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Chapter 69: The Future 1.0 That Shocked the World

Artificial intelligence was a word most people on the internet were familiar with . They usually played the antagonist role in the action-packed Hollywood movies, only to have their plans of world domination gloriously foiled by the protagonist .

It could be seen from the mainstream media that humankind had always been skeptical and afraid of artificial intelligence .

The perception was logical; they were, after all, beings not reliant on a physical body, both eternal and wise . There was no reason for such a “god” to abide by the rules of humans .

However, ventures into artificial intelligence research never ceased . From novels written in the 1950s that imagined the future of artificial intelligence to IBM’s development of Watson who could design a menu and voluntarily participate in contests—within sixty years, artificial intelligence had made leaps and bounds .

What about in another sixty years?

There was no need for another sixty years; the Chinese internet user could now experience it in the present .

An unknown software—as if carefully planned—entered the Android platform, 361 stores, and the APP store . The download number exploded exponentially, breaking one million downloads on the tenth day after release, beating Line’s record at six hundred thousand downloads a day .

This could only be described as a miracle .

Using common sense, it would still take great marketing to pull off such a feat . Otherwise, no matter how amazing the app, it would take time for anyone to become familiar with the product . Future Technology Corporation—it was a name no one ever had heard before .

Artificial intelligence? A changed algorithm with an increase in phone performance by threefold? Decrease power consumption by half? Automatic compatibility with both Android and iOS apps? Did they take all of the users for fools?

Fu*k, it actually has artificial intelligence that can speak? Siri is so dumb in comparison .

Fu*k, it actually increased the phone performance by three times! Even cheap phones can play high-end games now without any lag!

Fu*k, it actually decreased the power consumption by half . My Huawei has a battery span of two days now!

A chain of explosive reactions ensued, followed by an exponential number of downloads . The waves of good ratings and comments convinced the skeptical users to join the forces . In response to their shocking discovery, they also joined in promoting the app .

Future 1 . 0 officially caught the attention of all mobile users .

Within 361 Corporation headquarters .

“I want to know the developer of this app, as well as the background of Future Technology . I don’t care how you do it; I want a detailed report on my table in two hours . ” 361 Corporation's president Zhou Hongwei sat at his office desk, rubbing his forehead in an attempt to alleviate his tiredness as he gave a task to 361 Phone Helper’s Project Manager Zhang Jianfeng .

"Yes . " The middle aged man nodded as he hastily walked out of the office .

"Boss, is the Future 1 . 0 as scary as it sounds?" The assistant couldn’t resist asking after seeing her boss's gloomy expression .

"Do you know what artificial intelligence and enhanced phone functionality mean?" Zhou Hongwei sneered with raised eyebrows .

"But based on user dependency and . . . "

"Don't mention those things; those are applicable when the software are comparable . " Zhou Hongwei rejected the assistant's point right away . "Would you continue to use an old flip phone after the introduction of a smartphone?"

The young assistant was speechless, unable to argue against her boss's point . Even if the book said otherwise, the reality was right in front of her .

"The introduction of the touch screen replaced the necessity to have fifteen physical buttons, but the Future 1 . 0 replaced the need to use fingers . The increased phone performance also broke through the limitation of mobile game development . The two breakthrough technologies exist on one software . Pity, if even one of them had been born in our 361 Corporation, I have full confidence that I would’ve been able to replace Penguin and become the new leader in the tech industry . ”

The thought of his horrendous defeat against Penguin in a battle for market shares enraged him to this day .

Zhou Hongwei's finger gently tapped against the table amidst the assistant’s silence .

Less than half an hour later, the door was pushed open .

Zhang Jianfeng did not bother to knock on the door as he hastily approached his boss .

"The information is here . "

"Excellent . " Zhou Hongwei immediately began reading the information . Instead of criticizing him for his informality, he was pleased by the efficiency .

After scanning through the document with a frown, Zhou Hongwei immediately handed another task to his assistant .

"Go and contact Gu Cheng from the technology's department . I give him permission to use any developers from any project . My only requirement is that I want to see a cracked version of Future 1 . 0 in a week . "

"Yes . " The assistant nodded as she stepped out .

Immediately, Zhou Hongwei gave directives to his right-hand man Zhang Weifeng .

"Zhang Jianfeng, go contact Future Technology's owner Jiang Chen and discuss the possibility of an acquisition . If it can be purchased, then that would be the best option . If he asks for a price within 2 billion, I give you permission to accept right away . At the same time, ask if he is interesting in working for 361 . "

"Yes . " Zhang Jianfeng nodded, agreeing that the price his boss offered was not too high . As the 361 Phone Helper’s Project Manager, he knew the value of this app .

2 Billion RMB? Even 2 billion USD was not enough . Zhang Jianfeng could only hope that Jiang Chen was too new to know the value of his software and would be shocked by the billion dollar offer .

But was that possible? Jiang Chen's own valuation for the company was over trillions .


At the same time, what happened in 361 was also taking place in Baidu, QQ's headquarters, and even in the overseas Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple technology giants who expressed significant interest towards the app born in China .

Acquisition, cracking, joint venture . . . A series of meetings revolved around the "giant bomb" that was Future 1 . 0 .

"Marketing expenditure of five hundred ninety thousand includes creating impressions on social media, utilizing platforms such as Baidu, Wechat, and QQ, as well as other forms of advertisement . ”

Xiao Shiyu had recovered from her cold . In professional attire, she concisely reported the company development before Jiang Chen .

The work could have been completed like usual in Xia Shiyu's home, but for whatever reason, the girl strongly opposed this idea . Using the excuse of the newly renovated office, she argued that the company should start on the right track and changed the work location to here .

The girl’s cold attitude made Jiang Chen feel extremely "hurt" as he had stayed with her for the entire night when she had been sick .

"What's the download number?" Jiang Chen leaned against the chair and asked in a lazy tone .

Perhaps used to his complacent work attitude, Xia Shiyu did not look displeased . She took out another report and continued, "Future 1 . 0's total download has reached 20 million, with the record high reached on the tenth day . "

"Only 20 million?" Jiang Chen frowned as he was unsatisfied .

"This is not bad, okay?" Xia Shiyu rolled her eyes at him . As soon as she woke up from her sickness, the first person she saw was Jiang Chen; afterwards, the way she treated him became ambiguous .

"There are at least five hundred million smartphone users in China, and this is a conservative estimate . I only have 20 million out of this giant market . How is that not a little . " Jiang Chen was trying to prove this point .

"It’s predicted that the user base will break the one hundred million mark by the end of August . Since our user base is too small, this is a commendable result . " Xia Shiyu flipped through the document as she explained .

"You don't have to be so concerned . I am certain of your ability, Miss CEO . " Jiang Chen grinned .

"I am not concerned!" Xia Shiyu rebutted .

But then she realized that arguing with the shameless Jiang Chen was futile, so she took a deep breath and brought the conversation back on topic . "There is a total of twelve companies that announced interest in partnership and acquisition . "

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"Partnership, I am interested . You can arrange a schedule for me; I'll personally chat with them . As to acquisition, you can reject them without asking for my permission . " Jiang Chen stretched .

"Oh? IBM offered one point three billion USD . " Xia Shiyu raised her eyebrows as she shoved the letter of intent into Jiang Chen's arms with a smirk .

"Hehe, I won't sell it for thirteen billion USD . " Jiang Chen took the letter of intent and threw it into the garbage without a glance at the page .

Xia Shiyu's mouth curved up at Jiang Chen's response . She held the same opinion as Jiang Chen on the value of this software .

Suddenly, as if she just remembered something, she hesitated for a moment before she opened her mouth . "Also, President, I have another thing I want to confirm with you . "

"What? You don't have to call me president, just call me Jiang Chen . " Jiang Chen waved his hand .

"Please keep business and personal life separate, Mr . President . " Xia Shiyu smoothly replied as she continued on the topic, "The quality of Future 1 . 0 is without a doubt impeccable . But regarding privacy, do we not need to submit a patent?"

"Privacy? There is privacy for software in this country?" Jiang Chen laughed at her rhetorical question .

Xia Shiyu was speechless, but she still offered her own opinion .

"At least we will gain the advantage from a legal perspective . If another company uses our technology without permission, we can proceed with legal action . "

"Submitting the patent means we have to provide a detailed explanation of our technology . To be honest, I don't trust them . " Jiang Chen was straightforward . "I am confident that within fifty years, no one will be able to crack Future 1 . 0 . Moreover, in a couple of years, Future 2 . 0 will be introduced . As long as we remain the pioneer of this industry, we don't need a patent . ”

The nature of the patent was to receive protection and exclusive rights in exchange for sharing information . The patent required sufficient disclosure of the technical information which would allow people to replicate the technology .

But that was the last thing he wanted to do; how would it benefit him to disclose D++? He was not some selfless philanthropist .

Xia Shiyu remained silent . She didn't know where Jiang Chen's confidence or the fifty years remark came from, but surprisingly, she didn't insist on it and chose to trust him .

"Okay, since the majority shareholder has already made the decision, then Future 1 . 0's core technology will be classified as a business secret . The relevant privacy information would require you to discuss with the software developer . "

His title was the chief developer of this app, but it was only a fake role . The setting disclosed to the public was that an overseas developer team created Future 1 . 0 while his position only required him to represent the team .

Just like deceiving Zhao Chenwu, except he was deceiving the whole world this time .

Do you want to find the real developers? Go ahead; it's in the other world .

Jiang Chen nodded as he didn't say anything more .

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If a programming language developed 100 years into the future managed to be cracked by the people of this time, it would literally have to be done by supernatural activity . As an example, it was like asking someone to program using the C language when they had never learned it before . Even with the unencrypted code provided, the person was required to understand first; the only way was to guess and learn a language with stronger logic flow compared to C .

"On the other hand, considering Future Technology's growing popularity, I have contacted Wanghai University's administration and students to adjust the hiring time and location," Xia Shiyu said .

"Oh? You don't have to report these things to me, just give me a schedule, and I'll make time to take care of it . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

"This is not a small task . Talent acquisition is critical to the future of the company, especially the first batch of employees—they will become the core of the company's operation . From personality to knowledge, everything must be tested under a strict process . "

"Okay, because I trust your ability, I'm assigning this important task to you . "

Xia Shiyu's face burned under Jiang Chen's "passionate" gaze, but because she had light makeup on, with her limited facial expressions, Jiang Chen didn't notice her odd reaction .

"Okay . " Although she wanted to criticize Jiang Chen into at least preparing for the interview process, everything she wanted to say turned into one word .

"Then let's go with this decision . " Jiang Chen laughed as he stood up from the office chair and walked to the door behind Xia Shiyu . "Call me if you have anything . If I’m not within the service zone, send me a text, and I'll call you back when I see . "

Jiang Chen then left the company, leaving Xia Shiyu staring blankly into space .

[Is there a president this irresponsible?]

Xia Shiyu rubbed her face with her hand .

There was another thing she didn't report: seven companies extended offers to her as shareholder and CEO of Future Technology . These companies included world-renowned technology giants where every graduate dreamed to work at .

If it were like before, she would most likely have taken a look at this information . But this time, without glancing at it, she shredded it . Even she was surprised by her decisiveness .

[With Future 1 . 0's potential, there is no need to consider the tech companies that are about to get reshuffled . President . . . Jiang Chen, he is probably working hard in areas I can't see . Future 1 . 0 can't drop from the sky, right?] Xia Shiyu convinced herself .

She glanced at the messy documents, sighing at Jiang Chen’s work habit .

She organized them into categories before she left the president’s office, gently closing the door behind her .

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