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Chapter 1404: 1404

Chapter 1404: The Holy Leader’s Grand Entrance

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Within the central region of the Dark Marshlands .

At the Immortal Spirit Paradise .

This was a holy paradise so beautiful that visitors would never want to leave .

The sky was a pristine blue with white cranes circling above the clouds while letting loose ethereal cries from time to time .

This was the core region of the Dark Marshlands; a place that even the Heavenly Court emperors did not dare to encroach upon without meticulous preparation . There were currently three Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures gathered here, all of whom wore grave expressions of thunderous rage .

Factoring in Emperor An Mang, who had entered the Blood Tribe holy land, all of the Blood Tribe Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures were gathered here . Each of the Blood Tribe emperors had their own territory, which they governed, so they would not gather in one place unless there was something extremely significant that needed to be attended to .

The three emperors stood outside of a crimson palace .

“I wonder who this Holy Leader is,” the handsome Emperor Fu Tian said with a faint smile as he gently flapped the crimson feathered fan in his hand . “I really want to know what kind of person could make so many Blood Tribe mighty figures pledge their eternal loyalty to him . ”

“Sigh, who would have thought that even the three Holy Disciples are involved in this? The Holy Disciples were chosen by the Blood Patriarch to lead the Blood Tribe to greater heights . How could they do something like this? It’s inexplicable!” Emperor Yi Deng spat through gritted teeth .

“There must be other Holy Worshippers hiding within our Dark Marshlands . We’ll investigate all of our Return to Void Stage mighty figures after An Mang captures the three Holy Disciples,” Empress Helen spoke .

Emperor An Mang had already entered the holy land, while the emperors were directly situated outside of the holy land in order to prevent this so-called Holy Leader from providing reinforcements to the three Holy Disciples .

Emperor Yi Deng was a little nervous . “Let’s not get careless . Even the three Holy Disciples are loyal to this Holy Leader, so this must be a very powerful being . They would at least be at the Dao Integration Stage, or perhaps even God of Creation Stage!”

The other two emperors’ expressions became even more grave upon hearing this .

Right at this moment, all three emperors turned at the same time toward a certain direction .

“There really are Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures encroaching upon our territory!” Empress Helen spoke .

Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures were all quite sensitive to one another as they could fuse their dao with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth . Hence, they would be easily discovered unless they had some sort of special concealment methods .

“Is it the Holy Leader?” Emperor Fu Tian inquired with a smile .

“Wait… This aura is very familiar…” Emperor Yi Deng’s brows furrowed before he came to a sudden realization . “It’s the Celestial Thearch and Emperor Ziwei!”

All of the emperors’ expressions shifted again upon hearing this .

“Are the Heavenly Court emperors trying to start a full-blown war against our Blood Tribe?” A frosty expression appeared on Helen’s face .

Not long after that, the emperors’ voice transmission talismans began to flash incessantly . They didn’t even need to pick up to know that territories were currently being ravaged by the Heavenly Court emperors .

“This is no coincidence… Is this a distraction?” Emperor Fu Tian analyzed . “It looks like this Holy Leader has ties with the Heavenly Court . Don’t fall for this trick . ”

“This is not a matter of whether we fall for their trick or not . If we continue to stay here without doing anything, those two Heavenly Court emperors are going to lay waste to the entire Dark Marshlands!” Helen heaved with a resigned sigh . “We have to fight!”

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“The Celestial Thearch is a very difficult opponent…” Emperor Yi Deng sighed .

“I’ll take care of him,” Emperor Fu Tian wore his trademark smile as he said in a warm, composed voice .

Empress Helen and Emperor Yi Deng both heaved sighs of relief upon hearing this .

Emperor Fu Tian was the most powerful being in the Blood Tribe, and he was the only one capable of opposing the Celestial Thearch .

“Then I’ll go take on Emperor Ziwei . ” Empress Helen turned to Emperor Yi Deng and said, “You stay here at the Immortal Spirit Paradise and contact us if something happens . ”

Yi Deng nodded with a smile . “Don’t worry, there is a formation left behind by the Blood Patriarch here, which can seal away the divine dao of all living beings outside of the Blood Tribe . Even if someone like the Celestial Thearch comes here, I would have nothing to fear as they wouldn’t be able to use their power of the divine dao!”

Emperor Yi Deng was extremely confident .

He was afraid of no one in this Immortal Spirit Paradise!

These were also Empress Helen and Emperor Fu Tian’s thoughts, so they left him behind to engage the two Heavenly Court emperors in battle .

Emperor Fu Tian’s body slowly became insubstantial before disappearing between heaven and earth .

“You guys stay here with Emperor Yi Deng,” Helen instructed .

A beautiful woman with short, golden hair and the two black-robed mighty figures behind her nodded at the same time . “As you wish!”

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The three holy golden guardians were extremely powerful and could be quite useful here .

Helen nodded before flashing through the air, covering a distance of several hundred kilometers with each step and quickly disappearing from view .

Emperor Yi Deng sat down upon his throne and harrumphed coldly . “So what if this Holy Leader has the Heavenly Court emperors on his side? They have no idea just how terrifying this Immortal Spirit Paradise is . If this Holy Leader dares to come here, I’ll make sure they stay here forever!”

At this moment, many Blood Tribe powerful beings and mighty figures were gathering around the opening to the Immortal Spirit Paradise .

Some of them were summoned here, while others were just curious spectators .

All of them kept a huge distance between themselves and the opening to the Blood Tribe holy land .

Otherwise, if a battle was to erupt here, they could easily perish as collateral damage .

The only Blood Tribe participants in this battle were going to be Emperor Yi Deng and the three holy golden guardians .

“Hey, what’s going on here?”

“Not a clue . The Divine Disc League was destroyed, apparently by Empress Helen, and now the emperors are gathering here . Could it be that they’re preparing for an enemy invasion?”

“All of the emperors have been deployed at the same time . Something big is going to happen…”

“But who would dare to encroach upon this place, knowing that there is a formation left behind by the Blood Patriarch here?”

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Most of the Blood Tribe powerful beings were just oblivious spectators . However, there were some Blood Tribe mighty figures whose eyes were shimmering with anxiety and also a hint of anticipation .

If their speculation proved to be correct, then there was a great chance that they would be able to see the legendary Holy Leader soon!

With this in mind, some of the mighty figures were breathing a bit more heavily .

They thought about the Holy Leader night and day, and they had even dreamed about the Holy Leader on countless occasions . The Holy Leader was like a god-like figure to them, and they were extremely excited to be able to witness their god descend upon the Dark Marshlands today!

Just as the Blood Tribe mighty figures were fantasizing .

Yi Deng’s expression shifted as he looked up into the sky . “Is the Holy Leader finally here? Why can’t I sense his energy fluctuations?”

A thunderous rumbling sound suddenly erupted from the sky .

Golden ripples proliferated forth as a pointy, red head appeared .

“So long, so thick, and so big!”

“There’s a person strapped to it!”

A rocket with a pair of golden wings suddenly appeared in the sky before hurtling down toward the Immortal Spirit Paradise at an insane speed before even Emperor Yi Deng had a chance to react .

The rocket crashed to the ground and violently exploded!

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