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Chapter 72: I Have Only Two Words for You

Disregarding Ayesha, who had entered a state of confusion, Jiang Chen brushed his teeth and lied comfortably on the soft bed .

It felt different from sleeping in the mansion .

The elegant chandelier, the calming decorations and wallpaper, and the soft bed that you could almost sink into .

In the 10-square-meter bedroom he previously occupied, either way he rolled, he would hit the wall . But on this enormous bed, two extra inhabitants could easily fit onto it .

Enjoying the luxurious environment, he grabbed his new iPhone 6 and clicked on the cute Little White on the screen to open Wechat .

To be fair, once the trend died down, he switched back to the simple screen function .

Perhaps this was Future 1 . 0’s shortfall? People could download the 53 megabyte app out of curiosity, but once the initial excitement cooled down, people would discover the inconvenience of word commands . For example, speaking to themselves in public could be awkward and playing with the phone in class difficult .

Du Yongkang didn’t belong in this era . The program he designed may have been perfect, but it did not match this day and age . Jiang Chen missed this point as he previously thought having the technological edge alone would be enough, but he forgot that any software must be combined with creativity to be successful . Minecraft was a good example in that although the game was simplistic with pixelated images, the playability was comparable to most triple-A games .

It was by good fortune that Little White managed to fit another demand by coincidence .

A companion that would never betray you, always at your side to comfort and encourage you—and always on your computer .

As an electric pet, Little White would respond with his full attention to whatever was said to him . Any secrets could be shared without worry, and in this technological world where people were growing further apart, burdened by the pressures of life, they often lacked a listener .

If he didn’t know that artificial intelligence lacked any true emotion with reactions based on a database, Jiang Chen would gladly chat with this little guy .

But since he knew the underlying secret, it felt strange talking to a lifeless creature .

It still felt more real to speak with a human being .

Just as he was about to chat with Liu Yao, his phone rang .

Unknown number? It was pretty late; perhaps it was a telemarketer again .

But since he didn’t have anything better to do, he lazily picked up the phone .

“Hello, who is this?” Slouching, he changed to a more comfortable position .

After a brief silence, a voice finally transmitted from the other caller .

“… It’s me . Do you still remember me?” The shy voice made Jiang Chen pause .

[Why does this voice sound so familiar? Who is it?]

Fang Yuanyuan took a deep breath to try and make herself sound more natural .

She had already deleted Jiang Chen’s number a long time ago, but when she found out the poor guy who tried to date her had become rich and handsome, even living in a one hundred million RMB mansion, Fang Yuanyuan couldn’t sit around any longer .

The arrogance of Xiao Mengying also made her especially disgusted and jealous .

Whenever she thought about Xiao Mengying, she became enraged . The two million bonus slipped out of her hands just like that! The General Manager even praised her multiple times for her impressive sales record at the recognition meeting .

[It should have belonged to me…]

Fang Yuanyuan’s enmity made her forget that she was the one who had pushed him away .

It wasn’t too late; from Xiao Mengying’s words, she could tell that the sl*t didn’t manage to completely “eat” up Jiang Chen . Realizing that she still had a chance, she used all of her efforts to finally get Jiang Chen’s phone number from a university classmate .

She even wrote a script .

She planned on using the distressed card to win his sympathy . Then she would hint at her single status, and all because of him . . .

A cocky smile appeared on her face as Fang Yuanyuan patiently waited for Jiang Chen to take the bait .

“Ummm, sorry, who are you?”

The words that came from the phone frustrated her, making her curse Jiang Chen’s dullness . She adjusted her mentality to sound as if she’d been wronged .

“This, this is Fang Yuanyuan… Have you forgotten me already?”

[Fang Yuanyuan?] Jiang Chen frowned . [Why is this girl calling me? Did I not embarrass her enough?]

He wanted to hang up right away out of annoyance but then smirked at a thought that occurred to him .

After spending too much time with Sun Jiao, he had turned into an evil person as well .

“Oh, Fang Yuanyuan, what’s up?” Jiang Chen casually answered .

Using a gentle voice would have the best effect and he was confident that he had the acting skills to pull it off, but he didn’t want to waste too much effort on this green tea bit*h; he was only looking to have some fun .

“Umm, were you sleeping?” Fang Yuanyuan heard Jiang Chen’s response and couldn’t help but feel delighted .

She could sense an opportunity, but instead of cutting straight to the point, she carefully asked if Jiang Chen was asleep .

“Not yet . Is there anything you need? I’m about to sleep . ” His tone lacked any sign of the frustration that he felt .

“Last time… Sorry,” Fang Yuanyuan gently said .

“Oh? What are you referring to?” Jiang Chen responded .

“The last time when you came to buy a house . It’s my fault for misunderstanding you,” Fang Yuanyuan said remorsefully .

Apologizing? Jiang Chen wasn’t so sure anymore .

If she wanted to apologize for her actions, there was nothing he couldn’t forgive since it was not a big deal to begin with . But just as Jiang Chen was about to express his understanding, Fang Yuanyuan continued speaking .

“Do you know? The second you showed up, my heart was beating so fast…”

This sentence almost scared Jiang Chen into flinging his phone away .

[What the fu*k? What are you trying to act out? A Korean drama? Ewww!]

He resisted the urge to throw up, forcing himself to not hang up and instead listen for the sake of hearing out the entire story .

“I was afraid that you hadn’t forgotten about me . Do you remember? When I rejected you, you were so sad . Watching you in secret, I felt troubled as well, but at the time, I couldn’t be with you . ” Fang Yuanyuan masterfully controlled her sorrowful voice as she told the story “sincerely . ”

“I really wanted to say yes, but my father didn’t let me, wanting me to marry his friend’s son with whom I was promised to at a young age . I was always resentful of the idea, and in the end, I realized that the person in my heart is—”

“It’s me, right?” Jiang Chen mockingly interrupted .

He couldn’t bear it for a second longer .

Why did she need to find an excuse to be a bit*h? If she had been straightforward and admitted it, then Jiang Chen wouldn’t have felt this grossed out .

“Yes…” Fang Yuanyuan blanked out . Jiang Chen’s reaction was not what she had expected . His tone made her feel that something was off .

“Not a bad script . If you added a heartfelt cry, perhaps it would match a third-tier Korean drama . But there is one thing I don’t understand . How could someone be so shameless?”

Fang Yuanyuan’s face turned ashen .

“Now that I have money, you regretted your decision and became a gold digger, pulling off this bullsh*t . You really think I’d fall for this?” Jiang Chen grimly stared at the ceiling as he spoke emotionlessly into the phone .

“You really think I’m only after your money?” The voice was almost whimpering .

[Is it not?] Jiang Chen burst out laughing .

“You rejected me—I don’t blame you . Everyone has the right to say yes or no . I only blame myself for being incompetent, too blind to see the truth . You only used me when you needed me and ignored me when you didn’t . I thought I liked you, but I was too naive . ”

A mocking smile curved on Jiang Chen’s face . He remembered that in his first year, he ran through the rain for several kilometers just to give her an umbrella because he thought her sweet smile was worth it .

The reality was that everything had been an act .

His best friend from the same class told him that Fang Yuanyuan already had two boyfriends between first and second year, even getting an abortion for a rich and handsome man . Everything had been hidden away from Jiang Chen at the time since his buddy didn’t have the heart to tell him, afraid of ruining their friendship . But after seeing Jiang Chen’s sorrows after his rejection, the truth came out .

Jiang Chen remembered that he started laughing when he heard it .

At that moment, it no longer seemed to matter .

Who hadn’t been hurt by a bit*h before?

“And now you still expect me to accept you? To care for you like I did before? I only have two words for you—dumb a*s!” Jiang Chen harshly hung up .

A gloom cast itself over Fang Yuanyuan’s face as she bit her lips to the point of turning white . Her eyes were filled with overwhelming shame .

[Is this still the same foolish guy? That’s impossible . He rejected me, embarrassed me . ]

Hatred, humiliation, and no longer any regret .

Negative emotions began to overwhelm her conscience as if everything was Jiang Chen’s fault . She selectively ignored her despicable actions in the past and how awful she had been at Wanhua Real Estate .

A crazy thought occurred to her .

Fang Yuanyuan’s finger trembled as she opened her contact list and found a name that made her shiver just by looking at it .

Perhaps the devil erased her conscience; she made up her mind and called that number .

“Oh? Girl, do you miss me?” The flirty tone frustrated Fang Yuanyuan, but she couldn’t show the slightest contempt for this man .

“Pervert, I’ll tell you something . I have a friend that made some money… No, no, he is clean with no background . I know that guy—he just got lucky . ”

Fang Yuanyuan used a coquettish voice that even she was disgusted by . Hearing the confirmation on the other side, a smile bloomed on her face .

After praising some more, Fang Yuanyuan hung up and flung the phone far away . As if drained by the phone call, she leaned against the cold table

Liu Shiqiang, the son of Hongyi Gang’s head in Wanghai City, and also the gang prince who had forced her to play with five people .

A shameful tear rolled down Fang Yuanyuan’s face, soon twisting into a wicked expression .

“Jiang Chen, you despicable pig . I want to see, with all of your money, if you can mess with the gang . ”

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