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Chapter 74: Alumni Dinner

Due to the reduced number of applicants in the afternoon, the two combined their tables to conduct interviews together .

“My name is Chen Lulu, graduating from law at Wanghai University . I’m here to apply for the legal assistant role at your company because I’m a loyal fan of Little White . ”

The girl who was being interviewed articulated her story clearly with a bright smile on her face .

A fan of Little White? That sort of reason was a first .

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows since it was the first interesting response he had heard that day after all of the “I believe in the future prospects of the company” and “I view the artificial intelligence market with optimism . ”

"Oh? So why don't you tell me the first thing you are going to do as a legal assistant at our company?”

"Of course I am going to sue those copycats . " Chen Lulu answered without hesitation .

Jiang Chen laughed at the response .

But though it was a fun answer and caught his attention, it was too emotional; he wanted to hear a more sophisticated answer . The legal field had no room for ambiguity .

Jiang Chen didn’t have much experience as an interviewer, but he had at least experienced the process enough . He had read up on interview tip books that gave clues in selecting the right candidate .

Just as Jiang Chen was about to pass on her, Chen Lulu opened her mouth again .

She briefly explained from a legal perspective the advantages Future Technology held: the rights of the software in the market that currently infringed upon Future Technology’s copyright, the basis of their claims, and even how to fight the lawsuits . She explained the steps and procedures clearly and logically enough that even Jiang Chen, who was unclear on legal matters, was able to understand most of it .

She then moved on to explain her opinions on the legal weaknesses within Future Technology’s current system . Since Xia Shiyu’s talent focused mainly on operations, she missed key points on the legal side . Though it did not have a large impact as of now, once the ball got rolling, those legal implications would become a hindrance to the company’s growth .

Clear, concise, logical, and articulate .

Talent! A real talent!

Jiang Chen peeked at Xia Shiyu, and when he saw that she had a similarly impressed expression, he stood up .

"Congratulations, Miss Chen Lulu . If you don't have any other questions regarding salary and benefits, you can start tomorrow . " With a smile on his face, Jiang Chen extended his right hand .

"No problem! Hehe . YEAH!" Chen Lulu shook Jiang Chen's hand excitedly before she practically floated out the door .

A base salary of 4,000 was above average for the graduating class . What could she possibly be unhappy about, especially given the future growth potential of Future Technology? It could only increase from now on .

The fading enthusiastic cheers made Jiang Chen smile .

“This Chen Lulu’s ability is quite exceptional, although a bit overzealous in personality . ” Xia Shiyu gave her impressions after giving it some thought .

“It’s okay to have personality as long as she gets the job done! This is our Future Technology’s work culture . Of course, she still needs your mentoring . ” Jiang Chen laughed as he packed away Chen Lulu’s resume .

Although they already decided on the candidate,they finished the procedures for the others . This was first to show respect for the applicants and second to make sure they had not missed an exceptional person . No one would reject talent; given their company’s trajectory, it wouldn’t hurt to have another legal assistant .

In the end, however, Jiang Chen was disappointed to see that no one came close to Chen Lulu .

The only saving grace was finding a few interesting talents for marketing . After organizing the resumes with Xia Shiyu, they concluded the hiring session .

In the evening was a banquet hosted by the university . It was an act of appreciation for the corporations that participated in the hiring fair .

On the other hand, the majority of the firms had a form of connection to Wanghai University, such as having an alumni who had created the company . Therefore, this meeting served as a platform for sharing knowledge and establishing connections . If this banquet managed to help in fostering a deal, it would increase the value of the university in society .

Xia Shiyu did not enjoy such gatherings, so she headed back, preferring to select candidates fit for open positions . This disappointed Jiang Chen slightly, but he didn’t insist .

[This girl is working so hard . Perhaps it’s time to give her a raise?] He thought to himself as he watched Xia Shiyu leave .

Because the majority of the corporations were still in the start-up phase, their operations differed substantially . Among these companies, the bright star at the center of attention was Future Technology . Not many companies could draw such significant publicity in the initial stages .

What shocked many, however, was that the rising star of this new tech company was only a 23-year-old recent graduate from the university . The student recruiting office had already begun to consider potential advertisements for the next school year despite the semester just starting .

Without a doubt, Jiang Chen would be the poster child, displayed as a distinguished and successful businessman and alumnus .

After the principal’s opening remarks, people already began to approach him before the student representative had a chance to announce the start of the banquet .

People were greeting and flattering; some wanted to establish a connection but most pulled up the topic of a partnership .

The “distinguished alumni” who were looked up to by the juniors were not so well off .

Not every start-up company made money . This became evident looking at the sparse cars parked in the parking lot . Many presidents were too poor to afford a car; in fact, the people working for major corporations were most likely better off financially .

Regardless, having their own companies was worthy of praise . A low period didn’t mean too much in the long-run, which was why all of the founders continued to persist .

Jiang Chen accepted the greetings, but to the proposed partnerships, he gave a chuckle and a show of consideration before he turned them all down .

The reason for his laughter was that some of these proposals were comical .

For example, an alumnus who had graduated two years after him was operating a decent-sized clothing plant . He first introduced an idea pushed by the government called “Web+,” then steered the conversation towards a potential partnership after some flattering words .

As for how the partnership would go? It would be called Web+clothes .

He went on to talk about producing merchandise using Little White as a platform for e-commerce .

Jiang Chen initially displayed interest as it was not a bad idea . He then asked about the current plant and production capacity, which led to the guy scratching his head as he awkwardly revealed that they had recently received the loan and that the plant was still undergoing construction .

[If I can't even see it, what’s the whole point of this conversation?]

But that was not the funniest one .

A software service company with some success had the audacity to do an equity swap to form a "win-win" partnership and push Future 1 . 0 to the world .

[It's an excellent plan, but why would I need your company? I can do that by myself!]

Jiang Chen rejected him right away, but the guy refused to give up . He shamelessly pushed his business card at Jiang Chen before asking him to carefully consider the idea as it would be a monumental partnership for both companies .

[He clearly didn't eat his medicine before he left his house . ]

But out of respect, Jiang Chen accepted the card .

All in all, the banquet mood remained cheerful all throughout . The theater students performed creative plays to demonstrate their acting talent to the graduated class . Some of the performances were on par with those of professional celebrities; Wanghai University was indeed a breeding ground for talent .

At the banquet, Jiang Chen was happy to meet his mentor Zhang Peng who had taken care of him in the past .

They had a few drinks like they used to before the mentor, who had no alcohol tolerance, started to spill out his difficulties .

“The graduating class this year is giving me a headache . Every year, we battle to get from last place to first place in employment percentage . They all ask me for advice—what advice can I give? This is the job market . I even founded a mechanics shop, but what can I even do? Jiang Chen, why didn’t you create a mechanical production company? I can’t even beg you to hire some people with a tech company . ” Zhang Peng drunkenly held his cup as he looked at Jiang Chen with a mock-begrudging look .

"Ahem, you are drunk . " Jiang Chen felt sad to see his mentor act like this . Zhang Peng used his efforts to find him a job back when he was unemployed and no one thought him a talent .

Although he felt compassion for his teacher’s situation, there was nothing he could do besides comfort him a bit more .

"I am not drunk . I can still drink . " Zhang Peng reached for the bottle .

Of course, no one allowed him to him drink any more . Jiang Chen helped him to the washroom to allow him to puke before leaving .

Just as he passed a table, a familiar voice called out by his ear .

"It's you?"

Looking at the girl in front of him with long hair and light makeup, Jiang Chen was confused since he couldn’t recall who this person was .

"Who are you?"

"Pshh, that day in the hospital . " The girl covered her mouth .

"Oh, you are Wang Xinran?" Jiang Chen suddenly realized .

"Yes, why? You can't recognize me with makeup?" Wang Xinran asked jokingly .

"Ahem, yes, a little bit . " Jiang Chen smiled apologetically . He took a close look at this lively girl, unable to match his impression of her from last time .

Wang Xinran’s eyes flashed slyly as she circled around observing Jiang Chen . “I didn’t imagine Jiang Chen and the Jiang Chen from last time were the same person . ”

Jiang Chen shrugged, not knowing how to respond . “What do you mean? Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen are the same person . My name has always been Jiang Chen to begin with . ”

"Hehe, I was just curious . Don't mind me . " Wang Xinran stared at Jiang Chen before asking, "Can you satisfy my curiosity, Senior Jiang Chen, a genius who cured rabies and introduced artificial intelligence?"

"It depends on what you are curious about . " Jiang Chen didn't disagree but he became more alert, wondering if it was her or her father's curiosity . If it was from her father, then he had to be cautious .

"Pshh . " Wang Xinran suddenly burst out in laughter, which confused Jiang Chen since he didn’t know what was so funny .

"Don't worry, I’m not trying to ferret out your trade secret . I’m acting as the producer of our school news to interview our distinguished alumni . I hope you don't mind . " Wang Xinran blinked cutely .

"Of course not . " Relieved, Jiang Chen agreed happily .

"Then let's start . First, your university life . " Wang Xinran produced a notepad out of thin air and began to ask her questions .

Because it was not relevant information, Jiang Chen answered casually . The interview lasted for fifteen minutes before Wang Xinran ran away, leaving Jiang Chen where he stood .

Suddenly, however, she stopped halfway before turning around .

"Oh, my father wants to see you, so please pick a time to meet him . He is getting old, and this has been on his mind… . "

"Okay, no problem . What else?" Jiang Chen forced a smile .

"Hehe, that's it . Oh, give me your phone number . ”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, writing his phone number down on her notepad to finally get rid of this overly energetic girl that he could not seem to say no to .

As for her father’s position, he had already investigated into it . There were plenty of influential people in Wanghai City, but there were only a few major ones at the top—the only one among these with the last name Wang was the General Secretary Wang Dehai .

Jiang Chen held a cautious attitude towards meeting this influential politician, but he had no valid reason to say no . A general secretary held authority in the central government .

Regardless, for Future Technology, Wang Dehai’s attitude was crucial .

Jiang Chen didn’t need to do much as Future Technology alone could grow without government assistance .

As long as they didn’t cause trouble for him, it was more than enough .

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