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Chapter 47

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Sky stepped into the sunrise town with a smile . But this smile was not warm, it was a smile that was neither friendly nor provoking . It was a simple smile that would keep others at bay .

Sky's real smile was only reserved for his lovers and his friends, strangers did not have qualifications to earn his real smile .

As he entered the town, he gave some energy stones to a random monster and learnt the way to the town master's mansion .

Unlike the lower floors, where it was dog eat dog world, the tenth floor was relatively safer . Instead of fighting against themselves, the monsters fought against the demons that would invade the planes .

So, unless the demons invaded, the floor was usually peaceful . This led to the development of occupations . On his way to the town's mansion, Sky saw numerous shops selling all kinds of materials .

There were shops that sold weaponry, shops that sold treasures, shops that sold demon hearts .

The shops that sold demons heart interested Sky a lot . He wanted to see what kind of blood essence a demon would have .

So, he stopped on his way and entered the 'Demon's body parts' shop . It was rather a simple name that conveyed what the shop sold exactly .

A young girl was currently sitting behind the desk, immersed in a book . Sky saw a book for the first time in his life and was intrigued .

"What are you doing?" He asked, having no idea of what a book was .

The young girl behind the desk was startled . There were no customers usually, so it shocked her when she saw a eighteen year old human suddenly appearing and asking her a question .

Sky was just thirteen years old, but he was nearing six feet height and the constant battling had left a mature charm on his face . This was the reason that the young girl thought he was eighteen .

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"This, this is called a book . It's a rare item as we monsters only care about strength . Literature is just dust to monsters . " Regaining her manners, the young girl answered Sky with a smile .

"You seem to be interested in literature though . " Sky looked at the book she was holding as he spoke . She was so into the book a while ago, she had not noticed his presence when he entered the shop .

If it was the lower floors, being this distracted could immediately lead to your death . This just showed how safe the tenth floor was, when they are not being invaded by the demons .

"Well, I am just a weak monster . I can't gain much strength even if I battle daily . So I was just immersed in small things that I can do . " She replied honestly .

Sky nodded . From what he had observed, she was just a level five monster . This was one of the weakest level in the tenth floor .

"I would like to see a demon's heart . " He got to the main point .

The young lady nodded and led Sky to the inner part of the shop where the best of their shop were stored . She then took out a dried out heart of a level six demon .

Sky took it into his arms and observed it carefully . It looked no different from his own heart that he was surprised .

"How do the demons look?" He asked .

"They usually look the same as humans, the only difference being that they have three eyes instead of two . " The young girl found it strange that Sky was asking the most basic of questions . Everyone on the tenth floor knew how the demons looked .

"Do you have a heart that is fresh?" Sky wanted to to know how a demon's blood essence compared to monsters, so he wanted a heart that still contained blood essence .

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But his expectations were destroyed . The young lady mentioned that the shop did not have a fresh heart . If he wanted a fresh heart, then he would have to come back when the demons invaded .

Sky shook his head, if the demons invaded, he would directly harvest their hearts, there was no need to come back to this shop .

He left the shop disappointed . He saw more shops as he reached the town Master's mansion, but none of them earned his interest . So he walked straight into the mansion .

Feeling the strong aura that is emitted from his body, the gate guards did not dare stop him from entering .

He walked in and started strolling around . The town Master's mansion was huge and had a pretty garden inside . Sky enjoyed his stroll as he admired the beautiful garden .

After a few minutes of strolling around, Sky found himself before a monster who had a smile upon his face . "May I know your name sir . " The monster asked Sky politely .

"Sky . And you are . . ?" Sky did not reject the humbleness and spoke in a flat tone, neither overbearing nor flattering .

"I am Richard . The Town Master's son . A half blood Vampire . " The monster introduced himself .

"Ah! A half blood . It's been ages since I heard that term . " Sky continued the conversation .

The half blooded vampire chuckled, "Well, you will be hearing it frequently in the future . Unlike the lower floors, where half bloods are the enemies of both sides of parents, here, on tenth floor, which has a kingdom system where all the monsters live together, half bloods are very common . "

Sky nodded . "Well, I actually wanted to meet your dad to ask a few questions and earn some information . It seems there is no need anymore . " Sky had learned how important information was, this was the main reason for his visit to the town Master's mansion .

The half blooded vampire chuckled once again . People like Sky, who were direct were very easy to talk to . "What does Mr Sky need? If it is within my capabilities, I would be sure to fulfill it . "

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"I need the information about Demons and the unintelligent monsters species . Their races, structures, habits, nests, everything . . . everything you know about them . " Sky answered straightforwardly .

The half blooded vampire thought for some time seriously and finally nodded his head . "There is no problem in giving you all the information, after all the demons and the unintelligent species are the enemies of all monsters, but . . . . are you able to pay the price . "

Sky smiled and waved his hand, a mountain of energy stones rolled out his left hand . Seeing this many energy stones, the half blooded vampire's spine hardened .

He put on a stiff smile and awkwardly said, "this is too much . You must have killed a lot of 'monsters' to gain this much . "

"Many 'colonies' . " Sky corrected . All these stones came from the colonies he destroyed in the last three years .

"You are from the lower floors . " The half blooded vampire had his doubts before, but when Sky mentioned colonies, he confirmed it .

Sky understood that he had said more than what was needed . No matter how much he tried, he just could not help showing off . This can be said to be his innate weakness .

Fortunately, the half blooded vampire did not continue this topic . "How do you plan to receive the information?" The half blooded Vampire asked, changing the topic back to the main point .

Sky took out a pearl that he had got from plundering the colonies he destroyed and gave it to the half blood . "This thing can record your voice for a specific time, store the information in it . "

The half blooded vampire looked at this pearl with interest, but Sky shook his head . This pearl might be amazing to record voices, but the voices only stayed for day before dissipating from it .

So it's actual practicability was low .

The half blooded vampire went into his father's chambers to look into the information Sky needed . All the important information regarding the demons and the unintelligent species was stored in his dad's room .

He returned after two hours and gave back the pearl to Sky reluctantly . He really liked the pearl now . Sky shook his head and took out another pearl and gave it to the half blood . Sometimes he got to be 'magnanimous' and reward people .

"That would be ten drops of level five God's blood . " He said handing over the pearl . Well he tried to be 'Magnanimous' .

The half blooded vampire jumped in shock . Blood of level five God was incomparable . In fact, Sky's huge mountain of energy stones would not even compare to half a drop of level five God's blood .

Sky shook his head seeing the expression on the half vampire's face .

[ Too poor . Hump! This is the reason you should be born with a handsome face . ]

Even though this thought had no relation to Sky's wealth, he just wanted to mention he was handsome .

He gave the pearl that recorded the information to Artha . In future he would just ask Artha if he wanted to know anything .

Seeing that his purpose had been fulfilled, Sky left the mansion . He was just joking when he said about the price of the pearl . He just left it as a goodwill for future co operation .

His new destination was the closest nest of a unintelligent monster species .

Sky needed to build a new body to Mey's soul . But he had no idea of how to create bodies . So Sky has come to a conclusion .

The unintelligent species cultivated their body even after level nine . They are also said to be more stronger than the Gods of similar levels .

He wanted to observe how the unintelligent species cultivated their bodies . He would use this reference to create a perfect body for Mey .

Another reason was that, his level had stopped increasing when he took monster's blood essence . So he wanted to see wether the Demon's blood essence and the unintelligent species blood essence have any affect on his level .