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Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Cured?

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Jiang Chen, alone, stood in the middle of the room and he scanned his surroundings .


The special ward, for notable guests, was filled with medical equipment, but all useless for treating rabies .


He hesitated for a moment as he wasn’t certain if there were cameras around, then Jiang Chen sighed before he reached into his pocket .


For his own security, he triggered the EMP grenade .


The faint electric noise resonated in the room as the EP screen inside his sleeves had flashed before it stabilized . With stability as the core design philosophy, it was extremely resistant to EMP . However, of course, equipment in that age was not the same as all the other electronics in the room, which have been short-circuited . These faults were hard to detect as most people would attribute instability to the voltage source .


Regardless if there were cameras or not, it would be broken by now . There was no expensive medical equipment inside this ward, so the hospital wouldn’t consider it a big deal . As to his phone, he threw it into the storage dimension immediately .


He approached the old man as he took out the D-level antibiotics . He took a deep breath before aiming it at the old man’s vein and injecting it .


He watched the red liquid enter his body as he pulled out the needle and put it in the storage dimension . The old man was already unconscious from being at the terminal stage of rabies, so he was not afraid to have his secret revealed .


Also, the D-level antibiotic has no side effects on the human body . It was evident by the fact that the remaining medicine would be cleared out from the body within an hour . Even a blood test would not detect any traces of it .


Especially no one would experiment on the second in command of the local government .


“How’s my father doing?” Seeing that Jiang Chen came out, Wang Zhiyong immediately walked up to ask .


“He’ll be okay after some sleep,” Jiang Chen smiled as he replied .


“That’s impossible . ” The doctor still maintained his stance as he looked suspiciously at Jiang Chen before walking into the ward .


He didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would cure that important person’s disease . He was only worried that if he dies, even if it were not his responsibility, he would also take on some of the blame .


“Could I have your phone number? So that if father wakes up, we can express our sincere gratitude,” Wang Xinran said .


Although she still looked at Jiang Chen with suspicion, since he had already treated her father, there was nothing she could say .


[Thanking me is not the point . It is probably more of a threat to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong . ] Jiang Chen obviously guessed her intention . He shrugged as he pulled out his identification card and flashed in front of her face .


If they want to know, they will find their way .


Seeing that Jiang Chen immediately pulled out his identification card, Wang Xinran felt her face burn from embarrassment . She knew that he understood her trick . He did this with good intention, but she was still suspicious till now, which was inconsiderate and unreasonable by any means .


But Wang Zhiyong who’s straightforward didn’t have any tricks, as he never liked the idea of trickery .


“No need for ID . Let’s exchange phone numbers . You’ll be my brother from now on! If anyone dares to touch you, I will go beat him up!” Wang Zhiyong pulled out his iPhone as he began to call Jiang Chen brother . With the way Jiang Chen looked, he was certain that his father would be okay .


“That’s impossible!” Suddenly, a shocked shout came from the ward .


“What’s going on?” Wang Zhiyong was confused .


“Father!” Before he understood what was happened, his sister ran into the room .


“Your father’s health is in good condition, he probably woke up already,” Jiang Chen shrugged as he said nonchalantly with a smile .


Wang Zhiyong was overjoyed when he heard the news as he thanked Jiang Chen and ran into the ward .


Jiang Chen smiled . Although this guy was reckless, just by how much he cared for his father, it was worth it to befriend him .


“Sir, what method did you use?” The doctor walked out as he had no more suspicion in his eyes, only respect .


“Secret . Sorry, but I can’t share . ” Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously .


“Do you know how many people this will save if rabies can be cured? There are 55 thousand people a year who die because of this disease . If you publish this secret…” This doctor obviously was not ready to let Jiang Chen go as he started to guilt trip him, hoping Jiang Chen would reveal the secret .


But Jiang Chen being annoyed, interrupted the doctor .


“And give it to you so you can win a Nobel Prize?”


Jiang Chen’s words made the doctor’s face turn a vibrant shade of red . He did think about that .


“When it is necessary I’ll share it, with my own name . ” Jiang Chen walked away, finishing the sentence .


If they wanted to thank him, he wouldn’t have to wait here . It would be straightforward for the government to find his number, especially since Wang Xinran just saw his ID .


Leaving without saying anything would leave a more memorable impression .



“Is, is this the hospital?” Wang Dehai's eyes narrowed as he gradually woke up from unconsciousness . From the sharp edges of his face, it was evident that although he has aged, his body was healthy . But regardless of health, with a disease like rabies, he would die without the proper treatment .


“Father, you are finally awake . ” Wang Xinran had tears in her eyes . She was the youngest in the family and received the most affection from her father . Her father’s weak look impacted her feel the most . But her tears were tears of happiness .


“I, didn’t I get rabies?” Wang Dehai was confused as he was ready to face death . But life played a joke on him . He looked at his disappointing son in search of an answer .


“Father, hehe, I found an ancient remedy doctor, and he cured you,” Wang Zhiyong said proudly .


An ancient remedy doctor?



Wang Dehai was so angry he almost coughed out blood . He was especially annoyed by his son’s fantasy for masters, Wushu, and martial arts, which was an embarrassment to the family . But when he remembered that he had in incurable disease, he was shocked .


[An ancient remedy doctor actually cured me?]


He looked at his most beloved daughter but what surprised him was that the answer he saw on her face was, it’s true .


“Although I don’t want to admit this, brother actually did find an ancient remedy doctor to cure you . ”


Jiang Chen would be furious if he heard the words “Ancient remedy doctor” . This was advanced technology!


[Really?] Wang Dehai frowned, but then he felt relieved .


“What is there not to admit, if he cured me he cured . Even if he is an ancient remedy doctor, he is my lifesaver! How much money does he want? Give it to him . ” Wang Dehai had experienced the ups and downs of life . Since he could live longer, no one would say no to his requests, especially when he was so powerful .


“Father, he doesn't need money, that’s too lame . ” Wang Zhiyong rolled his eyes . His words were always unpredictable .


Wang Dehai, of course, knew his son’s personality; he would believe anything they say .


“Go invite the person, I want to thank him personally . ” Regardless, he must thank him for saving his life . Wang Dehai already was thinking that as long as it is not against his principle, he’ll do his best to meet the “ancient remedy doctor’s demand .


He was a powerful and influential politician in the country . Jiang Chen saved him . Not only did he do a favor to him, but also to the country itself .


“Okay . ” Wang Zhiyong laughed as he ran outside .


Wang Dehai lied on the bed as he chatted with his daughter about what happened when he was unconscious . However, he kept thinking about the “master” that saved him . Wang Dehai was no ordinary people . He didn’t understand how did the “ancient remedy doctor” managed to save him, or who sent him here .


However, his disappointing son came back alone with a disappointed look .


“Father, he left . ”


“What?” Wang Dehai was shocked .


[There really is someone who didn’t seek favors?]


“Didn’t you exchange phone number with Jiang Chen?” Wang Xinran hastily said .


“I didn’t get to . I had to check on father,” Wang Zhiyong said with disappointment in his voice .


“You, how old are you, why are you still so careless,” Wang Dehai criticized his son for a good while .


Although Wang Zhiyong was reckless, he still didn’t dare to talk back to his father . He just had to listen to his dad’s criticism .


Jiang Chen .


Wang Dehai remembered that name . Though he didn’t know what his life saver looks like, it was not difficult for him to find someone in the country .


Wang Dehai, who has always been cautious, didn’t express his thoughts . He decided to wait and get an understanding of Jiang Chen’s background to see what kind of intention he had before approaching him, himself to repay the favor . For he might be a pawn sent by political enemies .


Wang Dehai closed his eyes as he made up his mind . He needed to rest . Since he had already recovered, then some change must be made in Wanghai City . Once he wakes up tomorrow, the people that tried to give the Wang family trouble will all be punished .


Although he was well into his fifties, the vibe Wang Dehai possessed was not to be undermined .


Wang Zhiyong who saw his father’s expression let out a breath of relief . He knew exactly what his father’s expression meant . A rejoiced look appeared on his face .


[Father is healthy now, a lot of people are going to be in trouble . ]


He was still upset that he didn’t manage to get Jiang Chen’s number . His intention was clear . Since he did something nice for me, then I must repay him in kind .


But what he meant by repaying the favor meant taking Jiang Chen around to show off . He loved two things the most, making friends and finding trouble . Those two things usually don’t conflict with each other, but he didn’t expect Jiang Chen would leave right away .


Wang Zhiyong and Wang Dehai didn’t know that Jiang Chen didn’t leave, he was waiting in a ward nearby .


Wang Xinran, on the other hand, was more curious . She didn’t know how Jiang Chen saved her father .


Li Gangming standing in front of the door had a sour face . He could only pray that they would not remember the conflict . The look of sympathy from the other guard made him want to slap himself . Why didn’t he think before he acted?


But even if he thought it through, the consequence would probably be the same . Recklessness is contagious from being around Wang Zhiyong for so long .

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