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Chapter 96: Inescapable
Jiang Chen opened the door .

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"There's not much difference between day and night . If I am consistently being monitored, then even selecting daytime would not increase my chances of winning . Or maybe, it is safer in the day since the majority of the people will be in their home, and there would be less pawns that the secret protector could use . "
He went downstairs and saw the cleaning robot .
It still gave off the same hollow look that instinctively produced a disquieting feeling .
[The cleaning robot left the first clue, so it should be considered "friendly"? Although he didn't know who left this clue, but presumably, it wasn't on the secret protector's side,] Jiang Chen thought as he walked past the robot and turned back .
The robot was looking at another direction .
"South? Is there something over there? There was also another cleaning robot in front of the library . In the N cycle, it blocked the security guard for me . " Jiang Chen looked south, but the tall buildings blocked his view . From the general direction, it should be located in the center of the city .
"Wait a minute, when Yao Tingting took me away from the library, the robot at the door also appeared to be looking at the same direction after exchanging eye contact with me . "
Suddenly, Jiang Chen realized this clue and his face turned exulted . He then walked to the robot that seemed to be lagging .
He took out the terminal, followed the robot's direction, and drew a line on the map . The line skidded across the boundary of the town center .
"There is also another robot in front of the library door . With only two-line intersection, it would be difficult to guess the accurate location on the map . Therefore, there must be another robot . With three-line intersection, it would be able to pinpoint and mark a possible area . There should be something in there that could help me beat the game . But where is the third robot?"
Jiang Chen frowned . [The N cycle plot was incomplete with this logic . ]
He put his hand into his pocket and grabbed the two movie tickets, his face then lit up with a triumphant smile .
"In front of the movie theater? That should be right . "
If nothing happened, the two movie tickets should serve its purpose on the third day . But the secret protector's intervention forced the plot to advance and even introduced a huge move of canceling the holiday . This made the movie plot never occurred and triggered the sex scene .
[I see . ]
Without hesitation, Jiang rushed to the nearest subway and then headed downtown .

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He sprinted out of the subway, jogged across two streets and stopped in front of the movie theater, gasping for air .
It was that cleaning robot, and it was looking straight into his eyes . Then, it looked away . . .
He pulled out his terminal again and drew a line on the map . Without stopping for a moment, he then returned to the subway and caught the last train .

Breathlessly, Jiang Chen sat on the cold, hard chair . He looked around the empty train and looked at the time .

[It's already this late?]
The train arrived at the station as Jiang Chen quickly rushed to the school's direction and stopped in front of the school gate .
[The school is considered as Danger Zone, so going directly to the activity room on the second floor . . . will be pretty difficult . ] Troubled by the thought, he looked around and looked up .
[I'm afraid that the Secret Guardian must be closely monitoring my move, and just waiting to make a move as soon as I enter . . . ]
Thinking of this, his face showed a wry smile .
Jiang Chen took a deep breath and after observing the height of the gate, he rushed towards the door .
[If it had been before, two meters would be unreachable but . . . ]
Jiang Chen leaped easily across the gate . The increase in muscle strength due to was perfectly replicated within the game; indeed, the game data is based on physical data in the real world .
The shrill alarm sounded instantly .
Having predicted that this would happen, he cursed and rushed to the direction of the library .

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It was the security guard!

Jiang Chen ignored him, knowing full well that with his current muscle strength, no one would be able to catch up to him . Even if all the "units" in the school were pawns of the Secret Guardian, it shouldn't be able to change the body stats of the characters .
It took less than ten seconds for Jiang Chen to outran the security by 100 meters from the security room . Then, he spotted the cleaning robot at the door .
With a rough view from the street light, Jiang Chen did not slow down the slightest as he slammed into the glass door of the library .
"Warning! Security system activated . "
100 meters more!
The metal gate of the library started closing, and Jiang Chen, who noticed this, gritted his teeth and accelerated . He turned around and maintained his velocity and smashed into the closed glass door .
The glass door was smashed into pieces . At the last possible second, Jiang Chen broke into the library with the metal gate behind firmly shut .
Jiang Chen felt the painful cut from his arms, legs and face but didn't have time to tend to his wounds . Ignoring the glass shards on the floor, he scrambled to his feet and continued towards the stairs .
Second floor .
End of the hallway .
Activity room!

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The door is shut!
Jiang Chen slammed the door, but the door remained firmly shut .
Did it close after the security system got activated?
"Damn! How could it be like this!" Jiang Chen desperately beat down the door .
[Could it be the activity room door is closed at night? That's impossible . . . What should I do!]
"Haha, where are you going to run now, you bloody thief!" the security guard's frightening voice from the other end of the hallway made him drenched in cold sweat .
"Fu*k, how did you get in with the metal door being shut?]
Jiang Chen swore in his mind, but since it was not the time to think about it, he quickly forced himself to calm down .
With a start, he suddenly remembered that he had acquired an access to the terminal using the electronic key on the desk when he turned on the air conditioner with it .
[No, after the timeline is reset, the access should also be removed . . .
Wait a minute—if the activity room is a special place, then the "whitelisted" ID's will probably be retained even after the timeline reset!]

Jiang Chen didn't hesitate anymore after seeing the twisted and hideous face along with the taser in his hand from the end of the corridor .
He took out the terminal, connected to the local network, and opened the electronic lock .

The light sound was like an angel's voice to Jiang Chen as his heart turned ecstatic . Then, he rushed to the door and slammed it shut .
The frustrated kicking sound was transmitted through the door . Just as he thought, the room's existence was rather unique, a place similar to the "backdoor" of the game . As for the reason for its existence and why the was kept in here, everything still remained a mystery .
However, he had a hunch that he was getting closer to the truth .

At the same time, a white light pierced the night sky and light up the entire city .
Jiang Chen quickly went to the window and looked at the bright sky with astonishment .
The bright, white light fell down like rain drops as they left ripples on the city's dome . The deafening explosion soon followed as the "Holy Barrier System" protecting Wanghai was broken through .
[What kind of energy weapon is this?]
There was no time to hesitate, Jiang Chen rushed towards the table, opened the drawer, and picked up the pistol inside .
A violent explosion came from the outside and made the window viciously vibrate .
Was that an airdrop pod?
Jiang Chen was alarmed by the explosion coming from downstairs . It should be NATO soldiers forcing their way in .
Looking at the gun in his hand, he suddenly realized the purpose of the gun .
Jiang Chen took a final glance at the triangle area where the three lines intersected on the map .
He disengaged the safety and loaded the gun .
He raised the gun and aimed the muzzle at his own temple; a grim smile appearing on his lips .