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Chapter 815

It was getting late .

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North of Mayotte, a cargo vessel slowly sailed towards the fishing port in the northwestern part of the island .

The location was close to the slums of the Republic of Madagascar . There were rows of old brick houses and diseases, crimes, and deaths filled the dirty alleys . Only two kinds of people were there; poor people starving to their bones or powerful and strong killers .

The children sat on the edge of the wharf in groups and looked curiously and alertly at the cargo vessel and the offshore platform . Although Arrow’s people occasionally used the port, it was their first time seeing such a strange thing .

Because of the arrival of this cargo vessel, the originally messy port turned even more chaotic . Naked men left in a hurry and several naked mercenaries with rifles and magazines wrapped around their bodies hopped on the port and then gestured toward the vessel . .

“At three o’clock, the man with a hat . He is an informant of Arrow Military . At five o’clock, the guy who is waving at me is the informant responsible for contacting us . The name is long and wordy . I usually call him Andre… Can I reply to him?”

“Be natural . ” Jiang Chen in optical illusion, whispered .


Zaid squeezed out an ugly smile on his face, but it was not obvious under the darkness .

Zaid negotiated with the people on the dock and quickly got permission to enter .

The other party sent several sailors to the vessel . The man named Andre happily walked next to Zaid and punched him on the shoulder . He spoke French, a common language in Madagascar .

“Hey, man, this is a big deal . You should treat me after you’re done the deal . ”

“Come on, wait until I confirm the money is in my account . ” Zaid took out a cigar from his pocket and said slyly, “Where is the ship? Are we driving this into your garage?”

“The ship will be here in a minute,” Andre said in a flattering tone . “Oh right, where is Bageri? How come I didn’t see him?”

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“He is doing something in Somalia . I did not bring him on the mission,” Zaid said .

“How about the hostages?”

“All fed to the fishes . ” Zaid grinned maliciously .

Only from this smile did Andre smell the thick scent of blood . He scratched his head and forced out a smile .

“Oh, just pretend I didn’t ask . ”

Two hours earlier, the frigate moved closer to the cargo vessel that slowed down and a corps of Marines boarded the ship . The High-Tech Freshwater employees and crew members boarded the frigate .

The clothes that were plucked from the pirates came in handy, and the soldiers currently standing on the deck of the ship were all Marines . The kinetic skeletons were hidden under the tightly wrapped rags, and the assault rifle was hidden near their hands .

Jiang Chen tilted his head slightly and whispered to Captain Cramer, who was dressed like a pirate .

“Don’t speak Chinese . ”

The sun-tanned man grinned .

“I understand . ”

Jiang Chen nodded and gestured to Ayesha behind him .

The two started their optical illusion and disappeared into the darkness .

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Time passed by slowly . The soldiers waiting felt like time was passing by endlessly .

Several sailors confirmed it was safe to board and that the desalination platform behind the vessel was also safe . Then they returned to the bow . After confirming, Andre made several calls .

Soon, a freighter with a tonnage of more than 5,000 tons appeared in the distance .

The freighter had obvious signs of modification and the deck was cleared out . There were two helicopter pads with two Black Hawk helicopters parked on top . The soldiers in desert-colored camouflage jumped onto the deck . The hearts of Jiang Chen, Cramer, and Zaid were pumping furiously .

It was the most critical moment!

Obviously, these soldiers boarding the ship were the elites of Arrow Military . If they discovered their plan, the consequences would be disastrous!

Fortunately, however, it was late in the night and Jiang Chen’s side managed to successful disguise themselves through the inspection . Perhaps because of the multiple partnerships they had with Zaid, these Arrow soldiers also relaxed their vigilance . They just went from the bow to the stern, unloaded the offshore platform from the back of the ship, and connected it to their own freighter with steel cables .

“What about the money?” Zaid said to the mercenary who had contacted him .

“Already in your account,” the mercenary responded without a change in expression .

Hearing these words, Zaid breathed a sigh of relief .

He was not worried about Arrow scamming him . All he thought about now was that he had to quickly transfer money from the Swiss bank to a Russian bank account . Putting money in Europe always made him feel unsafe . After all, he heard that the shareholders of Arrow were Europeans and belonged to a powerful family .

After completing the delivery of the “goods,” Arrow’s mercenaries immediately returned to their own freighter and were on course with the desalination platform . Two days later, this desalination platform will be towed to Europe, where the German engineers will study the structure and design .

The Arrow ship got further and further away, but Zaid’s fists clenched tighter .

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Because he knew that once the ship left, it was time for the main course .

“The work is done now . Now let’s go for a drink on the island . ” Andre laughed while patting Zaid’s shoulder .

“You go first, I feel a bit dizzy . ” Zaid rubbed his nose and pretended to be uncomfortable . He wanted to get rid of him quickly .

“Haha, you shouldn’t be seasick, man!” Andre said with a sly smile

Pirates could get seasick?

What a creative joke .

While they were bantering, the cargo ship slowly moved towards the port .

Under the cover of the night, an Aurora-20 quietly arrived over Mayotte Island .

“Archer-1 has reached the target and requesting instructions…”

The outdated radar in the Republic of Madagascar was non-existent to the Celestial Trade fighter jet . Knowing that Arrow had infiltrated the government, Jiang Chen did not ask for permission to take military actions .

He would never recognize the mission tonight .

A report came from the pilot . Jiang Chen removed the rifle from behind and whispered .

“Turn off the lights for them . ”

“Roger that . ”

After closing the communication channel, Archer-1’s pilot opened the cover with his finger .

Then, his thumb pressed on the red button .

A black missile attached to the bottom of the aircraft was separated from Aurora-20 and accelerated toward the clouds .

The moment it came in contact with the clouds, the missile suddenly exploded . Blue electric light blasted over the clouds and high-energy particles were emitted, colliding with the oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the air . The entire cloud layer turned into an electrode plate and cast a powerful momentary electric field toward Mayotte Island .

“Is it thundering?”

The loud sound in the air caught Andre’s attention . He took out the burning cigar from his mouth and gazed into the clear night sky .

“Perhaps,” Zaid responded vaguely, quietly moving away from Andre .

The lights suddenly went out and the darkness corroded the entire coast .

“What’s wrong? You look a bit weird—”

Andre’s words stopped abruptly, and a blood hole appeared on his forehead .

Zaid closed his eyes at the scene and then kneeled on the ground covering his head .

[Dude, I’m sorry… I had no other choices . ]

The gunfire suppressed by the silencer began .

The killing also began!