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Chapter 1403: 1403

Chapter 1403: The Passenger Rocket

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At the opening of the mystic realm .

A huge rocket suddenly appeared .

It was pristine white in color with a red, pointy tip and a pair of semi-transparent golden wings .

An Lin was strapped tightly to the exterior of the rocket by sections of golden string, and he felt as if he were going to blast off into space where he would meet his doom .

He looked down at Bai Ling with a dark expression . “This is what you meant when you said I should take your rocket?!”

An eager smile appeared on Bai Ling’s beautiful face . “This is a prototype that has never taken a passenger before, so you’ll have to make do for now . ”

“Am I really not going to die?” An Lin was feeling quite uneasy .

“You’re already a Return to Void Stage mighty figure, yet you’re still scared of something like this? Are you not ashamed?” A disdainful expression appeared on Bai Ling’s face . “Besides, you’re doing this for Cassidy and the others, and they need your help as soon as possible . ”

That sounded like it made sense .

“Alright, blast me off!” An Lin took a deep breath .

Right at this moment, a voice sounded in the distance .

“Giant An Lin, why aren’t you taking me with you if you’re going to fight?”

An extremely beautiful fairy flew over from afar with concern on her face .

“Don’t even think about doing this by yourself, An Lin! I can help!” Xu Xiaolan also flew over from the distance atop her sword .

“Look! Our sect leader has been strapped to a rocket!”

“What’s he doing? Could it be that the Tai Chu Continent is not enough to contain him, and he’s going to fly to outer space?”

“I feel like something’s wrong here . Is this how a passenger rocket is supposed to work?”

The rocket was quite big, so it attracted the attention of many of the sect disciples, all of whom were discussing spiritedly among themselves .

An Lin immediately instructed Bai Ling at the sight of Tina and Xu Xiaolan . “Blast me off!”

His enemies were most likely going to be Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures this time, so it was far too dangerous to take Xu Xiaolan and Tina along with him . After all, Xu Xiaolan was only invincible below Dao Integration Stage, and even that title was a little debatable!

Bai Ling immediately began a countdown . “Ten, nine…”

An Lin’s expression darkened . “Hurry up!”

Why was she doing a countdown? Was she worried that Xu Xiaolan wouldn’t be able to get here quickly enough?

Bai Ling accelerated her countdown . “Eight seven six five…”

An Lin was fuming . “I’m telling you to hurry up and blast me off, not hurry up in your countdown!”

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Bai Ling ignored him . This was her moment, and she was not going to let anyone ruin it . If there was no countdown before a rocket launch, then that rocket would be a soulless rocket .

Tina and Xu Xiaolan were extremely fast, and they instantly flashed toward the rocket before attempting to grab onto it .

However, right at this moment, a spatial barrier appeared in their way .

They felt as if they had crashed into an invisible wall, and they couldn’t even get past it by trying to tear open the space before them .

“Fourthreetwoone, launch!” Bai Ling finished her countdown in a single breath with a smile on her face .

How could he have not set up barriers in advance before a rocket launch?

Her spatial barrier was impregnable to all Return to Void Stage mighty figures .

An extremely dazzling light erupted from the bottom of the rocket, sending it hurtling into the sky . At the same time, the two semi-transparent golden wings on either side of the rocket extended to over a kilometer in length before flapping like the wings of a bird to accelerate the rocket even further .

An Lin was blasted straight into the sky!

An Lin couldn’t help but scream as the rocket reached an insane velocity in the blink of an eye .

All of the spectating disciples of the Four Nine Immortal Sect were dumbstruck .

“Look! Our sect leader is doing a live rendition of ascension!”

“Pavilion Lords Xiaolan and Tina are giving chase!”

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“Will they be able to catch up?”

“Sect Leader is such a fortunate man to be chased by two exceptional beauties . ”

“Is that a legendary passenger rocket? It looks like it would be really stimulating to ride…”

An Lin began to gather more and more speed through the air .

Xu Xiaolan and Tina wanted to come along, but they didn’t dare to break through the rocket’s defenses by force in fear of accidentally damaging the rocket .

Tears of rage and concern welled up in Xu Xiaolan’s eyes . “An Lin, you b*stard! I won’t weigh you down, so why won’t you take me with you?!”

An Lin was feeling quite guilty upon hearing this, and he replied in a loud voice, “I’ll be back soon! Just wait for me!”

He couldn’t engage all of the Blood Tribe emperors in battle, and he wouldn’t be able to win in any case . Hence, he had his own plan, and that plan was better enacted alone . Having more people with him would actually prove to be detrimental .

An Lin had already contacted the Celestial Thearch via voice transmission talisman prior to getting on the rocket .

Three of the emperors had other important missions and couldn’t get back in a short time .

However, the Celestial Thearch and Emperor Ziwei were able to help him out . They were going to stir up some trouble in the Dark Marshlands to draw the Blood Tribe emperors away so that An Lin could save the three Holy Disciples from the Blood Tribe holy land and get out of there as quickly as possible .

The Celestial Thearch and Emperor Ziwei had already set off, and as Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures, they were both extraordinarily fast . They would have probably already attracted Blood Tribe emperors to them before An Lin’s arrival .

Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures could sense one another, so the Return to Void Stage An Lin was an ideal candidate for infiltration!

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“Coordinates verified, flight path verified… Now entering golden spear mode . ”

A mechanical voice suddenly sounded before a boundless golden light erupted from the rocket, enveloping An Lin’s body in the process .

At the same time, spatial ripples proliferated forth from the tip of the rocket .

A clear, pleasant voice suddenly sounded .

An Lin turned to discover a little fairy with divine symbols flashing around her body .

In the next instant, even An Lin lost sight of the little fairy despite his powerful divine sense .

However, a pair of tiny arms suddenly wrapped themselves around his neck, almost cutting off his air supply .

“Holy f*ck! Are you trying to murder me?” An Lin was given a huge fright .

“Heeheehee… You’re not getting rid of Little Na . ” The small fairy wore a gorgeous, smug smile on her face as she wound her soft, warm arms tightly around An Lin’s neck .

An Lin was speechless . Not only had the golden string bound his entire body, but even his neck had been bound by Tina’s hug .

Before he had a chance to complain, the rocket suddenly accelerated further to reach its peak velocity, and its massive body disappeared into space .

Xu Xiaolan was on the verge of tears as she looked on from a distance . “You’re powerful now, so you don’t want me anymore?”

Bai Ling was also on the verge of tears . “My rocket’s defenses should be impenetrable to all cultivators below the Dao Integration Stage . How was it bypassed by a Return to Void Stage fairy?”

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