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Chapter 632

632 The Mutated Human Tribe

"What happened?"

Walking to the gate of the outpost, Jiang Chen scanned the crowd in the distance with his eyes narrowed .

"It's the mutated humans . " The soldier on duty saluted .

"Mutated humans?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, "If it is the mutated humans, why waste energy on speaking with them . "

Ji Yucheng walked to Jiang Chen .

"Guru Tribe, they are the mutated human tribe of Empire . " He pointed at the slanted flag, "That dragon flag is the flag of Empire . "

The group was approaching and Jiang Chen saw the appearance of the group .

They were muscular giants with green skin; the muscles on their body were bulging out . They were covered in drapes and holed clothes with rifles that looked toothpick thin compared to their giant arms . The clothes looked improvised .

Only two or three mutated humans wielded armors made out of C-type steel with massive power armor in hand .

In Wanghai, the mutated humans and humans had an eternal grudge, but this didn't seem to be the case here .

When the survivors saw the mutated humans, while they looked afraid, they didn't display the fear on their faces .

"Should we fire?" Wang Zhaowu looked at Jiang Chen .

As long as he orders, the "Fireball-1" on the airship will turn the mutated monsters into flames .

"No rush . Let's hear what they have to say first . But if they continue to move forward, "Jiang Chen's eyes narrowed with a hint of coldness surfacing on his face, "then let our airship warn them . "

The group of mutated humans, fortunately, didn't step onto the red line set by the NAC, they stopped before the airship fired .

Guro Tribe spread out eight hundred meters in front of the NAC outpost .

If they fought, it was the typical combat distance .

The crowd momentarily turned rowdy before a green-skinned muscular giant walked out . He had a flag in his right hand while he dragged a vicious dog in his left hand .

The survivors at the entrance of the market whispered to each other . They began to collect their stuff to avoid him .

Jiang Chen eyed his soldier .

Li Wang understood and walked in front of the mutated human . He raised his gun before the mutated human arrived .

"Please stop, it is NAC's territory up front . "

"We are the delegate sent from Guru Tribe!" The mutated human roared in a loud voice . He looked at Jiang Chen . "We brought greetings from the elder . "

"Oh? The greetings of the elder? Tell me about it . " Jiang Chen looked at him .

"Since you're doing business in Guru Tribe's territory, then you must gift tribute to the magnificent Guru Elder!" The mutated human stabbed the flag on the ground, disgusting saliva was dripping out from his vicious fangs, "Or else, your action will be viewed as disrespectful to God!"

Jiang Chen and Zhao Chenwu exchanged eye contact and they simultaneously began to laugh .

"Rude humans," The mutated human's eyes widened and he threatened, "You don't know that in Empire's territory, you're all third tier people! Even if I rip you apart, the Emperor won't criticize me at all . "

It was the first time in Empire's territory where he saw someone this disrespectful to mutated humans . Whether it was a lone traveler passing the area, or a survivor that lived there, anyone that dared to anger the mutated humans must pay serious consequences for their foolishness .

If they dared to fight back, it was viewed as an obstruction to the friendship between Empire and the mutated humans!

The soldiers of the Empire would haunt them till the border of Empire .

"Then did you tell your emperor that the people here haven't paid tax for a long time?" Wang Zhaowu mocked .

Would NAC be afraid of a bastard emperor?

The tax official of Empire arrived at Hamster Village days before and happened to meet the patrol team of the NAC . The consequence was obvious, because of the poor judgment of the unlucky tax official, he was beaten and thrown into the detention room .

From that day on, Empire didn't send another tax official there again . They didn't even dare to ask about NAC's invasion on their territory .

 In front of cannons, a human's mind is a lot calmer compared to a mutated human's mind .

"Our elder doesn't care . " The mutated human arrogantly raised his chest . "The Emperor declared this area belonged to our tribe, so you must pay tribute . If you reject, it will be viewed as disrespectful to Guru Tribe . "

Jiang Chen burst out laughing again when he saw the cocky expression .

"In Wanghai, I heard that the head of mutated humans is not that great . It certainly is true from what I see today . "

The mutated human ambassador was instantly enraged .

The mutated humans hated people humiliating their intelligence because the FEV virus does have the side effect of decreasing brain cell activity .

The hand dragged onto the iron shackle raised, he pointed it at Jiang Chen and shouted in anger .

"How dare you! Your humiliation will be viewed as provocative to Guru Tribe . I will let you know what is rage and cruelty— Ahhh!!!"

The severed arm spun in the air . The mutated human collapsed to the ground in pain, covering the place where his arm was as blood gushed out .

On the wall of the outpost, Sun Xiaorou gently smiled and moved the sniper rifle in her hands .

"You'll suffer if you're disrespectful to the NAC General . "

The mutated dog escaped the shackle and immediately leaped at Jiang Chen's group, but the creature didn't manage to run two steps before it was gunned down by Li Wang .

The sudden change happened in an instant . No one expected the situation would suddenly turn into a crossfire .

Facing the "delegation" from mutated humans, they clearly didn't expect NAC's reaction being this violent . They even shot their ambassador .

That shot ignited their vengeance!

"AS Order . Aim at all mutated human units 800 meters from the outpost, fire!" Jiang Chen opened the radio and ordered with a merciless voice .


Mutated humans screamed and unleashed their firepower at NAC's outpost .

The bullets with orange trials shredded the tents in the market, destroyed the frame, and hit the concrete wall of the outpost . The survivors that realized the situation was heading south already ran away, so the bullets didn't hit them .

But the rain of bullets didn't last for two seconds before being suppressed by the bullet hailstorm .

Four 12 . 76 mm machine guns unleashed fire and the waterfall of bullets exploded the dust on the ground and turned the fleeing mutated humans into meat chunks .

NAC soldiers hid behind the bunkers and fired back with their rifles . At the same time, Python drones were all activated and circled behind the mutated humans from the wing .

Behind the transparent graphene bunker, Jiang Chen looked at the hologram screen of thugs being slaughtered by the bullets from the sky with coldness .

[The policy of Empire spoiled them; they really think they are superior?]

NAC only had one policy when it came to the bloodthirsty thugs .


After killing the mutants, throw their body into the incinerator chamber!

That is where they belong!