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Chapter 633

633 Using Other“s Knife to Kill

Capital, the Palace .

"Did Guru Tribe start fighting against the NAC?"

"My emperor, based on the scout at the frontline, the two sides are engaging in battle . "

"Perfect . " The Emperor nodded, a pleased smile appeared on the well-defined face .

After the last emperor's placate strategy, Guru Tribe began to expand . The previous force used as deterrence against Federation now became a tumor of Empire .

The mutated humans' population was not high from the start, it was not a big deal to give them some special rights . But based on this trend, the humans will be a minority . Empire would no longer be Empire .

Not including the mutated humans, the total population of Empire was around 150 thousand, but the growing population of mutated humans was 80 thousand . Could they still be considered a minority? Of course not .

Including the elders, discussion of including the cannibals inside Empire, and retaining their tradition was all out of consideration of balancing the power of the mutated humans .

But balance didn't seem to do the trick anymore .

With NAC's arrival at Hucheng and their blitz action to remove the raiders at the water treatment plant, they displayed their power and firm stance to the local forces .

The emperor first remained cautious to the external force, since the area of the water treatment plan was part of Empire's territory . However, then he gave it a thought and concluded the appearance of Order may not necessarily be bad, and it happened to solve a critical problem .

Empire didn't have strong control of the east rural area to begin with . If he declared the unnecessary area to the mutated human tribe, it not only would satisfy their growing appetite, but potentially would also cause the two to suffer great defeat .

Since Hucheng was still hundreds of kilometers from Wanghai, unless the NAC made up their mind to include this area into their territory, the casualties against Guru Tribe will force them to back away .

Different from the lousy thugs in the water treatment plant, while the mutated humans were not the brightest, their combat ability was not weak at all .

Or rather, the FEV virus already engraved the word "battle" into the genetics of these monsters . Just out of instinct, they could explode with combat ability no inferior to trained soldiers .

But the combat ability was not effective under the suppression of aerial firepower .

A few RPGs were launched out by the mutated humans to the air, but they quickly exploded under the laser anti-missile defense system . As to the machine guns firing into the air, they couldn't even leave a dent on the C-type steel armor of AS Order .

The machine guns in the air were suffocating, the mutated humans began to retreat .

Jiang Chen wouldn't let their wish come true .

[You must be joking . Since you provoked me, leave your life here and you can leave!]

The Python drones moved to the wing and unleashed its supreme firepower to the fleeing mutated humans . At the same time, the NAC infantries accompanied by armored vehicles pursued the retreating mutated humans .

"Dammit, these ugly humans' firepower is strong!" With disgusting blood dripped out from his forehead, Lou leaned behind a half-collapsed apartment building while jamming a clip into the machine gun . He then peeked out while roaring, "For the glory of Guru!"


Bullets jumped between the bunkers . He clearly saw a NAC soldier fall because of his bullets . But unfortunately, he didn't see clearly whether the person ducked down or was killed before his head was cracked open by the soaring bullets .

Curling behind the half-destroyed concrete pillar, Li Wang took a deep breath and stood up with the help of the Reaper assault rifle .

He was hit two times in the chest .

Luckily, the K2 kinetic skeleton's excellent external defense saved him . While his rib cage was in pain, he could continue to fight .

Two Pythons soared by him, Li Wang loaded his gun and continued to chase the mutated humans . The gunner firing at him already died in another's hand . When he stepped over the headless body, he glanced at the mixture of red and white on the ground, feeling shocked .

From the head explosion, the unlucky guy must have died of a sniper rifle . The front line force was not equipped with sniper rifles . But since the bullet came from the outpost, the sniper was too frightening .

This place was 1000 meters away from the outpost .

Right now, at the watchtower, Sun Xiaorou put down the sniper rifle in her hands and leaned it against the wall .

The mutated humans already ran away, she could not see them from her location anymore .

She elegantly took out the tactical gloves and directly jumped down from the eight meters tall watch tower .

"What you did… is too rushed . While you have advanced equipment, the mutated humans occupy a large amount of fertile land to the west of Panyang Lake . They have a population of at least 80 thousand," Ji Yucheng said, troubled .

The 80 thousand mutated humans were all soldiers, and they didn't include the human slaves . While the mutated human tribe's weapons were crude, it didn't mean they didn't have heavy firepower .

And the NAC military outpost, at most, stationed 1000 something people . Even with the support from the airship, it would not be easy to fight against 80 times the force .

"You probably don't know . In Jia City, there were probably at least 80,000, or even 100,000 mutated humans that died to my First Division . " Jiang Chen used his EP to send out orders and said nonchalantly to Ji Yucheng .

"Perhaps you're really strong, but this is Hucheng . They are fighting at their front door, and your supply line is 600 kilometers long . " Ji Yucheng reminded him .

He hoped Jiang Chen could help to become the president, so he didn't want to see NAC fight against the mutated humans without anything to gain . Only the president of Federation would feel for this situation .

"How many 100 kilogram bombs were transported here?" Jiang Chen looked to Wang Zhaowu .

"200 rounds . "

"Not bad, what about Fireball-1?"

"2000 missiles . "

"Excellent . Enough for the consumption of a war . Contact Wang Qin and get the logistic department to transport 2000 more missiles . Remember, combustion and explosive each 2000 rounds . "

"Roger!" Wang Zhaowu saluted and immediately headed to the command room .

After instructing the necessary commands, Jiang Chen looked at Ji Yucheng again .

"Let's talk somewhere else . "

Without waiting for his reply, Jiang Chen headed to the middle of the outpost .