivors behind the two of them .

The mercenary beside Zhao Baodong immediately dragged on his sleeves to signal he could pass .

"Do we not need to hand in our weapons when we enter the city?"

"No need . You only need to do that when you enter the palace," the mercenary said .

"Palace?" Zhao Baodong paused for a second .

"It's right there . " At the end of the hall, the mercenary pointed at the highest point of the arena .

Stepping into the open arena, an explosion of scenery instantly entered his vision .

The wide field had no grass on it . Instead, it was replaced by markets, houses, and even fruit gardens . The place was surrounded by "natural" walls guarding the place like city walls . On the tall stand was Empire's flag .

This was the capital .

Worth mentioning was that the arena of the 22nd century was much bigger compared to the 21st century . It was comparable to a nine-hole golf course .

Including the area underground, the arena could hold a total of 50 thousand people .

This was the center of Empire .

"Thank you, buddy . If there's anything you don't need, you can find me at the bar . Before I accept new mercenary missions, I'll be there . " The mercenary waved at him and disappeared down the street .  

Based on their agreement, Zhao Baodong would pay a two crystal gate tax and the mercenary would bring Zhao Baodong here while giving him a vivid "history lesson . "

It was extremely worth it for Zhao Baodong to purchase such valuable information with just two crystals .

While the mission budget was generous, it was better to use crystals at critical points .

He took a piece of paper from his pocket and confirmed the task Jiang Chen gave him for the last time before he headed to the hostel . He needed to find a place to stay to organize the information he already gathered then he would transmit the information wirelessly to the military outpost .

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