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Chapter 67

Chapter 67: A Pillow just when you need it

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[Could I treat rabies? Do I looked like an old Chinese medical doctor to you?] Jiang Chen with an odd expression touched his face .


“Brother, are you crazy?” His sister, standing beside him, face palmed as the doctor and nurses also gave off helpless expressions .


Even Li Gangming’s face twitched, Jiang Chen guessed that this guy must have wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare to do so .


But Wang Zhiyong gazed at Jiang Chen, full of expectations . As if he was certain Jiang Chen would know a way .




A smile full of meaning appeared on Jiang Chen’s face .

Rabies actually was not a problem to him . For the 21st century medical practices, it was an incurable disease, but it was easily solved in the 22nd century .


In his storage, there was a D-level antibiotic that clearly stated it would cure rabies, aids…


He purchased it the first time he went to the Sixth Street after he injected the genetic vaccine . Even after Sun Jiao told him that after the injection of the genetic vaccine, his body would be resistant to most of the diseases, he decided to buy it because it was cool . “I understand the rationale, but I just want to buy it because I haven’t heard of the existence of a “godly” medicine . It’s not like I lack crystals . ”


He forgot that he had it in his storage dimension or else he would have given it to Xia Shiyu, saving the trip to the hospital .


“What’s your name, sir?” However, seriousness showed on Wang Zhiyong’s face .


Or the expression of grasping onto the last straw .


Although western medicine could not cure rabies, his fantasy for Wushu made him believe that a “secret cure” was out there to cure the incurable disease .


Wang Zhiyong was always this straightforward . He would immediately do something even if it did not go through his head .


Normally that would have been rude and unreasonable, but now he seemed filial .


But the “secret cure” didn’t exist . If it did exist, then their ancestors should be awarded a Nobel prize .


The medicine was in the storage dimension .


But Jiang Chen was hesitant .


[Should he save the person?


Or how should he save the person . ]


“Jiang Chen . ” He first introduced himself .


“My name is Wang Zhiyong, this is my sister Wang Xinran . If Sir you know any masters that could save my father, I’ll do anything to repay the favor!” Wang Zhiyong held his fists together and greeted .


Jiang Chen looked troubled as he pondered .


It was clear that Wang Zhiyong is an important military official . From this “bastard’s” attitude, he didn’t just depend on himself to climb the social ladder . Then it must mean his father is extremely influential .


Jiang Chen now had no support in Wanghai city . Although he has the money and the guns, if he did get himself into trouble, it would be problematic . Running to Los Angeles was not something he wanted to do soon . Who knows if that crazy guy solved his own issue yet .


He considered that his wealth could attract potential wrongdoers, and so he actually did try to make some friends within the political circle . Regardless of the method, he must find a way to establish a relationship . Or else, if he created some unique and someone forcefully took over, he would have nowhere to reason . Since the political situation in the country was like this, he must play by the rules .


What kind of favor was greater than saving a life? This was a great opportunity .


A Pillow just when you needed it the most .


Jiang Chen was moved, but he still needed to think of a way to make this story sound more believable .


Wang Zhiyong looked simple minded, so he should be easy to convince . But his sister seemed to be intelligent and hard to fool . If he just took out the medicine, it would be hard to explain . The authenticity would also be questioned .


[This is troublesome . Even when trying to do something “nice”, there were still a lot of aspects to consider need to consider…] Jiang Chen smiled bitterly .


“Brother, do you want someone to find an ancient natural remedy for you to cure father’s sickness?” Wang Xinran was speechless with his brother’s intent .


“What ancient natural remedy . How do you know Chinese medicine will not solve the problem Eastern medicine can’t!” Wang Zhiyong’s face blushed as he gave a dirty look to his sister .


Wang Zhiyong now realized that he didn’t process the words before they came out . But if he admitted, he would lose face in front of everyone .


The doctor also gave a wry smile . He studied Chinese medicine before as he knew that this could not be solved by Chinese medicine .


“Ahem . I think I can try . ”


The entire restroom fell silent .


Jiang Chen already expected the reaction as he didn’t look too shocked . He still maintained his calm composure .


Who said acting cocky was terrible?


“That’s impossible!” The doctor, whose collar was held, opened his mouth in disbelief . He looked at Jiang Chen with skepticism, “If someone could cure rabies, that’s enough to win a Nobel Prize . ”


“Too bad I am not interested in fame . ” Jiang Chen shrugged as he looked at Wang Zhiyong . “Of course, I don’t need you to repay me anything . I have a company myself, so I don’t need money . As to why I am helping you, it’s because I have a father too . ”


Wang Xinran skeptically looked at Jiang Chen . Different from her incompetent brother, she was a top student at Wanghai University . Although she studied media, which is unrelated to medicine, she still had basic common sense .


“Can you cure my father? Let me be straight forward, my dad is Wanghai City’s General Secretary (Considered the most influential person in a municipal government), if you…”


“I understand your emotions towards your father, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept this suspicion . If you choose to not believe, just say no . ” Jiang Chen shook his head . “I am doing this out of the good of my heart, and I don’t need you to repay me . But I hope you do know, standard medical procedures would not cure rabies . ”


When he finished, Jiang Chen looked at Wang Zhiyong .


Wang Zhiyong raised his eyebrows in deep thoughts .


[Should I try it?]


Sister and doctor’s words made him hesitant . What if Jiang Chen was a liar and killed his father…


Wait, even if he didn’t, Rabies was an incurable disease!


Rather than waiting for death, why not try it . He had thought about it before making up his mind to take a gamble .


He was someone that cared deeply about his parents . Since the reason he can act so recklessly in Wanghai was due to his father’s influence . If his father were not here to cover for him, he would have died so many times already .


“I believe you, I hope what are you said is true . ” Wang Zhiyong sincerely nodded . He then gazed at Jiang Chen with seriousness . “If you actually cured my father, even if you don’t accept my favor, I’ll be at your disposal . ”


[Psh, why did that sound like someone from a gang, are you really in the military?]


“I don’t need anyone at my disposal, but a friend doesn’t sound too bad . ” Jiang Chen laughed nonchalantly and passed by Wang Zhiyong before he walked into the guarded ward .


Wang Zhiyong had paused for a minute before he smiled .


[Hmm? This guy is fascinating . ]


He was known for his recklessness in Wanghai city; he was not afraid of anything . Since he was commander of the army and his father was also a national level politician, considered second in command even in the central government, the typical silk trousers (referred to children of influential leaders that cause havoc) were no match for him . Although he did create his fair share of recklessness, he still had his own principles . It may have been influenced by the Wushu novels he had read .


He also has another trait, which is to make friend with people that possessed abilities . Of course, most of them belonged to the category that knew how to fight, so he has a lot of reckless buddies as well .


Since he believed in Wushu, he always wanted to receive tips from masters and cultivate his soul to train internal techniques . Because of this, his sister always criticized him for reading too much fantasy novels and distorting reality .


“Ten minutes, give me ten minutes, I hope no one interrupts me . ”


Jiang Chen had left those words before he locked the door behind him, looking mysterious .


The people left behind were all stunned .

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