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Chapter 634

634 Being Used?


Ji Yucheng followed Jiang Chen, seeing there was no one around, he gulped and cautiously said .

"Did you find the secret to immortality?"

"Not yet . "

"Is the password not right?"

"The password is right, but unfortunately, someone already went into the director office . " Jiang Chen took out the diary from his pocket . "I only found this . "

Ji Yucheng wanted to grab it, but Jiang Chen didn't plan to give him the diary . His hand awkwardly hung in the air for a while before he took it back .

"Then our agreement…"

"Of course it counts," Jiang Chen smiled, "It is beneficial for me to make an obedient person the president . "

Based on their agreement, Ji Yucheng will tell us the password and he will help Ji Yucheng become the president, and kill the former president and advisor stabbing him in the back .

And the first thing Ji Yucheng will do after being elected president is introducing NAC economic zone reform and become a place similar to the Sixth Street in the NAC .

Ji Yucheng thought about the chip injected behind his neck, let out a sigh, and opened his hands . "I still don't understand, compared to Wanghai, everything is clearly terrible, whether it is Federation or Empire . Other than the also mythical secret about immortality, what could interest you here?

"Once you possess territories, you'll want to possess more . Of course, I don't need to explain this to you, you just need to follow what I say . "

"Then… what are you planning to tell me? Is it something inconvenient for other people to know?" Ji Yucheng said .

"It is about that password," Jiang Chen stared into his eyes, "I want to carefully recollect how you obtained it . "

Ji Yucheng paused before he sighed .

"Is this the question? I can bet you that you'll be disappointed when you hear it . "

Jiang Chen signaled him to continue .

"The password was brought to me by a postal man . I was drinking in the bar, he came to find me and said that someone from Federation sent me a mail for me to sign . I was confused… and I was even more confused when I opened the letter . There was a string of symbols along with the detailed explanation of Fallout Shelter 071 as well as a signature . "

"That's it?" Jiang Chen stared him, dumbfounded

"That's it . " Ji Yucheng nodded; his expression was innocent . "As I said, you will be disappointed . "

Jiang Chen scanned the program related to the slavery chip on the EP . From his heart rate, he didn't lie .

"So you gifted the password to the President . "

"That's right . I thought I could become a confidant, but he wanted to kill me instead . " Ji Yucheng's words were mixed with deep hatred .

"Who sent the letter?"

"Doctor Sun . "

[Doctor Sun, could it be…]

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows .

From the intelligence collected by Zhao Corporation about the doctor that doesn't age, he previously thought the person may be a digitalized human, but the truth may not be the case/

But why?

The doctor at the capital . What was his purpose to send the password to Federation's parliament member? Or rather, what was he try to achieve in making Federation's people purposely leave the diary behind?

Ji Yucheng was anxious seeing Jiang Chen didn't speak as he tried to contemplate his thought process .

But quickly after, Jiang Chen spoke again .

"Last question . You gave the password to the president… don't you long for immortality?"

Ji Yucheng took a second to process . He didn't think it would be such an irrelevant question, so he mocked himself, "I'm just a poor man and an unimportant parliament member in Federation . I work my *ss for the stingy poor suckers . Perhaps when I become the president, I will . "

. . .

The gunshots in the distance stopped, the outcome of the battle ended with all the mutated humans eliminated .

A total of 215 mutated humans as well ten mutated dogs all died tragically among the ruins .

NAC suffered two deaths and seventeen injuries, the almost miraculous victory was a historic win in the eyes of the survivors .

But the soldiers didn't seem to be too excited . The advantage in equipment meant the battle would be crushing from the start .

Jiang Chen personally held a simple burial ceremony for the two deceased soldiers .

Their body would be shipped back to Wanghai

To the wounded soldiers, as long as they didn't miss an arm or a leg, NAC's medical expertise could treat them .

All in all, while the equipment of the mutated humans at this location was inferior to the mutated humans supported by the Dusk Church . But in terms of combat ability, the mutated humans were stronger .

The NAC research in the force extracted blood, cell samples from the body of the mutated humans and brought them back to the lab at the outpost to conduct an analysis on DNA and metabolism .

The appearances of the mutated humans were different compared to the mutated humans in Wanghai . Jiang Chen was especially intrigued . Therefore, he assigned the research task to the researchers .

The result was also surprising; the mutated humans here had six strands of chromosomes with obvious differences to the mutated humans in Jia City .

"FEV virus is also called Human Genetic Fixation Virus with the intent to allow the PAC citizens to become neo-humans more adaptable to the harsh environment . But since the start of the FEV project, it received the objection from the mainstream society; the pure species believers . Humans are destined to be a creature that can win against nature, but not compromise to nature and become a monster . "

"Therefore, the research of the FEV virus was delayed, it was not till before the war did people start to continue the research after digging the information out . The FEV virus culture widespread on wasteland was mostly the improved version of the original FEV virus . "

Inside the lab, the researchers responsible for dissecting the mutated human's body reported to Jiang Chen .

"Other than the difference in appearance compared to the mutated humans in Wanghai, is there anything else that's different?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Of course . " The researcher nodded, "Other than poorer regeneration ability, the Hucheng mutated humans' also possessed extremely strong metabolism . But different from the Jia City mutated human, their theoretical lifespan is three times the Jia City mutated humans . "

"Three times?!" Jiang Chen was stunned .

"That's right . " The researcher said with certainty, "The FEV virus in Hucheng possesses the ability to elongate the DNA telomere . While the technical challenge is great, it is not impossible in theory . "

The mutated human's strength and immunity to poison were problematic, to begin with, especially with their cockroach-like regeneration, they could easily adapt on the wasteland .

The inability to breed and shortened lifespan were two weaknesses that limited their size . But the mutated humans here's lifespan was longer than humans? It was unbelievable .

When Jiang Chen returned to the command room, he found Han Junhua to discuss the strategy on wiping out mutated humans .

The first step was to send out reconnaissance soldiers to determine the mutated humans' FEV production base, armory, command, anti-air units, and other critical infrastructures to be destroyed by Aurora-20,

At the same time, the ground force will be supported by Order to push to the west bank of Panyang Lake occupied by Guru Tribe to free the humans slaved by mutated humans .

As to Empire

"In the past few days, based on the information sent by our soldiers to Hezhong City and Capital, I analyzed the Hucheng forces…"

Standing in front of the hologram map, Han Junhua's arms crossed in front of her chest while she orderly explained the complicated relationship between Empire and Guru Tribe .

Jiang Chen's eyes narrowed after he listened to Han Junhua's analysis .

"So you're saying Empire used us?"

"90% . " Han Junhua looked to Jiang Chen, "Then, what are you planning to do?"

"Nothing . They will realize that our operation is not free . " A mischievous smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face as he stared at Empire on the map .

[Using us? They are playing with fire . ]