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Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Zombies’ Change

Translator: Min  Editor: Rundi

In an instant, the pristine clouds were replaced by the cloudy traditional dust, spider-like cracks crept onto the smooth walls, and the wooden door began to wither away .

The animation style changed drastically .

The comfort behind his back was the same, but he was on the "other side . "

It was his room in the apocalypse .

He sat up on the bed and scanned the clean bedsheets as a smile emerged on his face .

There was not the slightest dust . Although he didn't know if it was Yao Yao or Sun Jiao, someone cleaned the place up every day .

He picked up the PK200 resting against the wall, and as if reunited with an old friend, he motioned a few positions with it . The only thing dusty in the room was this rifle . He picked up a towel to wipe it clean before he threw it into the storage dimension .

When he pushed open the door, he tiptoed from the corner of the wall . Then he quietly walked to Sun Jiao room to give the person he hasn't seen for a while a surprise kiss .

The surprised voice accompanied by a long awaited hug . He felt her pounding heart as Jiang Chen hugged Sun Jiao with a smirk . He then followed her to the expanding outer circle .

When he stepped onto the brick road in front of the mansion, he always had an indescribable feeling of satisfaction .

Just like a king in the middle ages, the mansion was his castle . The refugees, who worked hard outside of the castle, were his citizens and Sun Jiao was the Dutchess of the castle . Yao Yao in the castle . . . umm, let's talk about that later .

When he stood there before, he could only smell suppression in the air . But now, he felt relaxed .

No conspiracy and no need to guess as everyone's heartbeat was captured on his EP . If it was not for the tedious injection procedure and the lack of equipment, he would love to bring a set of slavery microchips to the real world .

But just as he pushed open the mansion doors, he was shocked .



"Umm, why did the expansion stop?" Jiang Chen looked at Sun Jiao, troubled by what he saw .

The construction material was stacked up on the open ground as the expansion came to a complete halt .

"The zombies outside were acting weird . " Sun Jiao had a stern face as she took Jiang Chen onto the watchtower .

Jiang Chen followed the direction Sun Jiao pointed to, and a look of shock appeared on his face .

"Those zombies . . . "

"Yes, all of them seem to be on some hard drug . " Sun Jiao picked up a rock and threw it into the distance .

The rock made a "clunk" sound as it hit a car's roof . The zombies nearby immediately turned around and howled and dashed at the car . The car door was deformed by the group of zombies as their dirty hands penetrated through the car window and flipped open the engine cover .

After only a while, the zombies realized there were no living creatures and the gradually dispersed .

This was in broad daylight!

"What, can we even leave then?" Jiang Chen stared at the hysterical zombies .

Now, the zombies finally had a feel similar to <Resident Evil> . The fierce and bloody pupil seemed to foretell that any living creature who dares to appear in front of them would be ripped to pieces .

Or even more vicious than that?

"The unknown bacteria level is rising in the air . Maybe it's because of this bacteria that the zombies have become so ferocious . There's a possibility that it has blocked the UV, but it doesn't look like it as the vegetation didn't get affected . " Sun Jiao frowned as she took over the terminal from the patrolling guard and showed Jiang Chen .

<Unknown bacteria concentration level: 13>

"What is this?" Jiang Chen asked feeling puzzled .

"What is this?" Jiang Chen asked feeling puzzled .

"The terminal is connected to the air detection tower . We bought it from Zhao Corporation . The Sixth Street also experienced a similar situation, so Zhao Chenwu thought we would need this . The unknown bacteria that's floating in the air has a similar mechanism to the original zombie bacteria . It could be eliminated by vaccination or through the immune system of people injected with the genetic vaccine . But if the bacteria level passes a certain threshold, it could only be avoided with protective wear . So I bought 150 protective wear, just in case . "

He followed the direction Sun Jiao pointed to, and Jiang Chen noticed a pitchfork-like detector on top of the residential building . The light green film between the pitchfork slowly rotated .


"Not bad . But I have a question, I thought zombies would be weakened under UV?" Jiang Chen asked with his eyebrows raised .

"That's right, that is what I am confused about too . Because zombies would also require energy, the mutant bacteria on its neck would react to UV and force most of the body's functions into rest mode and enter photosynthesis," Sun Jiao repeated the common sense everyone knew in the apocalypse .

"Could it be, this type of bacteria is charging the zombies?" Jiang Chen thought for a moment before he suddenly spoke .

Sun Jiao was lost .

"Charging? Through what method?"

"The floating bacteria in the air uses a unique method to complete the photosynthesis effect for the zombie . It then enters the zombie body to be "digested," therefore the zombies would always be charged and would no longer require photosynthesis . "

Sun Jiao gave it a thought .

"That's possible, although it has no scientific backing, you do have your point . "

"Is the entire Wanghai city like this?"

"Only part of the area . Based on news from the Sixth Street, the bacteria seems to be spreading from a source . The saving grace is that the bacteria would not self-divide, so it could only be produced from a source . Based on the concentration spread of the bacteria, if we use triangulation on the map, we are relatively certain that there is an area beside us with a high concentration of bacteria . Most likely, the source of it is there . "

Sunjiao took out the full-sensory computer and opened the 3D map . A triangular area was marked .

"What's the closest survival camp? Do they have any reactions?" Jiang Chen thought about it as he said with serious concern .

A pained smile appeared on her face .

"We are the closest survival camp . The majority of people belong to community level survival groups, so we are considered the largest . Currently no action . "

"We are the closest survival camp . The majority of people belong to community level survival groups, so we are considered the largest . Currently no action . "

"If we continue to let these things grow, it would be hazardous . We have to find a way to proactively eliminate the source of this bacteria . But now, it doesn't look like we can get out . " Jiang Chen watched the zombie-filled streets as distress seeped in .

"You are right . The bacteria seems to be migrating the zombies to the direction of human settlements . The zombies have already attacked our door for the sixth time within 15 days . Our current trade with other survival groups was forced to stop . The good thing is that there are no zombies in the underground system, so we still managed to maintain the connection with the Sixth Street . " Sun Jiao looked concerned, but she was out of sorts with these zombies .

"Zhao Chenwu probably has a headache too . The other exit to the sewerage is at least a couple hundred meters away from the Sixth Street," Jiang Chen felt fortunate as he was smart enough to create a corridor with a concrete wall that directly included the exit into the base .

"Ok, let's not talk about this for now . Tell me how the base is growing . " Jiang Chen was concerned .

"The trade differential between Zhao Corporation in September is 10102 crystal . The total trade amount exceeded one hundred and ten thousand crystals . The canned foods sold very well on the Sixth Street . Zhao Chenwu had the intention to significantly increase sales, but I refused on the basis that you headed back to acquire supplies . Because of the halt of the expansion, the construction material had been accumulating . The Zhao Corporation could not pay with crystals, so they proposed to sell us populations at a price of 50 per person for a total of 100 to make up for the remaining payment . The population of the base is at 130 . " Of course, it didn't include Sun Jiao, Yaoyao, and Jiang Chen .

"The price increased?"

"The cost of the population increased substantially . The chip price remained the same . " Sun Jiao forced a smile . "Because of the dangerous external environment and the fact that the Sixth Street is planning to eliminate two sources near the area, the demand for population increased substantially . "

"How's the soldiers' training?"

"There is a total of 41 that received qualification from the virtual reality training chamber . Everyone is injected with the D-level genetic vaccine and can become part of the force," Sun Jiao called out some data and reported .

"The bacteria source must be eliminated . " Jiang Chen looked into the distance with a gloomy look on his face . "I have a feeling that the stuff in the air is only going to increase . Then it would be even harder to approach the source . "

"Then I'll prepare first . Let's make the combat plan today, and then I'll bring a team with me tomorrow . " Sun Jiao nodded .

"I'll go along," Jiang Chen said sternly .

"No," Sun Jiao rejected without hesitation .

"Listen to me . "

"With your shooting?"

"My combat power is okay now . Also, I can use my special ability to escape the battle . The most important thing is that I am worried about letting you go alone," Jiang Chen stared into Sun Jiao's eyes as he said seriously .

There was a more important reason he didn't explain . He wanted to use the opportunity to meet the survival groups along the way .

"My combat power is okay now . Also, I can use my special ability to escape the battle . The most important thing is that I am worried about letting you go alone," Jiang Chen stared into Sun Jiao's eyes as he said seriously .

There was a more important reason he didn't explain . He wanted to use the opportunity to meet the survival groups along the way .

If Sun Jiao led the negotiation, he had a feeling it would turn into a full-scale combat .

On top of that, his combat ability would never increase if he always stayed in safety .

When she heard "he was worried", Sun Jiao blushed but quickly recollected her thoughts .


She debated a little more before sighing in reluctance .

"Okay, I'll agree to it . "

Jiang Chen smiled as he gave a thankful look for Sun Jiao's agreement .

"Ahem . Also, there are not a lot of food at the base . Could you get some more," Sun Jiao awkwardly coughed as she diverted the topic .

"Food? No problem . " Jiang Chen smiled as he disappeared .

Sun Jiao had to gather her thought as she stared at the place Jiang Chen vanished from .


[Fair, if he has this special ability, he would escape from any danger . ]

Sun Jiao felt more at ease .

It was the first time .

Perhaps the first time was in the underground sewerage . The feeling when she knew he was okay, the time when she placed someone else's life before her own .

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