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Chapter 83: Helping Each Other
Jiang Chen was fascinated by the opportunity .
But if the crystals do appreciate, then there would be another problem .
"Crystals will appreciate in value . So you are saying I need to lower the price of the food to expand the market?" Jiang Chen curled up the corners of his month . After all this explanation, Zhao Chenwu still had the intention to lower the price of food .
"Ahem, that’s precisely the case . But please believe me that after we increase sales, the food trade will bring more profit for your company . Before there would be only one thousand people willing to purchase goods, now in less than a month, it will turn into one thousand people . When the basic survival needs are met, people will start to strive for a higher quality of life . Additionally, if we can capture the market, you can also expand your production capability . " Zhao Chenwu locked onto Jiang Chen’s eyes .

Umm, okay, Jiang Chen felt awkward .
In theory, if the production base expanded because of economies of scale, the cost would go down . In his case, however, since all the food was transported from the modern world, the cost would be less than 0 . 1 of a crystal per canned food .
Reducing the price to increase sales volume seemed to fit the goal of the "headquarter . "
If the price remained the same, food sales would still increase by a small amount, but the potential profit would be nowhere close to voluntarily lowering the price to attract more sales .
"Oh? This is not a bad idea, I have permission to adjust the price on behalf of the company . You do have to understand however that there is still the cost to transport and produce the food . If the profit margin here is too low, there is no purpose for me to continue to establish a supply station here . " He still had the pretend in case this guy constantly asks him to lower the price due to Jiang Chen accepting this initial proposal too easily .
Zhao Chenwu thought it was disrespectful to ask about the other party’s costs . But if he doesn’t know Fish Bone Food Corporation’s production cost, it was hard for him to give a reasonable estimate . He only "guessed" that the expanded production would decrease cost, but he didn’t know how much it would go down by .
"The meat cans with an average price of 10, fruit can 20, the compressed cracker maintains the one crystal price, and instant noodle 3 . The appreciation of crystals along with the higher purchasing power from the Sixth Street, you won’t lose a whole lot . ’
"That’s a 1/3 discount? Mr . Zhao is certainly giving me a difficult scenario . " Jiang Chen had an enigmatic smile . "Purchasing power of the Sixth Street? Then I would be making a loss if I transport the crystals back to the headquarter . "

On paper, he only has a supply station here . So, he must stay consistent with the story . The appreciation of crystals was only relative, other than a few things that could not be produced, all other goods would not be any different . If crystals were not traded for goods, then this thing would only be a convenient time travel ticket .
"Ahem, the crystal’s appreciation is relative . How about the firearms and construction materials also are reduced by 1/3? This is pretty close to my cost . Also, isn’t your company interested in our technology? Perhaps in this area, we can partner up . It would be best to avoid paying with crystals as this will be the best way to maximize our gain . If I manage to acquire more control within the Sixth Street through this opportunity, I trust that the equipment not permissible to be sold could have workarounds . " Zhao Chenwu made his point as his eyes flashed

"Not bad . Interesting proposal . " A smile appeared on his face as both parties reached an agreement .
Since this is the case, Jiang Chen brought everything to the table .
"M2 Engine design blueprint, our quote is forty thousand crystals, 1-10 kg bomb production bed blueprint, the quote is ninety thousand crystals . Model 50 electromagnetic pulse cannon, the quote is one hundred and ten thousand crystals . I believe that this technology, common in Wanghai, is not too difficult for Mr . Zhao right?"
These were sensitive military technologies so they would not be stored in public libraries . The only method to obtain the technology was through purchasing . Sun Jiao estimated the quote based on the benchmark in Liuding town .
Regardless if they have the capabilities to produce the equipment, it was imperative to obtain the technology first, and then slowly digest it .
"Of course not . " Zhao Chenwu laughed, the price was reasonable .
Although the Sixth Street prohibited the sale of heavy weapons, the technology aspect was not prohibited to the same extent . A thumb-sized USB could copy all the information and blueprints . How difficult would it be to stop it?
Of course, Zhao Chenwu would not offer the self-developed technology after the war . Just like how he never asked Jiang Chen for the food production technology .
The advancement in technology did not cease after the apocalypse . The well-fed scientists in each survival base all served a purpose . Due to the lack of free flow information, poor survival condition, the difference between the inherited technology, everyone’s technology tree was a bit different from the other .

Take the Sixth Street, for example . The self-developed T-3 power armor’s combat power even exceeded pre-war levels . However, on the development of airplanes, their progress was close to null . It was a completely different case for Liuding but similar to other survival bases .
"As to the trade amount, if you could manage to absorb it, I’ll sell a bit more to you? Let’s aim for a quote of seven hundred thousand crystals now based on the new price . It would be for October and November . I think with more supplies, Mr . Zhao could have an easier time expanding the market?" Jiang Chen laughed .
Six times the usual trade amount?
Suddenly, Zhao Chenwu’s breath shortened . However, for being a man of power, he quickly recollected himself and remained calm .

He shrugged as Zhao Chenwu said cheerful, "Since my partner has already shown so much good faith, if I don’t do anything, it would be inconsiderate . "
[It’s here, I have been waiting for those words . ] Jiang Chen’s mouth curled up .

[It’s here, I have been waiting for those words . ] Jiang Chen’s mouth curled up .
"That’s what I think too . So to make sure I can move the seven hundred thousand crystals worth of supplies here, I need your help . "
Zhao Chenwu was surprised .
"If your transportation team could move the goods over such a distance, could you not solve a simple problem like this?" It was hard for Zhao Chenwu to believe .
He knew that there was a source near the Fish Bone base, but because of the distance, it would not pose any threats to the Sixth Street . The neutral area was not a philanthropical society as they had no reason to send out a force to clear out the problem .
"Transportation and combat are two different things . We have the technology to move the goods there, but moving it in would have to depend on me . "
Airdrop? Flying carriers? It didn’t matter how much Zhao Chenwu guessed as Jiang Chen wouldn’t say a word .
He opened his palms as he continued to use his acting as he bullsh*ted, "I think you know how many crystals I put into this supply station since I bought everything from you . If I couldn’t even handle a small problem like this if you were my boss would you want me to stay here? Or, would you switch to another base that would be easier to transport goods, as it would be the more efficient process, wouldn’t it? So, for us to continue our partnership, you’ll have to help me out . "
Then, Jiang Chen’s voice lowered as he perplexingly looked at the Zhao Chenwu, who’s expression began to turn stern . " I can’t promise that the next representative here will still choose Zhao Corporation as the partner, or perhaps even relocate and conduct business with Liuding town . We pride ourselves on efficiency . If I "fail" here, I don’t know if the next person in charge would continue my policy . You understand . "
Jiang Chen left the words there as he then leaned against his chair .
He didn’t finish his words as he has already made the point .
It did make sense . If my subordinate spent so many resources from the trade to invest in the defense infrastructure, it there was the imminent danger he must seek help? (?????) If Jiang Chen got replaced by the Fish Bone headquarter, would the new representative continue the failed policy? Difficult to say .
Zhao Chenwu began to feel unsettled as he already got the taste of the food trade . How would he simply give this up especially when there was a seven hundred thousand crystal deal sitting in front of him? He hoped that he could use this supply to control the food market at the Sixth Street to leverage for more influence in the Group of Ten .
However what he didn’t know was, all the hypothetical situation assumed that the "headquarter" existed .
Jiang Chen didn’t finish his words but left enough for Zhao Chenwu's imagination .
If he only lied and told half of the context, smart people would complete the lie for you . If he said too much, he would be more prone to getting called out .
"What kind of help do you need? I will handle this," Zhao Chenwu said in a stern voice . His interest was already tied to Jiang Chen . If he lost Jiang Chen as a supplier, all his plans would be interrupted .

"What kind of help do you need? I will handle this," Zhao Chenwu said in a stern voice . His interest was already tied to Jiang Chen . If he lost Jiang Chen as a supplier, all his plans would be interrupted .
He must help him, even if he may make a loss here .
He was waiting for this sentence .
An untraceable faint smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face .
"10 T-3 power armor, I’ll purchase at 110% cost . " Jiang Chen didn’t scam him as he gave a rather attractive offer .
"Not possible!" Zhao Chenwu stood up as he lost control of his voice .
It was not the problem with the price!

Even with his position of power as a member of the Group of Ten, there was still nine other people keeping a close eye on him . There were a countless amount of small capitalists that have a keen eye on his position, which forces him to be careful .
Even if it was produced from his own factory, every controlled equipment must be documented and registered . They were prohibited from selling and by keeping an eye on each other, it was hard to conduct fraud .
If he crossed the line, there would be severe implications as it practically gave his competitors a reason to attack him .
"Nothing is impossible . Think about it . The risk you take compared to the potential gain, it would be nothing . If I failed, I would just retire . For you, you’ll lose a supplier that you trust . " Jiang Chen locked onto Zhao Chenwu’s eyes .
Zhao Chenwu also fixed his eyes on him .
Finally, this ruthless businessman compromised .
"10 T-3 power armor with a price of 13000 crystals . I’ll send 10 slaves with microchips injected along with the power armors . Then I’ll report fatalities . You can take the 10 people as long as they don’t show up at the Sixth Street ever again . "
Zhao Chenwu wryly rubbed his head as he leaned his arm on the table and waved his hand in defeat .
"Excellent, my friend . Be assured that you’ll have much to gain from helping me so much . " A prevailed smiled carved onto Jiang Chen’s face, but it was gone within a second . He gave his sincere gratitude to Zhao Chenwu .

"Excellent, my friend . Be assured that you’ll have much to gain from helping me so much . " A prevailed smiled carved onto Jiang Chen’s face, but it was gone within a second . He gave his sincere gratitude to Zhao Chenwu .

"Tell me other things you need . I know the 10 power armors is not enough, but this is the only time!" Since he already broke the rules, it didn’t matter how far he went .
As long as no one found out .
"An armored vehicle . "
"No problem, one will explode during the mission . 20000 crystals . "
"You have to give the equipment first, I have to solve the problem first before I can transport the food here, and then pay based on the new price . "
"No problem, I have the patience to wait . "
"Also, I would need some high energy vacuum bombs, the portable ones . " Seeing Zhao Chenwu’s decisive attitude, Jiang Chen was feeling a little ashamed as he grinned sardonically .
"Ok . Along with the one-time use platform, 100 crystals per bomb . I’ll just say that I scrapped them . What do you need that for? The zombies can’t be suffocated, they also don’t have a lot of fat that can be burned .
"It is just for a possible scenario, you don’t have to worry about it, and it’s a pleasure to work with you?" Jiang Chen had no more requests as he smiled .
"It’s a pleasure to work with you… you better not make my investment go in vain!"
Jiang Chen fearlessly stared into Zhao Chenwu’s hawk-like vision as he cheerfully laughed . "Be assured, my friend, don’t you think we are helping each other out?"
I gave grounds for the price, the least you can do is do me a favor like this .
Helping each other out?
Maybe using each other was a more appropriate term .

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