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Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Press Conference

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[Suit does not feel comfortable at all . ]

Jiang Chen remembered wearing it only once during his graduation debate and a couple times in interviews .

But looking at Xia Shiyu in her black office attire, she certainly possessed the professional and sharp vibe . Her silky, black hair was tied up and her black-framed glasses were perched pertly on her nose . On her face, she put on light, natural makeup . To be honest, he previously thought that she looked bad with a ponytail, but now she seemed more mature and professional .

"Are you ready?" Xia Shiyu was anxious upon seeing his casual demeanor .

Jiang Chen shrugged and smiled . "Don't worry . "

That certainly did not make her any less worried . . .

Although Xia Shiyu wanted to make fun of him, she did feel calmer with a composed Jiang Chen as opposed to a nervous one .

She let out a breath and nodded .

"You can do it . "

"Of course . " He confidently smiled .

[What’s so scary about being in front of cameras? I was in front of god knows how many guns . Ummm, not exactly something to be proud of . ]


On the first floor of Future Technology was a public conference hall bustling with people .

The conference room had an elevated half-circle in which the invited press had all taken their seats . As usual, the cameras were placed in the back, and because seatings were numbered, the hall was not too chaotic .

The media frenzy surrounding Future 1 . 0 exceeded Jiang Chen’s expectations . The 100-square-meter conference room still felt crowded .

The curtain slid open, commencing the start of the flashing lights .

With a bright smile, Jiang Chen waved his hand, his heart pounding as he noticed the CTV, CNN, and BBC symbols .

[Damn, it does feel different now that cameras are pointing at me . I’m even feeling nervous now . ]

After collecting his thoughts, he read the opening address amidst the media’s heightened expectations .

"First, I would like to thank the media present for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend Future Technology’s press conference . I believe everyone seated here has already had the chance to learn about Future 1 . 0 . To save time, I won’t go over each of the functions .

"The purpose of this press conference is to address and answer any rumors or misunderstandings about Future 1 . 0 . Therefore, the most efficient method is for me to give the time to the media . Please, following the sequence of seat numbers, ask your questions, and limit them to one per person to ensure that every outlet has an opportunity . "

Xia Shiyu, who was standing backstage, almost fell down as she was dumbfounded by Jiang Chen’s decision .

[Who would pass the questioning to the media right away without saying anything first?]

[Without giving a simple, comprehensive explanation, if they come to ask an extremely tricky question, would you be able to handle it?]

The media was also shocked that Jiang Chen skipped right into the media’s questions without playing his role first . It certainly caught them off guard . They’d seen press conferences without a question and answer session before, but never one without a speech .

Also, questions were based on seat number, which made them feel uncomfortable as they were used to having to fight to ask questions .

But Jiang Chen didn’t concern himself with the rules, instead choosing the most efficient method . If he had to pick people, he ran the risk of offending certain individuals, so the best way was to create boundaries and make people ask one by one .

The reporters who usually had to have their hands up for an entire conference without getting picked were certainly appreciative of Jiang Chen’s decision . It didn’t matter that they were seated in the back so long as they had the opportunity to ask questions .

Jiang Chen kept his composure . He had his own considerations in making this decision .

[Ultimately, you guys will be asking about security and privacy anyways . Even if I clarify first, you’ll only pick holes in my word choice . If I let you ask beforehand, I only need to answer . ]

After weighing himself internally, Jiang Chen knew that he would not be able to outwit these veterans . Regardless of Xia Shiyu’s competency, her script would be picked apart by these reporters who were hungry for headlines .

Although they were surprised by Jiang Chen’s decision, the reporters had already done their research beforehand and came prepared with a list of questions . The reporter in the first seat stood up and read out what was written on his notepad .

"I am CTV’s reporter . There has been controversy surrounding the topic of artificial intelligence security, especially Little White’s . Mr . Jiang Chen, could he really be a ticking time bomb in the user’s phone concerning private information like people said he would be?" the young man clearly articulated .

"That’s a great question . First, I’ll have to refer back to the guarantee our company has made recently . If the user suffers any financial loss as a result of a program error in Little White, we’ll fully compensate the user . " Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders as he continued, "Also, from the developer’s perspective, I take responsibility and say that as long as it is a program, it will follow the setting written in the software . So you don’t have to worry about Little White releasing private user information because I won’t permit it . "

The sounds of discussions and note-taking filled the room as the second person, a middle-aged man, stood up and asked his question .

"I’m a reporter from Renren News . Mr . Jiang Chen, currently, there are no laws or regulations in place regarding artificial intelligence . What is your opinion on the possible proposal of the <Artificial Intelligence Management Act>, and what would be Future Technology’s response to this?"

[Renren News? (Referring to China's state news agency . ) This is going to be a bit problematic . ] Jiang Chen's head spun rapidly .

[As an official media source, it represents the voice of the government . There is definitely a deeper meaning behind this question . Are they testing me? Or giving me a hint?]

"Of course, Future Technology will firmly abide by the regulations in place without question—this includes the introduced <Artificial Intelligence Management Act> . Future Technology will cooperate with authorities to adjust our services to fit within the frame established . "

Jiang Chen cautiously answered the question by expressing his support and willingness to cooperate . He did not, however, express his views regarding the regulation itself . He had a feeling that the question came from a law-making authority since artificial intelligence regulation was a blank slate in all countries of the world . Judging from the current stage, the development of artificial intelligence was still in its infancy, and nothing had yet to reach even the basic levels .

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s response, the middle-aged man sat down deep in thought .

Immediately following after, a blond beauty stood up .

"I am BBC’s reporter . Mr . Jiang Chen, it is known that artificial intelligence requires strong hardware equipment to support functionality . IBM Watson, for example, requires ninety IBM servers and three hundred sixty computer processors to maintain its operation . Yet somehow, the Future 1 . 0 developed by your company could operate on a mobile platform . How did you manage to achieve this?"

BBC’s question came from a technological perspective, and based on the crowd’s reaction, many other reporters were also interested in the answer .

"Sorry, this is a trade secret . What I can disclose, however, is that it is based on a database . The core of the artificial intelligence that we developed is not the hardware, but rather the software . It doesn’t have a high requirement for computational power, and the database is the critical element instead . It accepts external information and exports database information . As long as the database is maintained, Future 1 . 0 can operate on a mobile platform . Clearly, we have achieved this . "

Jiang Chen confidently used the bullsh*t Du Yongkang gave him as he wasn’t worried that any of the experts would be able to uncover anything . As far as the people in this world knew, there was only one person on his team that managed to develop this innovative technology, which was comparable to Bill Gates’ Windows 1 . 0 .


All of the reporters' eyes lit up .

"I am a reporter from Japanese Economy . Mr . Jiang Chen, because the current stage of artificial intelligence development is still difficult for the world’s scientific community, would Mr . Jiang Chen please have a heart like Andy, the developer of Android, and release the magical artificial intelligence database to the world?" a short, suited man asked slowly after bowing politely .

Mockery crept onto Jiang Chen’s face before he managed to hide it .

[I can't believe you had the audacity to say that . For the scientific community? Heart?]

[Then why don't you disclose all of your country's technology?]

But it was within his expectations that this sort of brainless question would come from a right-wing Japanese media source .

"I say it is meaningful because it would push the growth of the human civilization . To demonstrate your willingness, perhaps you should convince your country to surrender all armed forces? It would be a historic step for world peace . I look forward to your response . "

Laughter erupted in the hall as some Chinese reporters mocked the shamelessness of this Japanese reporter . The short man gave Jiang Chen a dirty look before awkwardly seating himself .

Jiang Chen shrugged and signaled for the next reporter’s question . He didn’t have the time to deal with rude people .

"I’m CNN’s reporter, and I’d like to ask Mr . Jiang Chen whether user privacy for Future 1 . 0 is really so secure as your company has stated it to be . Based on the software encryption, your company made the software into an impenetrable black box . No one could test it from a security point of view . So what if Little White passes information gathered from the user to your desktop? Of course, this is only an example . Could you prove that it won’t happen?"

It was a harsh question, but many others were concerned about the same issue .

For a dead software, even if it was filled with back doors, you would not question its security until the problems were exposed .

But for software that felt alive, despite the developer’s efforts to prove its safety, you would be skeptical as it behaved too similarly to humans .

"I’m not the FBI, why would I need a user’s private information?" Jiang Chen laughed and splayed his palms . "Let me give you an example then . Based on the Washington Post’s report, the CIA and FBI directly infiltrated the central servers of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and a total of nine tech giants to track users: email, phone calls, documents, and videos . What’s your opinion on this?"

"May I ask if this is related to today's question?" The reporter from CNN showed an awkward expression .

"Of course . I want to explain that invasion of user privacy has nothing to do with the software itself . Because despite being an artificial intelligence, it has no concept of personal interest . Even if you uninstalled him after spending several days together, he will only wave his hands to say goodbye . Attempting to invade another’s privacy could only come from another human . But I assure you here and now that I will never do that! As long as I remain president of Future Technology, the company will never allow such actions . "

Jiang Chen looked the reporter in the eye as he said this . The hall filled with the sound of applause .

He signaled for quiet as he passed the time to the next reporter .

Jiang Chen answered the following questions with ease . He answered what he could, and if not, then he made something up . If that didn’t work, he blamed it on trade secrets . Jiang Chen had always been proud of his acting skills .

At the end, the reporters asked: "When will the foreign version be available?" "Would Future Technology consider venture capital?" Or even an irrelevant question such as, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Some interesting queries included, "What’s the meaning behind Future Technology’s name?"

Jiang Chen answered half-jokingly, "Because my team and I envision the future . "

And another sensitive question was, "Would artificial intelligence be used in the military field?"

Jiang Chen’s response was clear-cut . "Chat-based artificial intelligence will only exist for the purpose of interaction . It will not calculate rocket trajectory for you because that would require high-performance computers and experts . Unless you’re worried about soldiers who are too lonely and want to find a companion . "

He managed to win the majority of the media’s positive impressions thanks to his clear and straightforward responses .

Certainly, media outlets with criticisms still existed . For example, the short man from Japanese Economy seemed to be thinking up malevolent ideas to use to attack Jiang Chen .

But who cared? At the very least, Jiang Chen didn’t .

Who would care about a media that only distorted the truth?

After the closing remarks, Future Technology’s first media conference ended on a high note amidst applause .



"I can’t believe you’re so deft at improvising in your reactions . " Xia Shiyu nodded, seeming impressed as she looked at Jiang Chen .

"Haha . " Jiang Chen narcissistically raised his head and laughed . He then arrogantly raised his eyebrows . "You realize this only now? I’m this fu*king awesome . "

"Could you be more civil, please? You are a public figure now," Xia Shiyu said, slightly displeased .

Public figure?

He realized the problem with a troubled expression on his face once more .

[Fu*k, then I have to be careful with everything I do? How can I enjoy my life from now on?]

"Could a camera point at me the moment I leave my house?" Jiang Chen scratched his head as he asked .

" . . . " Xia Shiyu speechlessly stared at Jiang Chen before she sighed . "Being a public figure means that your words and actions represent the company . If you do any uncivil acts, this would directly influence the public’s impression of our company . If it gets uploaded onto the internet, it could potentially escalate… Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I just think that you care more about Future Technology than even I do . I’m pleased . " Jiang Chen grinned .

" . . . " Xia Shiyu lost her words once more .

The only thing that didn’t change was her emotionless expression .

Jiang Chen was eager to change out of his uncomfortable suit .

"Oh right . " Just as he was about to leave the backstage area, Xia Shiyu abruptly stopped him .

"Mhmm?" Jiang Chen turned around looking confused .

"Ummm, in consideration of the company’s publicity . . . of course, it is not right to interfere in your private life, but do you really not have a girlfriend?" Xia Shiyu didn’t look in Jiang Chen’s direction . Instead, she stared blankly at the ground as her finger twirled the tips of her hair . Her voice remained calm as usual .

Jiang Chen was shocked, and his face took a particularly odd tone .

"What if I do?" He probed to see her reaction .


[You are about to rip your hair out!]

"But in reality, no . " Jiang Chen immediately added .

" . . . "

[Her mouth curved up?]

At this moment, even as dumb as he was, he realized . . .

"Ahem, in this case, it’ll be okay . But you should still be careful about your private life . If news got out that you’re still single, some people with ill-intentions may… anyways, just be careful . "

Jiang Chen locked his eyes onto Xia Shiyu, who was being unusually chattiness, with the same peculiar expression .

"Do you . . . like me?"