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Chapter 631

When Jiang Chen and the group returned to the military outpost, the cooks were beginning to clean up the cooking pots .

The logistics personnel saw that the general had come back and immediately greeted him, asking if they should fire up the pots again .

But Jiang Chen rejected his good intention and took Sun Xiaorou to the direction of the general room .

"The day before yesterday was pizza, yesterday was spaghetti, what are we going to eat today?" On the way back, Sun Xiaorou had a smile on her face while she said happily with a finger on her lips .

It was a lavish problem for the people of the wasteland .

"What about seafood fried rice?"

Although fried rice doesn't taste too great after reheating, Jiang Chen wanted rice .

"Eh, noooo .  I still want to eat pizza . " Sun Xiaorou hugged Jiang Chen's arm and used her innocent eyes to stare at Jiang Chen, a common tactic she used .

"Okay, okay, I said not to be coy here . It won't be good if other people saw this . " Jiang Chen wanted to drag his arm out, but she naughtily hugged onto it tighter .

"So, what's the matter?" Sun Xiaorou teasingly blinked .

There were rarely people that passed by the general room with most of the patrols done by drones, so there was no need to worry about other people-

Just as Sun Xiaorou thought about that, she immediately made eye contact with Han Junhua, who was standing at the door .

Sun Xiaorou let him go, rolled out her tongue, and jumped aside .

Han Junhua slightly turned her head and spoke expressionlessly to Jiang Chen, "Do I need to leave for now?"

"No, no need . " Jiang Chen awkwardly coughed . "Is something wrong?"

Since it was in a military outpost, while there was no one around, it was still considered out in public . Therefore, it wouldn't look good to be so intimate . As the general, he especially needed to be the role model .

Han Junhua nodded and handed him a thermos container .

"You just returned from the fallout shelter and you must still be hungry . I asked the cook to make extra . "

But Jiang Chen didn't take the container and only stared at her blankly . Sun Xiaorou who stood beside him was only completely shocked .

"Is there something wrong?" Han Junhua was confused at the two's dumbfounded expressions .

"No, it is just that…" Regathering his thoughts, Jiang Chen smiled and took the container . "This is very unlike you . "

"Is it?" While her face was still expressionless, he could read the confused emotion in her eyes .

At the same time, Jiang Chen could clearly sense the piercing gaze of the person standing beside him…

When Han Junhua left, the two returned to the room .

Opening the container, Jiang Chen looked at the rice and dishes divided clearly and squarely while a curvature appeared on his mouth .

The odd way of putting food was indeed Han Junhua's character .

With a few strands of hair dangling on his shoulder, Sun Xiaorou put her face beside Jiang Chen's . The vibrant red lips were mixed with some jealousy .

"Brother-in-law is so popular . "

"Am I?"

"You are . " Sun Xiaorou bit on Jiang Chen's ear, displeased . Then she murmured to herself, "Hmm… but if it is Sister Junhua, I don't think sister will mind . "

Jiang Chen's eyebrows jumped and he threw the container into the storage dimension while feeling exasperated .

[This girl is becoming naughtier . ]

If he doesn't "punish" her, where is the authority of the head of the family?

"Brother-in-law is angry? Ahhh—"

Jiang Chen suddenly stood up . Amongst Xiaorou's scream, he put her on his shoulder .

"Eh? Brother in law, what do you want to do?"

"Wait, wait wait, Xiaorou is hungry, could you wait for a bit?"

"No . . . QQ…"

"Gulp… Gulp…"

[Humph, now you're afraid? Too late]

Looking at the pouting Xiaorou, the evil Jiang Chen laughed .

The next morning, the second blimp arrived at Hucheng .

Other than bringing a large number of supplies, the blimp also brought NAC's most powerful drone units – Reptile and Python .

But based on what the captain said, their trip was not too peaceful .

When they flew over the Yellow Mountain, the blimp was attacked by anti-air machine guns . Fortunately, they were above the clouds . While some bullets struck the bottom of the blimp, the bullets at the end of its range didn't manage to do damage .

"The information of NAC using blimp to transport supplies was known by the survivors along the way . While we flew above the clouds, the radar could still easily capture such a large target . And our speed was not fast . Once we were locked in, we were just a moving target . Fortunately, they used machineguns and not anti-air cannons . " Recalling what happened last night, the captain still felt frightened .

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Chen thought of a solution .

"I'll send Aurora-20 to protect you . "

With Aurora-20's air to land attack ability, it shouldn't be a problem to take out a few anti-air machine guns . Someone dares to plot against NAC's supplies? Do they think they lived long enough?

"That would be the best . They might use anti-air cannon next time . " The captain smiled bitterly .

But sending out the fighter jet was not a long term solution .

Aurora-20's transport fuel had a long production amount, but the cost was daunting . A flying mission's cost was around 1000 credits per hour and thus the cost of a supply mission would drag that number up by several folds . It was probably more economical to purchase locally .

Before ending the conversation, Jiang Chen ordered him to stay for three days at the base and bring the quantum computer found in Fallout Shelter 071 back . All scientists at Fallout Shelter 027 used three experiment quantum computers in total, highlighting how much NAC lacked quantum computers .

And because of this, Jiang Chen was determined to control the quantum computer research institute .

Whether it was for the virtual reality network in the modern world or for the development of the NAC, he must control the production technology of the quantum computer .

"Is there any news of the quantum computer research institute?" Jiang Chen asked Wang Zhaowu in the office .

"We posted at the market outside of the outpost that information was wanted for the research institute, but we currently haven't received any useful information," Wang Zhaowu said regretfully .

Jiang Chen frowned .

The advisor of the Federation only told them the rough location, but the area from east of Gang River to the west of Panyang Lake was all "sovereignty" of the Empire . With such a massive area, where was he going to find the small institute?

Suddenly, the alarm outside began to ring .

Jiang Chen and Wang Zhaowu looked at each other .

They immediately stood up and headed out .