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Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Negotiation with 361

Translator: Min  Editor: Lis

The car slowly drove into the mansion grounds .

Ayesha stood quietly by the door and watched Jiang Chen’s car come to a stop .

The door opened, accompanied by a flash of the car lights before a woman stepped out . She was beautiful, her aesthetics matching her husband’s .

Was it Sun Jiao or Yao Yao? Her instincts told her that the answer was neither .

There was not the slightest dissatisfaction in Ayesha’s mind . In her country, polygamy was not uncommon . The number of women with Jiang Chen had nothing to do with how she served him .

"Are you still waiting for me? You really don't have to wait at the door . " Jiang Chen also got out of the car with a distressed look .

He did just . . .

He felt it was unfair to the girl who had been lingering here .

On the drive back, Liu Yao explained her situation to him . Her ex-boyfriend, who had been her agent at the time, forced her to find "options" in Sanya, and that was how she had met Jiang Chen . . .

Perhaps because of her honesty, Jiang Chen no longer minded the incident as much as he had before .

Through this, he learned that she did not lack self-respect; rather, she had only met the wrong guy .


After that, they came to a tacit understanding .

So could she now be considered a mistress?

That word had a strange attraction that made Jiang Chen's heart pump .

Ayesha drove the car into the garage while Jiang Chen took Liu Yao into the mansion .

"Just find a bedroom to sleep in . "

"I want to sleep where you sleep," Liu Yao cutely pleaded as she cheerfully held on to his arm .

"Ahem, I have things to do tomorrow . Sleep well . "

If they ended up sleeping together, he would never be able to get up in the morning .

A thought occurred to him, and he asked, "Oh, do you still contact your ex-boyfriend… agent?"

"No, no, I already deleted that waste of air’s number," she said carefully with her eyes on his . She was afraid he would have other thoughts .

"Oh . " He felt as if a large burden had been lifted from his chest .

But if she did have a conflict with her agent, her income would be a problem .

"Before the year ends, once I finish everything on hand, I’ll take care of your problems . "

A living expense of one hundred thousand should be more than enough . The cost of breaching the contract was most likely around one million . To Liu Yao, it was an astronomical number, but to him, it was pocket change .

As for the movie, production costs would be anywhere in the ten million . With Liu Yao’s acting skills and looks, as long as there was enough money invested, popularity wasn’t an issue . In this case, making a return would not be difficult at all .


"Mhmm!" Liu Yao cheerfully shook Jiang Chen's arm .

"Also, I am a very possessive person . If you… . "

"What are you thinking? I’m already yours . " Liu Yao mock-angrily pinched him on the waist .

Jiang Chen saw the raised corners of her lips and laughed aloud .

The her now, he didn't mind .


The next morning, Jiang Chen drove Liu Yao back to her home despite her wishes to stay in the mansion . He still had many secrets, and it would be inconvenient if Liu Yao were to see something .

Thankfully, Liu Yao didn’t insist on it since she knew her boundaries .

Afterward, Jiang Chen drove to Future Technology . There was an important meeting waiting for him .


"Hello, Mr . Jiang . "

"Hello, Mr . Zhang . " Jiang Chen shook Zhang Jianfeng's hand before inviting him to take a seat .

A clean haircut, a well-tailored suit—he had the sharpness of a company executive . An austere assistant who was responsible for the meeting minutes stood behind him .

Jiang Chen had already read into his background; he was the 361 Phone Helper Project Manager who was responsible for negotiating the use of Future 1 . 0 on the 361 software platform . This man was most likely the best person for this conversation since 361 held Jiang Chen in high esteem .

Of course, this was only to the current Future Technology .

"Mr . Jiang, I’m sure you know that I’m the project manager for the 361 Phone Helper . Our team members have come to a consensus that if Future 1 . 0 were to be released on our platform, it would possess many high-quality, creative traits and increased functionality compared to the majority of the apps available today . "

Zhang Jianfeng’s tone then took a turn in the opposite direction .

"However, despite the excellent design of the artificial intelligence, I don't know if Mr . Jiang has already considered the security of the software . What if hackers infiltrated Little White's programming and accessed personal user information such as bank passwords? Have you considered the consequences of this?"

Jiang Chen calmly waited for Zhang Jianfeng to finish before he responded with a collected smile, "As to security, our company has already released a statement . For any financial losses related to Little White's security, our response is to fully compensate the users . Fortunately, the current amount is zero . "

Impressed by Jiang Chen's performance, Xia Shiyu, who sat beside Jiang Chen, nodded . She’d been worried about Jiang Chen's professionalism at the negotiation table, but now she realized she had clearly worried too much .

[In critical moments, this guy is surprisingly reliable . ]

"You’re right . At this time, Future 1 . 0 has yet to be a target for hackers . But it’s impossible for Mr . Jiang to be completely confident in your program, correct? I understand that in information security, your company’s talent is still zero," Zhang Jianfeng also responded with a smile .

"Oh? Looks like you’ve done your research . But I would also imagine that you would’ve taken a close look at our software as well . Did your experts have anything to say?" He hinted at other meanings of his words, but Jiang Chen maintained his smile, even making it more cheerful than Zhang Jianfeng’s .

"Oh? Looks like you’ve done your research . But I would also imagine that you would’ve taken a close look at our software as well . Did your experts have anything to say?" He hinted at other meanings of his words, but Jiang Chen maintained his smile, even making it more cheerful than Zhang Jianfeng’s .

Zhang Jianfeng’s pupils slightly contracted, and he responded with an awkward smile .

"Taking a look" and copying was not uncommon in this industry, but it was never mentioned outright . You say I’m copying? I think you’re mistaken . You’re called Counterstrike, I’m Crossfire . The names are different; how could this be considered copying?

However, it certainly did feel awkward to have their failed attempts to crack the software pointed out directly by Jiang Chen .

"Ahem, I hope there’s no confusion or misunderstanding about this . My company did try and gain an understanding of Future 1 . 0, but it was all within the legal boundaries . We have an obligation to ensure security for our 361 Phone Helper users . If the users downloaded a software with a backdoor in the programming, it would damage our own reputation . "

Shameless, how shameless!

Jiang Chen wanted to jump up, whip out his phone and shove it into this man’s face, asking how this list of garbage software in their 361 software market was evidence of their consideration for the users . Zhang Jianfeng had the audacity to say that they worried about user security when Little White’s software was safer than their own antivirus program . Therefore, out of concern for their user security, they were going to crack Little White?

At the same time, Zhang Jianfeng was mentally cursing Gu Chen for his uselessness .

[He had a full staff of "masters of computers" and even created a separate project for this . After working day in and day out and being pounded with work, when asked if he had made any progress, he got annoyed and told daddy that he didn’t know? How the fu*ck do I negotiate when I don’t even know the chips on our table?]

Even as he raged inside his mind, he couldn’t show any of it at the negotiation . He slowly took a sip of tea .

Seeing Jiang Chen remain silent, he began to test the waters .

"Of course, while screening the security of Future 1 . 0, we did make some progress . At this early stage, we can conclude that the software is safe . "

Although he phrased it as a screening, everyone knew the truth—it was cracking .

Zhang Jianfeng carefully observed Jiang Chen’s reaction to his blatant lie, hoping to see a flash of uncertainty on his face .

Something was fishy! Xia Shiyu immediately realized the lie in Zhang Jianfeng’s words and turned to look at Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen sneered and responded, "Oh? Since your company already made some progress, then why are you guys here?"

Even without Xia Shiyu’s hints, Jiang Chen had already realized the fundamental problem .

[If you cracked the software, then why are you coming to me? You can just create an advanced Future 1 . 0 . Do you need to ask my permission to copy it?]

"What you say is true, but we still hope your company will proactively provide the necessary information so that we can conduct a full safety analysis . Of course, we are also interested in some of the creative elements of your software . If Mr . Jiang doesn’t mind, we can discuss the price so that we can have a joint victory on both sides . "

"Please enlighten me on how we would win together with this logic?" Jiang Chen interrupted Zhang Jianfeng without the slightest consideration . It was considered rude behavior, but since Zhang Jianfeng had the audacity to say his spiel, Jiang Chen was thoroughly fed up with it .

Shocked, Zhang Jianfeng stared at Jiang Chen . He hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to effectively end the negotiations .

"Are you not interested in the price?" Zhang Jianfeng was a skilled negotiator, able to hide his anger . Instead, he smiled genially at Jiang Chen .

"Well, we can talk about it . "

"One billion . " Zhang Jianfeng calmly gave the conservative figure .

"As someone with a tech background, do you really believe that it’s worth only one billion?" Jiang Chen sipped his tea as he leaned back against the chair .

"Mr . Jiang, although the technology is a part of it, you and I are both in the business field . Don’t you think that we should talk about the business value? From my understanding, you don’t even have a channel of revenue from this free software . I would have to say that your financial statement for this month shouldn’t look too great . " Zhang Jianfeng couldn’t hold in his laughter .

"We have sufficient funds; you don’t have to worry about that . As for revenue generation? If you’re looking forward to it so much, it may come to exist tomorrow . " A smile full of hidden meanings appeared on Jiang Chen’s face .

Zhang Jianfeng took a moment to think . Based on what he knew, Jiang Chen’s company only had half a million of invested capital . Could a venture capital have already invested in them?

Zhang Jianfeng took a moment to think . Based on what he knew, Jiang Chen’s company only had half a million of invested capital . Could a venture capital have already invested in them?

Zhang Jianfeng couldn’t be blamed for his lack of information . The registered capital was indeed half a million, but the following equity infusion was not released to the public . As a privately-held company, the information would not be disclosed, and therefore, they had no obligation to give information on their assets .

"Since Mr . Jiang is so confident, I don’t think there is much more we can talk about . " Zhang Jianfeng sighed as he stood up .

The negotiation fell through, though it was a result he had expected .

"What you say is correct . If your company genuinely wishes to form a partnership with us, please provide us with a reasonable proposal, and we will reciprocate with the same respect . " Xia Shiyu, who hadn’t spoken until now, nudged her glasses up as she slid a document forward . "This outlines the potential area we would consider forming a partnership with . If Mr . Zhang is interested, you should take it with you . "

Zhang Jianfeng was caught off guard, but he soon regathered his thoughts .

[Is this how a small startup treats large corporations? Future Technology is this confident?]

He picked up the piece of paper .

[Virus database sharing? Phone security partnership? Hehe, arrogant . ]

The next second, however, he felt something he had never felt before—it was a hint of fear . What if they did have the ability?

Artificial intelligence plus an antivirus?

There were countless possibilities .

What else could artificial intelligence do?

"Since the negotiation has fallen through, could I ask for your evaluation of Future 1 . 0? This way, I can go back and give my boss an answer," Zhang Jianfeng casually asked as he placed the document into his briefcase .

"From a programmer’s perspective, what do you think a finished artificial intelligence would be worth?" Instead of answering, Jiang Chen half-jokingly threw the question back at him .

Zhang Jianfeng considered it for a moment before he smiled and said, "One trillion?"

"Hahaha, around that range . Except, even for one trillion, I wouldn’t sell it . " Jiang Chen laughed as he walked beside Zhang Jianfeng . "Do you want to work for me? I'll cover the cost of breaching your contract . "

Zhang Jianfeng laughed jovially .

"That's an interesting way of acquiring talent . "

[I haven't even asked if you’re interested in coming to 361, and you already ask me to come work for you?]

Zhang Jianfeng's mouth twitched on his way to the door .

For a brief second, he had been tempted .

Before he achieved his current position, he began as a programmer . Witnessing the impeccable technology behind the software, how could he not be tempted?

Except temptation didn’t necessarily translate into actions .


Upon returning to 361’s headquarters, Zhang Jianfeng reported the day’s events in its entirety to the president, Zhou Hongwei .

"One trillion? Haha, I wouldn't sell it for one trillion?"

Upon returning to 361’s headquarters, Zhang Jianfeng reported the day’s events in its entirety to the president, Zhou Hongwei .

"One trillion? Haha, I wouldn't sell it for one trillion?"

"Looks like the president holds high regards for Future Technology?" he lightly asked Zhou Hongwei upon seeing that he did not criticize him for his inability to close the deal .

"High? High is an understatement . " Zhou Hongwei shook his head as he laughed . "If any one of you could develop artificial intelligence, what if I gave him ten percent equity?"

10% equity! Zhang Jianfeng uncontrollably gulped .

361 was listed in the United States . With an average share price of 60 USD, the current market cap already reached an astounding ten billion USD! Ten percent was equal to one billion USD .

The assistant also gulped with wide eyes .

"Looks like it’s impossible to acquire them . " Zhou Hongwei shook his head sighing .

"How about we do something with our platform instead?" the assistant suggested .

Zhou Hongwei glanced at her before chuckling .

"If Future 1 . 0 can’t be downloaded from 361, won’t users just download it from the android market? And if the android market doesn’t work, why wouldn’t they just make an official site?"


The assistant was speechless .

"Why don't we wait first and see Microsoft's opinion?" Frowning, Zhang Jianfeng put forth his own suggestion .

Zhou Hongwei considered it for a moment, then nodded .

"That's what I had planned to do . It’s a much more conservative approach . "

It was no secret that Microsoft and 361 had an alliance . When 361 fought for market shares with Tencent, it was all under the orders of Microsoft from across the Pacific Ocean . If they didn’t have such a strong backer, there was no way Zhou Hongwei would have had the guts to fight the number one giant in the Chinese tech industry . Compared to Tencent, who possessed half of the tech field, 361 was too weak . On that day, the number of MSN installations increased to seven million, revealing the true instigator behind the scenes .

Zhou Hongwei could choose to blacklist Future 1 . 0 using 361’s antivirus and suppress its ability to thrive . Currently, 361 did possess high market shares on the mobile platform . Even if they were faced with a lawsuit, the settling amount would be negligible .

Three hundred thousand? That was nothing .

His real concern was whether this move would push Future Technology to other tech giants such as Tencent or Baidu .

Then it would become even more difficult for 361 to survive .


All tech giants shared the same concern .

Everyone understood the value of artificial intelligence; however, if they were too forceful in pushing it away, it would only hurt them in the end .

The best way was to balance power through a partnership . At least for now, Future 1 . 0 had yet to touch anyone else’s cake yet . It was because of this that Jiang Chen restrained himself from releasing all of Little White’s functions .

If Little White suddenly possessed all of the functions of QQ, Baidu, and 361 together, it would face the backlash of the entire internet industry as he would have just touched everyone’s cake .

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