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Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Yao Yao’s Thought

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Jiang Chen returned to the modern world and called the same food distributor's number before driving to the rural area storage unit .

When he arrived at the destination, Jiang Chen noticed that the boss there was already waiting for him . He didn't waste his time as he started to order people to unload the supplies into the storage . Jiang Chen ordered twice the amount as last time .

31 tons of rice, 10 tons of flour, 700 boxes of canned meat, and 500 boxes of canned fruit, as well as oil, vinegar, salt, and other flavorings . Also, he ordered a few tons of easy to store vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, and potato .

Like what they agreed to last time, they didn't print stickers .


He paid the full three hundred twenty without a blink of an eye and immediately dismissed the boss that continuously tried to small talk with him .

He was much more careful this time as he didn't start the moving process right away . Instead, he released the drone that Yao Yao modified and scanned for any thermal information . After a careful examination, he realized he was holding his breath from worrying . Being reassured, he let out a breath of relief and walked into the warehouse, closing the door behind him .

He felt that he has become too suspicious lately .

Because of the limited space in the storage dimension, Jiang Chen had to travel back and forth ten times before he managed to transport everything .

A total cost of 400 crystals for an ordinary survivor would be a huge amount . But for him, it was only pocket change . Because of the trade differential between Zhao Corporation, the only thing he was worried about was how to spend the room full of crystals in his basement .


On paper, all crystals were transported back to the fictitious "headquarter . "

Sun Jiao skillfully ordered people to enter the mansion and move the bags of food into the food warehouse . The good thing was they also built two more food warehouses on open ground . Otherwise, it would be difficult to find a place to store the food .

The idle survivors started to be busy again . Due to Jiang Chen's arrival, they were no longer surprised by the mountain-like stack of food .

The idle cooling system started operating again as the base's electricity usage climbed . But Sun Jiao was prepared for the situation as not only did she place solar panels on all the roofs within the wall, it even expanded to buildings outside of the wall .

Zombies and mutants had no interest in the boards on top of the roofs . The survivor's other side wasn't so despicable that they would vandal the property since the machine guns on the watchtower did possess some deterrence abilities .

He heard Sun Jiao say that she also purchased an old ground thermal energy collection system, but currently, the base lacked personnel with knowledge in that area . She already arranged a few smart looking survivors to learn the related knowledge . There were important books in the city library, the information would only need to be downloaded into the virtual reality training chamber .


But to see results, it'll be at least a few months .

Seeing as Sun Jiao was busy, Jiang Chen headed to the technology department at the community center and found the hard-working Du Yongkang . He handed him the developed strategy for Future 1 . 0 as Jiang Chen ordered him to make upgrades based on that . Xia Shiyu gave it to him before he left in the morning . The company has no technology department, although they did hire server maintenance personnel, the program updating would have to be done through the middleman Jiang Chen .

He cautioned him about the encryption procedure . Jiang Chen then patted his shoulder and left, in Du Yongkang's surprised, with a proud look .

Jiang Chen returned to the mansion again .

He hasn't seen Yao Yao in a while, and he has missed her .

Ahem, don't be mistaken . Jiang Chen was not into a loli .




Yao Yao enjoyed reading . Even dry and boring computer books, she could focus and read them for a long time .

Although the virtual reality training system could speed up the education process, which Yao Yao already received in the hibernation chamber in the survival base, the deeper level knowledge could only be extracted from the book itself . These books were gifts Sun Jiao brought back from the library .

Although the electronic version was okay, the feeling of paper made her feel calmer .

Yao Yao sighed as she closed the book . She stretched out her frail arms and yawned .

[If only brother Jiang Chen could notice me more . . . ]


She zoned out as she kept thinking, cupping her chin with both hands .

If it were before, she would blush because of her "inappropriate" thoughts . But now, she could face her own heart .

She did fall in love with the gentle, sympathetic, strong . . . No, she would not stop if she continued .

Yao Yao lightly slapped her own face nervously as she ducked her almost burning head back into the books .

[I want to die . . . ]

"You are going to hurt your eyes if you read so close . " Jiang Chen oddly looked at Yao Yao's move with a smile on his face .

"Ahhhh!" The book flew out of Yao Yao's hands as she jumped up like a startled rabbit . She then fell, with the chair, to the ground .

Jiang Chen face palmed as he looked at Yao Yao's careless action . He was just about to help her up .

But then he suddenly remembered Sun Jiao's words .

"Yao Yao really cares about you . . . "

She rubbed her butt in pain as she sadly pouted her mouth . "Sor . . . sorry, I didn't notice brother was here . "

"You need to take care of yourself . What if you get hurt?" Jiang Chen helped Yao Yao up and stroked her soft hair as he seemingly "blamed" her .

Yao Yao suddenly buried her head into his chest and her hands tightly held onto his shirt . Tears began to fill up her adorable eyes .

"Brother do you dislike me now?"

Jiang Chen was confused . "How is that possible?"

"Then why have you been avoiding me," Yao Yao buried her head and murmured .



Jiang Chen was lost .

To be fair, since the last time he saw her for a brief moment, he hasn't visited her in awhile .

Perplexed, he looked at the slightly quivering girl and felt guilty .

A little bit .

A little bit .

Jiang Chen really cared for Yao Yao, not only because she was the second friend he met in this world, or because she saved him and Sun Jiao, or she helped him before . . .

The best way to describe it was, a unique feeling .

Yao Yao's presence seemed to have fulfilled an emptiness in his heart, it allowed him to express a kind of protective desire .

But when Sun Jiao told him that Yao Yao likes him, and it was the kind of like between a man and a woman, he backed away .

Yes, Jiang Chen knew that he basically had no bottom line .

But Yao Yao . . .

Although Yao Yao's actual age was 36, she spent 20 years in the hibernation chamber . Her body practically paused all growth . Because of the side effects from hibernation, her body did not grow even after leaving the chamber for 2 years .

To summarize, she can be described by three numbers, 36, 16, 14 .

That flat-looking body, not even perverts could do this .

But Yao Yao's mental age reached puberty, so it is understandable she started to feel emotions for the only guy that treated her with gentleness .


Understanding is one thing, but being able to do it is another .

He was afraid that he couldn't control himself and just end up eating Yao Yao .

Subconsciously, he unintentionally began to avoid responding to this emotion .

He hoped the feeling was more similar to someone she depended on, but he knew too well that that wasn't the case .

He had a special feeling for Yao Yao .

"I . . . " Jiang Chen opened his mouth to say something, but a delicate finger stopped him .

"No, you don't need to explain to Yao Yao . Yao Yao is very understanding . " Yao Yao disappointedly buried her head deeper . She murmured as the faint sound came out of her lips .

"If brother doesn't like Yao Yao, Yao Yao won't force brother to reciprocate . Compared to small apples, big apples definitely taste better . For example like sister Sun Jiao's size, Yao Yao understand . "

Her eyes shook slightly, but she bit her lip and determinately lifted her head .


"Yao Yao is happy to be living such a joyful life . But, it is still important to give treats to cute animals . So I will do everything to help brother out . I am still updating the game . Yao Yao is also studying really hard on the computer . If Yao Yao can just get some small rewards, Yao Yao will be delighted and will work even harder . It's not too greedy of a request! Though if there really is none, it will be okay . . . but just a little is enough! Just share with me a tiny bit . . . No need to kiss, just rub my head .


The listless hesitation was suddenly blocked .

Her fragile look revealed how shocked she was, but then it turned into excitement and happiness, and finally into gentleness . . .

Yao Yao closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sudden burst of passion from her lips .

Jiang Chen kissed her .

Because of guilt? Self-blame? Impulse? Or maybe it was the compensation for the pure but ambiguous emotion .

He admits that he is a selfish person without boundaries, but he is not a cold person . When he found out that Yao Yao loved him dearly and was willing to do so much for him without return .

He admits that he is a selfish person without boundaries, but he is not a cold person . When he found out that Yao Yao loved him dearly and was willing to do so much for him without return .

Sorry .

It was his first, without lust and desire .

The lavender like fragrance layered with her pure emotion spread from his lips into his head .

Like a terrified bunny, the softness gently explored the unknown . But just that one simple move almost took up her entire body's strength .

But a warm "hand" accepted it and caressed her soft head .

Jiang Chen felt the burning sensation on his face as Jiang Chen gently held up her face .

Separated .


A glowing wire carved a hint of impurity within the pure emotions .

Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yao as she tried to catch her breath and stared into her mist covered eyes . He finally resisted the desire in his heart and pulled his head away from Yao Yao .

Yao Yao, who just began to realized what had happened, buried her head .

Her head was completely blank as her cherry like mouth smiled, closed, raised . . .

"Sorry . Although sorry probably doesn't mean much . " Jiang Chen hugged the fragile body harder as he said sincerely, "I did notice your emotions, but I . . . "

"No, it's okay!" Yao Yao's tone suddenly went higher because of her excitement but soon quieted down . She murmured, "Could you just save some for me? As a reward . . . "

"No . "

The adorable eyes teared up .

"Not your reward, as my reward . " A smirk appeared on his face as he got closer to her earlobe . "Be mine?"

Tears burst out of her eyes, but it was tears of happiness .



"Eh? Don't cry . "

"Mhmm! Woooo . "

Jiang Chen made up his mind .

He didn't have any boundaries left, so might as well go balls deep!

He was not a courteous guy nor did he want to use a boring excuse to lie to himself . He had a good impression of Yao Yao . As in, it was not the type where it was simply a "sister and brother" kind of emotion .


[Worst case I'll just eat later . . . ] (?????)

He made the decision as he chose to respond to this pure relationship .

[What's wrong with liking a loli! No, not loli, she is 36 on her ID!]

He made the decision as he chose to respond to this pure relationship .

[What's wrong with liking a loli! No, not loli, she is 36 on her ID!]

Jiang Chen tightly hugged Yao Yao as he felt her warmth and listened to her murmur .

"I feel so lucky . "

"Would sister Sun Jiao hit me . Ummm, I'll let her, so she won't be mad . Then, then . . . I feel so happy . "


Suddenly, Yao Yao woke up from her murmuring words .

[Yes, the most important thing is what brother thinks . If he doesn't think I taste good, then . . . No, No . I need to sell myself . I can definitely do it . ]

She tightly clenched her fist as she took a couple of deep breaths and built up the confidence .

[Calmed down?] Jiang Chen heard the murmuring stop .


"Umm . "


"I, I taste very good! Although I am not confident, I will be very obedient! The moves sister Sun Jiao doesn't want to try, Yao Yao can try! I am not a picky eater . I will resist the pain even if it hurts . " Yao Yao's long eyelashes trembled as she closed her eyes tightly, letting go of all her shyness .

Blood burst out from Jiang Chen's nose .


"This damn loli lover," Sun Jiao cursed in her mind as she stood outside of the door .

Through the cracks, she almost saw the entire plotline .

Although it was not that she didn't understand Yao Yao's emotion, she did want to drag her into the water . . .

But, it was still frustrating!

Miss Sun Jiao was so frustrated that she wanted to stomp her feet . But she bit her lips as she decided not to .

It was because she did not want to interrupt them now .

She sighed as she unhappily walked away .

[I'll pretend that is the compensation for this guy to stay here . ]

Sun Jiao tried to comfort herself .

[Also, Yao Yao is even easier to "bully . "]

A smile carved onto Sun Jiao's lips .

Or, possibly a smirk .

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