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Chapter 1406: 1406

Chapter 1406: Holy Blood Cult vs Blood Tribe

The call was imbued with supreme divine might and was audible throughout the entire heaven and earth .

This was the first time An Lin had unleashed his Great Divine Might Technique and even he didn’t how powerful it was going to be .

However, this was a spell technique he had obtained after conquering over two thousand beautiful concubines, so it shouldn’t be too bad .

All of the tens of thousands of Blood Tribe powerful beings present felt as if they were being confronted by the mightiest god of this world . They couldn’t muster up any thoughts of resistance, and the vast majority of them involuntarily knelt to the ground!

Even Return to Void Stage mighty figures collapsed to the ground, trembling uncontrollably, and they could only support themselves with their hands pressed against the ground .

Ada forced herself not to kneel, but her features were extremely pale and cold sweat had materialized on her forehead .

She looked at the god-like man in the distance with an astonished expression . “This is the might of An Lin? How could it be so terrifying? Isn’t he only at the Return to Void Stage?”

Why was this sense of oppression even more potent than when she was confronted by her master?

Even Emperor Yi Deng was experiencing a sense of crushing oppression, as if he was facing an existence on a level that transcended beyond his own .

“Where are the Holy Worshippers? Do you think they’ll dare to stand with you now?” Emperor Yi Deng paused momentarily before bursting into laughter . “Are you calling them out so that they can all die with you?!”


“I’d gladly lay down my life for the Holy Leader!”

“Long live the Holy Blood Cult!!!”

Boom boom boom…

Violent explosions suddenly erupted .

A series of devastating spell techniques began to appear .

Thirteen Return to Void Stage mighty figures suddenly sprang into action before attacking all of the Blood Tribe powerful beings around them .

One had to realize that Return to Void Initial Stage mighty figures weren’t even powerful enough to absorb An Lin’s blood without self-detonating, so these were all Return to Void Intermediate Stage and Return to Void Final Stage mighty figures! All of them were unleashing their most powerful attacks from the get-go, and the effects were simply devastating!

Over ten thousand Blood Tribe powerful beings perished in the blink of an eye .

Emperor Yi Deng was dumbstruck . All of these top-rate mighty figures were so-called Holy Worshippers?

What Yi Deng didn’t know was that after absorbing An Lin’s blood, all of these Blood Tribe mighty figures had an instinctive connection and unconditional acceptance toward An Lin . They had accepted An Lin with all their hearts, and they loved An Lin, so they had to love everything about him, even the fact that he was a human!

“Holy golden guardians! Go kill those traitors!” Emperor Yi Deng was fuming with rage .

The three holy golden guardians had already sprung into action before Emperor Yi Deng had issued his command .

All of them were mighty figures at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage, so it was no problem for them to take care of the thirteen traitorous Blood Tribe mighty figures with the help of the other Blood Tribe mighty figures present .

A golden divine dao light erupted from Ada’s body as she hurtled toward a Return to Void Intermediate Stage mighty figure at blinding speed with a dagger in her hand . A golden light flashed through the air, and the mighty figure was sliced in half before they even had a chance to react .

“Sect Leader Ken of the Blood Rakshasa Sect . I didn’t think that even you would be a traitor . You can go and repent in hell now,” Ada said in a cold voice .

The figure that had been sliced in half was still howling in agony, but he was soon burned into nothingness by a golden divine dao light .

Emperor Yi Deng couldn’t help but burst into laughter upon hearing this . “You’re all trash! You and your supposed Holy Worshippers are all going to die here today!”

“Three mighty figures at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage think that they can kill all of my Holy Worshippers?” An Lin knew that among his twelve remaining Holy Worshippers, there were two at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage .

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“The three holy golden guardians can unleash a combination mystic technique, which will grant them Dao Integration Stage power for a short time . Do you still think they’re incapable of killing these people?” Emperor Yi Deng chuckled coldly .

Right at this moment, a woman’s anguished wail erupted .


“Guardian Jin Yao!”

Ada let loose a despairing cry upon seeing this, and her calm and collected facade had completely collapsed .

One of the black-robed holy golden guardians had been enveloped by a rainbow divine light, and her body was being twisted by a terrifying spatial power .

In the next instant, that holy golden guardian disappeared .

A black ball remained in her place, and it rolled around before releasing a loud burp .

An extremely beautiful fairy placed the ball into her storage ring with a dainty smile on her face . “Three holy golden guardians can achieve Dao Integration Stage power, but what about two?”

Emperor Yi Deng: “…”

“Who the hell are you? And what was that ball?” Ada stared at the little fairy with astonishment and caution on her face .

The guardian Jin Yao was a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure, and it was simply absurd to Ada that a little fairy was able to suck her away into a ball .

Even a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure wouldn’t be able to take care of a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure that quickly!

“My ball is known as the Pokeball, and it can seal away all monsters and demons . You better settle down, or I might just take you as well!” Tina put her hands on her hips with a stern expression .

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The Pokeball could seal away all enemies with cultivation bases equal to or lower than Tina’s . Tina was now at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage, so she was naturally able to seal Jin Yao away .

Unfortunately, the Pokeball could only seal away one target in a short amount of time . Otherwise, she would have sealed away all of these Blood Tribe powerful beings!

However, Ada did not know this, and she really was frightened into inactivity by Tina’s words .

“What a terrifying fairy! She just insta-killed one of the three holy golden guardians! We would stand no chance against her!”

The Blood Tribe powerful beings began to flee with expressions of shock and horror on their faces .

In contrast, the Holy Worshippers were at the height of their morale and began to hunt down their surrounding enemies with even more vigor and excitement .

The Blood Tribe powerful beings fell like mosquitoes .

And this was all because Tina threw a little ball!

Emperor Yi Deng’s expression was thunderously dark, and he pounced toward An Lin with killing intent surging from his body .

There was no point in wasting time with words at a time like this . All he would have to do was to kill An Lin, and this farce would come to an end!

“Sister, that fairy’s ball can most likely only be used once . Otherwise, she wouldn’t just be delivering a verbal threat to us,” the remaining black-robed holy golden guardian whispered to Ada .

Ada immediately came to her senses upon hearing this . “You’re right, Sister Jin Ling! Let’s go!”

Ada and Jin Ling looked at each other before transforming into two streaks of golden light and pouncing toward Tina .

One of them held a lethal dagger while the other swept forth atop a golden wave .

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Even if the two holy golden guardians couldn’t muster up a Dao Integration Stage power, they could still sweep through all Return to Void Stage enemies!

Tina didn’t dare to underestimate her enemies, so she drew her Heart Lotus Ice Sword, which transformed the world around her into a realm of frost and ice .

An Lin slashed his Evil-Slaying Sword toward the oncoming Emperor Yi Deng . “Evil Sword Technique, Royal Divine Monarch!”

Extremely regal sword intent descended, as if a Divine Monarch had arrived at the scene .


A black energy clashed with a crimson power of the divine dao, transforming heaven and earth into a vast expanse of black and red .

The battle between the Holy Blood Cult and the Blood Tribe had finally erupted at the Immortal Spirit Paradise!

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