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Chapter 85

Chapter 85: This is the Apocalypse

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There was no powerful mutant nearby, but the reality seemed to say otherwise .

It felt like a hand had drawn the spread out zombies together to surround them .

"The zombie concentration ahead is zero, I feel like something is off . " Seeing the life detection map at the right corner of his pupil, Jiang Chen can’t help but raised his eyebrows .

Disregarding the possibility of mutant .

Zombies were not exactly dead as they still maintain some features of a live creature . For example, their understanding of survival space . The zombie's distribution was highly concentrated in the city center and spreads out in all directions from that point on . The asexually produced zombies moved outwards from the crowded city center to the rural area . In most cases, the relatively less concentrated areas would rarely produce a sea of zombies .

But the zombies seemed to have gathered together as they surrounded the entire base . The result was that after they manage to break through, the streets were empty .

Sun Jiao frowned as she was also uncertain .


"That’s right, something is off . "

However, it was futile to overthink right now as the armored vehicle broke through the sea of zombies and began to accelerate . The armored soldiers also activated the wheels on their feet and started the turbine engine behind their back . As they changed from a running stance to a gliding stance, they immediately began moving alongside the armored vehicle .

[Balance system, functional . Fu*k, I forgot to check this thing . ] Jiang Chen cursed as sweat rolled down . It was functional or else it would have been problematic .

"Be careful of your surroundings, free fire . " Sun Jiao voiced transmitted through the public channel .

"Affirmative . "

The arrow like formation pushed forward, into the middle of the highway . The vehicles in the way were either pushed away or rolled over .

Their surrounding was filled with deafening silence . Other than the missile’s homing noise there were no other noises . Everyone was alert, holding the tactical in shooting position .

"Weird, there is not even a single mutant . " A soldier complained in the public channel .

"Did they hide or something?"

"Don’t be distracted, hold your position!"

"Yes!" The two soldiers immediately shut their mouth .

Could it be because of the unknown bacteria in the air?

Jiang Chen had a feeling something was not right . A bacteria that could make a bloodthirsty mutant afraid would not be as simple as it sounded .

After three kilometers, the team stopped in front of an apartment building surrounded by barbed wire .

It was an ancient building, like most buildings on the wasteland . The pain on the surface was already erased from the aftershock of the nuclear explosion, with only the gray concrete walls left . The wall had some old paint sprayed words .

Through the pitch black, a machine gun slanted against the window could barely be made out, and cloth replaced the glass on the windows .

On the roof of the building, vegetation covered in plastics to make what looked like soilless culture . This was where most of the survivor groups received their food . But in the radiation filled apocalypse, you wouldn’t expect a seed to produce a single fruit .

These fruits, with uncertain toxicology, still had a market on the Sixth Street . A lot of factories would purchase these in bulk quantities at a low price, and then sell the non-toxic ones in the luxury market . The toxic ones would be placed in extraction machines for vitamin, vegetable proteins, and other substances to produce high-quality grade A or B nutrient supply . (Compared to the nutrient supply created through the blood and fat of mutant and zombies, it was more "tasty" and "nutritious" . )

The situation here was similar to Fish Bone Base as the zombies surrounded the building . But quantity wise, it was significantly less than the zombies around the base .

It was a frightening prospect, but not because of some zombies .


Did zombies possess intelligence? Or, was a higher intelligence controlling them?

Despite this, there was not much suspense in the battle as some zombies did not reach the critical state .

Despite this, there was not much suspense in the battle as some zombies did not reach the critical state .

Although the zombies did possess crystals, the organic nature of their body meant that they were still regular zombies . Despite how hard they tried, they did not have the defense of the power armor .

A few gunshots finished the annoying zombies as they approached the apartment building .

There was a wooden board with some crooked words .

<Private property, do not enter>

[Psh, what?]

"Code 01 survivor group, the life detection device indicates a total of 30-40 people," Sun Jiao reported to Jiang Chen through the private channel .

"What does code 01 mean? That’s an ugly name," Jiang Chen mocked .

"…I gave them the name . Survivor groups usually don’t give their home a name as the desire to expand and need for land are minimal . The goal was to survive . " Sun Jiao walked up to ring the bell and backed up .

Momentarily, the door opened as a cautious looking middle-aged man carefully stepped out .

"Who are you guys?" His face had suspense and fright written all over it . The rifle in his hands trembled as he knew his rifle could not even break their armor .


The only thing that could damage the power armor was probably the dusty recoil-less cannon in the back of the room .

"We are from the nearby Fish Bone base," Jiang Chen took off his mask and said emotionlessly .

"What are you guys doing here?" The middle-aged man cautiously asked . He, of course, saw the group of people eradicate the zombies . The heavy firepower deterred any thought of resistance .

"I trust that you already realized the unusual zombie activity . Under the influence of the unknown bacteria, these zombies would exhibit high attack behaviors . The reliable report indicated that the unknown bacteria level is increasing in the air, so we have decided to eliminate the bacteria source . " Jiang Chen tried to make his tone sound friendly .

But the next sentence made Jiang Chen furious .

But the next sentence made Jiang Chen furious .

"What does that have to do with us?" Still the cautious and apathetic voice .

"You are asking what does that have to do with you?" Jiang Chen was shocked . He did not look angry as he laughed instead . "Do you know that the source is closer to you?"

The middle-aged man was speechless, but he felt that Jiang Chen was not as vicious as other bandits . He then prompted up the courage and argued back .

"But then it has more influence on you guys . Or else you guys wouldn’t be out here . We don’t need your help, so don’t bother us…"

The middle-aged man already has a plan . Since they were willing to take care of the trouble, then they can go . Although the odd bacteria certainly gave him a headache, what can he do? He'll just hide there . If other people can’t take it anymore, then they’ll send their forces out .

Although those zombies had crystals behind the back of their head, they couldn’t advance forward and stop to collect the crystals at the same time . Why does he have to go with them if he could just pick up scraps that are left behind?

Jiang Chen was at a loss, but then he started to laugh .

He saw through the man's deceitful eyes and could guess what was on his mind .

Shameless, too shameless . Haha .


[It certainly expanded his worldview that people could be this selfish . The problem is already in your backyard, and you are still waiting for a "dumbass" to make the first move so you can take advantage of their reward afterward? If I didn’t show up here, you were just going to wait here to die?

Wait, this is the apocalypse . ]

Jiang Chen sudden realized . He almost thought he was on the negotiation table with Wang Dehai or 361 corporations .

Then, his eyes turned grim .

"What, what do you want?" The middle-aged man sensed a glimpse of hostility on Jiang Chen’s face as he cautiously opened his mouth . At the same time, he signaled the people behind him .

The window opened on top of the building as a black barrel extended out and was aimed at the armored vehicle .

"Boss, I have been locked in by an anti-tank weapon . Requesting permission to fire . " The driver hastily reported into the public channel .

The window opened on top of the building as a black barrel extended out and was aimed at the armored vehicle .

"Boss, I have been locked in by an anti-tank weapon . Requesting permission to fire . " The driver hastily reported into the public channel .

Sun Jiao immediately lifted the tactical rifle and aimed at the person on top of the building . The power armor soldiers all engaged in a firing position .

Sun Jiao was in command during combats, but Jiang Chen decided in regards to the neutral forces .

If Jiang Chen ordered, Sun Jiao was fully confident that they could wipe these people off of the wasteland .

The middle-aged man was struggling too as he stared at Jiang Chen . He was not a friendly character . He knew the highly mobile power armor would be hard to hit . So he dared to risk his own life to signal his subordinate to aim at the armored vehicle, clearly carrying plenty of supplies .

He was betting . Betting on the fact that Jiang Chen would not risk the highly valuable armored vehicle and the countless amount of supplies for their irrelevant life .

However, Jiang Chen laughed . He knew exactly what the middle-aged man’s intentions were .

[He has the audacity to bet? To save ammunition and not fire a single bullet at zombies, but turn the gun on us who're planning on eliminating the source?]

But Jiang Chen did not look surprised anymore . There was only a grimace was left in his vision .

"Perhaps it was my mistake to negotiate with you," Jiang Chen slowly said the words as he shut his helmet .

The action scared the middle-aged man to death . If revealing the face meant sincerity to negotiate, then closing the helmet…

Speaker open, the icy words echoed through the entire street .

"I'll only ask once . Surrender, or face death!"

The tactical rifle lowered .

Replacing them was ten raised revolving machine guns . The trident shaped machine gun rotated rapidly…

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