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Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Basic Artificial Intelligence

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When Jiang Chen and the flushing red Sun Jiao left the training room one after the other, it was already noon . He brought Sun Jiao back into the mansion as he saw Yao Yao who he hasn’t seen in awhile .


This tech genius stayed in her room everyone to study the highly advanced computer theory which made her already pale skin even whiter .


But this little loli did grow compared to when they first met, the previous small dimple now required a bra . The boney face without much fat now appeared more rounded which made her look even more adorable .


Yao Yao was obviously excited to see Jiang Chen as she was no longer her conservative self and directly dived into Jiang Chen’s hug .


To be frank, he hasn’t been back in a while . He admits that he had too much fun in the other world .


Yao Yao who spent every day and night thinking about the “nice big brother” gently pressed her face against his chest, she smiled and rubbed her head .


Watching Yao Yao’s adorable look, a smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face as he lightly touched her wavy hair .


Don’t be mistaken, he really was not into loli, the purity of her smile just made everything feel natural


As long as he hugged her, his stress and anger faded away .

However, they ignored Sun Jiao standing beside them .


The possessive Sun Jiao gave both of them a dirty which made Yao Yao jumped away, not knowing what to do . Though Sun Jiao has always been nice to her, she was always afraid of this “sister” of hers, perhaps because the first impression being too “violent”?


Especially after witnessing the embarrassing scene in the living room .


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes displeased as he sat down on the kitchen table as he started to enjoy lunch with the two girls .


Juicy potato with fried meat, garlic eggplant, delicious seaweed egg soup, even with the unhealthy ray of sunlight piercing through the window, it’s hard to imagine that such delicacies could be born on this radiation filled wasteland .


This meal was the masterpiece of Yao Yao as Miss Sun Jiao only ate, never cooked .


After trying Yao Yao’s cooking, Jiang Chen gave her a raise of thumb . This turned her pale face blushing again .


But this somehow provoked Miss Sun Jiao as she jealously kicked Jiang Chen under the table as she looked him displeased . Jiang Chen had to also raise his thumb, to praise her ability to eat…


Of course, he will never let her know that .


After receiving Jiang Chen’s recognition, Sun Jiao returned to normal as she happily enjoyed the meal .


[So bothersome, such a child . ] Jiang Chen mocked in his mind but in his eyes, it was more affection than trouble .



After lunch, Jiang Chen returned to the technology department at the community center and found Du Yongkang that was busily working in front of the computer . The technology department was only a room 30 square meter large, and most of the space was crowded with equipment that he either bought or created .


Jiang Chen gave a budget of maximum 1000 crystals a month for this department, but Du Yongkang instead saved a lot of money for Jiang Chen . Except for a few pieces of critical equipment, he managed to produce most of the equipment he needed .


There were two phones on the table, a Huawei and an iPhone 5 that’s both connected to an oddly shaped computer .


Du Yongkang had his eyes locked on the computer screen as he confirmed the code line by line . His finger typed furiously on the control panel as he completed disregarded the presence of Jiang Chen .


Seeing that he was working so hard, Jiang Chen was also happy, but he didn’t have the time to wait .


“Ahem . ” Jiang Chen lightly coughed to acknowledge his presence .


Hearing Jiang Chen’s voice, Du Yongkang first paused before he turned around in joy .


“Boss, you are finally here . I already asked Miss Sun multiple times, but she insisted for me to recheck my program before showing you . But I really can’t find any more flaws . ” Du Yongkang cried to Jiang Chen about his remorse .


“Ahem, I am usually busy and sometimes not at the base . How is it going, did you finish the task I have assigned you?”

[How could I let you know my whereabouts?] Jiang Chen casually changed the conversation topic .


Seeing that Jiang Chen cut straight to the topic, Du Yongkang also cleverly turned on his professional attitude . He typed a few command on the screen as he disconnected the phone and handed to Jiang Chen .


“Boss, rather than me explaining, why don’t you take a look yourself . I can promise you, anyone using this operating system will master it functions the first time!”


Could it be this magical?


Jiang Chen with skepticism took over the Huawei phone as he pressed the on button .


The triangle based triangular prism formed the logo of Future Technology, the description below said <Future 1 . 0>


[Future 1 . 0? That’s a creative name . ]


The attention drawing, eye catching start menu alone was superb . The futuristic looking simple design philosophy combined with sophisticated looking icons perfected meshed together . The framerate was also the exception as it did not lag despite all the special effects .


Immediately, an egg shaped robot caught the attention of Jiang Chen .


“Where’s the home page?” Jiang Chen was confused .


Before Du Yongkang responded, the egg shaped cute robot already gave him the answer .


“Hi, valued user, I am your most loyal assistant – Little White . Of course, if you don’t like this name, you can also change the name for me . ”


The lively looking Robot did look adorable . A curve appeared on Jiang Chen’s mouth as he continued to listen to the explanation .


“If you need to call out the menu, you can just tell me . Or, you can touch my belly to achieve this function . ” Little White blinked its eyes as he patted his belly .


Jiang Chen poked his stomach as the egg like Robot suddenly jumped up and brought down a blind from the top of the screen . On the blind was a list of applications .


“If you need to open an app, selecting through the menu is an option, but I recommend master to directly tell me . ”


Little White hid in the bottom left corner of the screen as he said while blinking .


“Ahem, if you think he is annoying, you can also open text mode by telling him . ” Du Yongkang added . It was clear he is proud of his work .


“No, this is interesting . But in the circumstance where volume should be limited, text mode will be useful . ” Jiang Chen nodded as he said to Little White, “open map . ”


“Yes, master . ”


As soon as his voice died, the map appeared on the computer screen . But because there was no signal in this world, the map focused on Wanghai City .


“Is there any game?” Jiang Chen said under his breath, but the little guy managed to pick it up .


“Sorry master, this is no downloaded game on the phone . But if you want, you only need to tell the type of game you like, and I can search it on the internet for you . ” Little White sounded like he did something wrong .


Jiang Chen was absolutely stunned, there’s even this function?


“Little White could complete actions for users . This includes opening searching engine, entering keywords, scan through results . Also, if you connect the phone to this server, there’s the downloaded backup file from the internet from the year 2017 to 2027 . It seems like the data in this period is most compatible with this thing called phone . You can give it a try . ” Du Yongkang passed the connection over . Because there was no internet, he could only simulate a web environment to achieve this function .


Jiang Chen connected the phone to the server and then spoke to Little White .


“Find me a racing game that can operate on this fun with the best visual . ”


“Ok master, I think this <Fast and Furious 17> will match your taste . The game description and download link are prepared for you . Are you happy with the result?” Less than a second later, Little White carried a few screenshots in front of Jiang Chen as he blinked his eyes looking for praise .


[Damn, that’s fast! This visual graphics, could this normal Huawei really handle this?] Jiang Chen hesitated for a moment before he said .


“Download . ”


“Yes! Master . ”


Because it was directly connected to the server, so the data transfer speed was tremendously fast . Jiang Chen couldn’t wait for Little White to open the game, then immediately stunned by the graphic .


The real dust like particle effects, the movie like halo, the cinematic like cut scenes . The game’s quality was excellent to the point that Jiang Chen didn’t even want to comment, he only wanted to express his shocking realization that a Huawei phone could run this?


The not yet debuted iPhone 7 probably wouldn’t even be able to handle this .


“Don’t look at me like that, I really didn’t change the hardware of this . ” Du Yongkang saw that Jiang Chen looked at him with suspicious as he waved his hands to defend himself . Although he didn’t why his boss was determined on this “ancient” product, he must have his own thought process, so he didn’t dare to defy him .


“Excellent, I am pleased . ” Jiang Chen nodded with a smile . At this point, he could pretty announce the end of an era between iOS and Android . The Future 1 . 0 operating system would no doubt dominate the phone industry .


Of course, this has to be done step by step .


First, enter as software, once it accumulates enough user base and dependency, recommend the user to uninstall the original system to save memory . The Future 1 . 0 can replace the existing operating system and will not affect the phone’s operation .


It would be up to Du Yongkang to implement this .


“That’s not all, boss, take a look at this . ” Du Yongkang saw that the boss was happy as he then began to show off the other functions of the phone . He touched the tablet with his finger .


“This is?” Jiang Chen uncomprehendingly looked at the data stream on the tablet .


“A simulation of an attack . ” Du Yongkang smiled as he signaled Jiang Chen to look at Little White on the screen .


“Master, I detected malicious malware attack!” Suddenly Little White turned into a full armed egg with sword and shield as his eyes sharpened . Not long after, before the malware infiltrated the system, it was “picked” up by Little White’s sword and chopped into pieces .


The animation was cute, to say the least .


“The safety level is C, which means that all the attack method between 2000 to 2101 will be useless . ” Du Yongkang proudly explained .


“Mhmm, that’s enough . ” Jiang Chen agreed .


But the function should be eliminated first if it was introduced with antivirus, he was afraid that 361 (a popular antivirus software) to report Little White as malicious . These people would do that .


Additionally, the extraneous features may hinder the artificial intelligence selling point of the software which makes the user confused . Once Future 1 . 0 has established itself, the features could be slowly introduced .


“These functions are only the tip of the iceberg . The most important thing is that Little White is a basic artificial intelligence . ” Du Yongkang smiled as he opened his hands, “not only can he detect language, he can also detect your current mood . For example, you are heart broken . Okay, this is only an example . He will comfort you . If you feel happy, he will be happy for you . He’ll remember everything you said and respond in a human function . ”


“Isn’t artificial intelligence supposed to be emotionless?” he looked at Little White’s adorable eyes as he asked .


“That’s right, but this is the power of science . Although he won’t really feel happy or sad, he will bring you visual and audio effects that mimic happy or sadness . This is based on psychology and human behavior . To put it in simple words, everything you said is stored in a data base, and based your conversation and an algorithm, Little White will respond according to the situation and history . This is basic artificial intelligence!”


“You wrote this?” Jiang Chen was shocked .


“No way . ” Du Yongkang forced a smile, “this is 21 years of work of tens of computer scientists and psychologists . All the latter artificial intelligence is based on that data base . Although intermediary artificial intelligence evolved through this data, because of the <Artificial Intelligence Management Act>, all the research stopped . So the most common version still in the market like Little White that’s still depended on an external data base .


“So you are saying that, if I am chatting with him, I just hear predefined quotes?” Jiang Chen had an odd impression as his face . He used his finger and ticked Little White’s stomach on the screen .


“You can say it like . But I guarantee you that if it wasn’t for me to tell you the secret behind it, you could chat with him for the rest of life and still think he is pet full of emotions, and not lines of code . ” Du Yongkang nodded .


Technology is truly a magical thing . He didn’t dive into the issue further


“What about this?” Jiang Chen picked up the iPhone .


“The compatibility is flawless . Although this piece of electronic is also ancient, it is a bit better than the other one . Future 1 . 0 is perfectly operational on both!”


“Excellent!” Jiang Chen patted Du Yongkang on the shoulder as he waved his hands, “From now I, you’ll be the head of the technology department at Fish Bone Survival Base . You’ll now receive meat can every day . ”


Although he didn’t even know what the department exactly was .


“Thank you, boss!” Du Yongkang was so excited that he almost kneeled down . He was almost about to hug Jiang Chen’s leg before Jiang Chen shivered and stepped away .


“Ahem, like I said before, do a great job, and I won’t let you down . ”


Then Jiang Chen ordered Du Yongkang to limit some of the functions to meet the actual demand .

The work was quickly completed as the app size was trimmed down .


Under Du Yongkong’s sincere gratitude, Jiang Chen proudly retook the USB drive to the mansion . He couldn’t wait to go back to the modern world, Future Technology’s development needs some adjustment .


With this groundbreaking operating system, or software, for now, he was confident that he would make the name echo not in China, but also around the world!