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Published at 26th of July 2017 03:50:36 AM

Chapter 71: Ayesha’s Unique Trait

The mansion’s renovation had been completed two days ago . After checking out from the hotel, he brought Ayesha to the mansion . With only two people, the massive estate did feel empty, but he was confident that one day, it would be filled with people .

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Hehe .

At night, Jiang Chen drove his Maybach S600 back to the mansion . He hummed as he parked the car in the garage, then realized that Ayesha was already waiting for him .

He smiled as he walked towards her after closing the door .

"You don't have to wait for me at the door; I have the key," he said as he gently touched the dark brown hair .

"You are my husband . As the wife, it is my duty to wait for you to come home . " Jiang Chen forced a smile at the Chinese words that came stiltedly from her mouth .

[Husband . . . ]

The unexpected event had been his fault, but who could control themselves under the influence of alcohol?

[Ayesha’s lack of resistance means part of the responsibility lies on her as well . No, no, a man must take responsibility . ]

[Worst case scenario, I’ll have many wives! What rich guy doesn’t have a mistress or two—the only difference is whether it’s been documented or not . She did say that she doesn’t care too much about the procedures . ]

At this point, Jiang Chen no longer contemplated the matter as he always lived by his desires . He glanced apologetically at Ayesha as he let her undress him out of his suit and into casual casual clothing before they headed to the dining room for dinner .

Dinner consisted of steak, roasted lamb, and fresh salad . The raw ingredients had been bought from the store and prepared by Ayesha . It was evident that in order to fulfill her role as the “wife,” she spent much effort to raise her cooking skills .

Finally, he could eat fine meals in his own home . Jiang Chen was pleased with the idea alone . By himself, his cooking could only be considered modestly edible .

As for the lack of pork, he didn't mind as long as the meal tasted good .

"Is the taste okay?" Ayesha anxiously asked .

"Delicious!" Jiang Chen complimented her cooking with an affirmative nod .

Besides a fork and knife, Ayesha had thoughtfully prepared a pair of chopsticks for Jiang Chen . Although it was strange to eat steak with chopsticks, it was more convenient with spaghetti .

Jiang Chen ate comfortably and without restraint since they were within the privacy of their home .

"Great . " At Jiang Chen’s compliment, Ayesha sighed happily, then lowered her head and prayed before starting her meal .

The steak was a little too overdone, but considering she had just started cooking, her accomplishment was already impressive . The salad received high recognition from Jiang Chen as he devoured it with gravy and peppered french toast .

Overall, it was comparable to a meal at the restaurant .

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Although, he enjoyed eating rice and cooked dishes more .

After dinner, Jiang Chen stately wiped his mouth before he praised Ayesha once more, causing a shy smile to creep onto her face .

This apathetic girl would only display soft tenderness in front of Jiang Chen .

While Ayesha took care of the dishes, Jiang Chen headed towards the gym on the third floor . He picked an empty space before placing the training chamber down from inside the storage dimension . He then put 1000 crystals inside the energy before sealing it . One crystal provided enough power for ten hours, which meant 1000 crystals was more than enough .

Afterwards, Jiang Chen called Ayesha to the gym .

"I have something I need you to keep a secret, okay?" Jiang Chen gravely gazed into Ayesha's eyes .

"You are my life . I am willing to swear on my religion to prove my loyalty . " Ayesha's expression remained unchanged as she said this calmly .

The moment Jiang Chen saved her, she had made an oath with her god .

Jiang Chen nodded, and then smiled .

"It's not that serious . I trust you . But what you’ll see next will be unbelievable; if other people were to find out, it would not be good for me . "

He then led Ayesha to the training chamber .

"It’s a virtual reality training chamber . It will help you train the necessary skills while you’re in a sleeping state . You only need to lie there and follow the directions of the system . Also, do you dislike weapons?" This was the critical question, and Jiang Chen gazed into her eyes as he asked for her opinion .

"I am willing to fight for you . " Ayesha's response was still calm .

"Okay, but if you feel uncomfortable, you have to tell me . " Jiang Chen nodded .

She smiled faintly as she luxuriated in Jiang Chen’s care .

How could a woman who lived in the desert be afraid of weapons? She had seen too many tragedies; she was already desensitized to blood .

If Jiang Chen needed her to pick up her weapon and fight for him, he only needed to say the word; she’d swing her sharp blade at his enemy without hesitation .

Sensing the bloodlust in her eyes, Jiang Chen gave a strained smile as he attempted to adjust her mentality .

“I think you’re mistaken about something . I don’t want to train you into an assassin; I only need you to learn some combat abilities to use in dangerous situations as a bodyguard . For this, you need to learn Chinese, how to drive, and combat skills . As for the weapons guide in the training chamber, take a look only if you’re interested . If not, there’s no rush . ”

"Mhmm . " Ayesha nodded . Although she didn't voice it, she had already made up her mind to learn everything .

Jiang Chen was delighted seeing Ayesha understand his intent .

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A beautiful driver and bodyguard—the idea alone sounded fantastic .

"You don't have to go to class anymore; this training chamber is much more efficient to learn with . Also, you can first lie on that . . . yoga mat . " Jiang Chen scanned the room, only to find that it was the only viable location .

Ayesha's face turned red and prepared to unbutton her clothes .

Seeing her action, Jiang Chen immediately realized the miscommunication .

"Ahem, no, not that! You just need to lie down, no need to undress . " Jiang Chen quickly stopped her .

Confused, Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen before slowly lying down on the yoga mat .

"To improve your body condition, I'll inject a newly developed medicine . It has no side effects and will improve your muscle strength and reflex . . . " He tried to find a better way to word his explanation .

Suddenly, Ayesha placed her finger gently against his mouth . A cheerful smile appeared on the cold face .

"I'm willing to do anything for you . "

Jiang Chen paused, and then grabbed her hand as he sincerely said, "Thank you . "

By saving him the trouble of coming up with an explanation, she was showing her tenderness .

Jiang Chen took out the C-level genetic vaccine . Recalling the injection procedure, he gently raised her arm and slowly pushed the needle inside her soft skin .

The pain was like an ant sting, making her voice a small shout as her eyebrows tightened . Jiang Chen took a deep breath before carefully pushing the vibrant red liquid into Ayesha’s body .

“Done . ” Relieved, he pressed the prepared cotton swab on her arm and signaled that she could get up . What he didn’t understand was why her face had turned so red .

“Within three days, the effects from the vaccine will start to appear . Every morning and night, train in the gym for an hour before going into the training chamber to study . The liquid in there can also enhance your skin and body condition . Once you’re submerged in the liquid, don’t be anxious as the machine will ensure your breathing . And also…” Jiang Chen couldn’t bear to approach the uncomfortable topic coming up .

"Mhmm . " Ayesha concentrated on Jiang Chen as she waited for him to finish .

"Ahem . " It was too important to be skipped . After a moment’s hesitation, Jiang Chen forced himself to say, "After you lie down, the nervous connection system will prompt an option for you to select . When you press initiate, a catheter will be inserted into your body; it might feel odd, just don't move . "

In the end, the English words flew rapidly out from his mouth, surprising even himself .

Ayesha's face immediately turned red as she unnaturally grabbed her clothes . In the end, she still obediently nodded .

"Mhmm . . . "

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Soldiers who used the virtual reality chamber could not completely remove the sensation of pain . If they underestimated injuries, their ability to survive would be drastically decreased, so the military’s version of the training chamber simulated real wounds as long as it was not over the pain threshold .

The issue then was that when experiencing pain, often due to the intense stimulation, some unexpected consequences would crop up .

Such as excreting waste .

Nobody wanted to stay in nutrient supply polluted by human waste, so these training chambers were designed with excretion systems that solved the users’ biological needs .

Due to the unique material of the ergonomic pipes, they would be inserted into the appropriate places . The comfort level differed based on the individual, but it would not hurt so much as feel odd .

After each use, the part inserted into the body was replaced .

The back would be okay, but from the front… Although the body would be secured in place, it would still be dangerous for people to struggle against the process . Sun Jiao had emphasized this point several times before looking mischievously down at his lower body .

Naturally, Jiang Chen had to tell Ayesha, who was about to use the equipment, to prepare her mentally .

But it was embarrassing, especially from guy to a girl .

In the gym, Ayesha hesitantly touched the training chamber .

[Pass through there . . . ]

Just thinking about it made Ayesha's face blush from embarrassment .

It was a necessary biological function .

Her legs felt weak, but she dragged her steps to the training chamber and then stopped .

She took several more deep breaths, which made the outer covering that looked like clear fluids fog up with a fine mist .

She bit her lips as she made up her mind, and then took off her clothes before she carefully stepped into the training chamber .

The chamber closed on her, making her anxiety spike .

Claustrophobic? Unable to move? It was difficult to pinpoint the reason, but Ayesha's usual calm heart kept pounding and pounding .

The nervous system structures connected to the base of her neck and gradually pushed her head backwards . A soothing electric pulse passed through her, and she felt a moveable “mouse” focus on her pupils .

The training chamber was user-friendly and allowed language customization .

She waited for a few more minutes before finally moving the mouse to the initiate button .

The edges of her conscious grew fuzzy, as though she was about to fall asleep . Ayesha relaxed her body . A soft material pressed against her joints as a protection mechanism that would be removed once she entered deep sleep . The level of the nutrient supply in the chamber gently rose, making her feel comfortable . The only part that worried her was the object pressed against her lower body .

The back was okay, but the front . . .

The tube-like object seemed to be the excretion system Jiang Chen had talked about . Despite her mental preparations, when it began to search like a thread entering a needle, she tensed up again .

It would be okay after a few tries .

Ayesha constantly comforted herself, then made up her mind and chose the button .

Mhmm . . . .

A cold sensation .

Her limbs tensed up in response to the suspense . Ayesha bit her lips hard, trying to ignore that odd feeling .

[It feels weird . This is not right . ]

[This feels…]

[Ahhh, no!]

She stared blankly at the warnings on her pupil, regathering her breaths that came in short pants . She felt the odd wetness that left her her completely dumbfounded .

[I just, that can't be . . . But how . . . ]

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