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Chapter 1407: 1407

Chapter 1407: Tina’s True Power

An Lin and Emperor Yi Deng’s clash made the earth within a radius of over fifty kilometers tremor violently .

Both An Lin and Emperor Yi Deng were knocked back a few steps .

An expression of surprise appeared on Emperor Yi Deng’s face . “I didn’t think you would be so powerful at just the Return to Void Stage . No wonder the Celestial Thearch agreed to let me exact revenge on you after you have reached the Return to Void Stage . ”

A faint smile appeared on An Lin’s face . Not only was there black energy revolving around his body, but he was also enshrouded by his divine flames and holy flame .

That’s right! He had unleashed both his Origin Energy of the Netherworld as well as his Fire God Mode . Otherwise, there was no way he would’ve been able to fend off Emperor Yi Deng’s attack .

On the other battlefield .

The twelve Holy Worshippers had somehow managed to gain the upper hand over tens of thousands of Blood Tribe powerful beings .

They were extremely powerful and did not fear death as they were the most fervent and devout worshippers . All they wanted to do was to burn with the most light and heat possible for their Holy Leader . None of the other Blood Tribe powerful beings within the Immortal Spirit Paradise had this state of mind . Most of them were just here to spectate, not to engage in a battle to the death!

Thus, the Blood Tribe army was forced firmly onto the back foot .


A massive ice lotus appeared on the ground, encompassing an area with a radius of over fifty kilometers .

The space within the range of this ice lotus was transformed into a world of extreme frost where lethal snowflakes flew alongside turbulent wind, blades of ice, and fearsome sword intent .

Among the Blood Tribe powerful beings who had inadvertently stumbled into this area, some of them were frozen solid, while others were sliced into countless pieces before being preserved by the freezing temperatures .

Even Ada and Jin Ling were moving more sluggishly within this world of extreme frost .

This was the lotus realm technique Tina was capable of unleashing after drawing upon the full power of the Heart Lotus Ice Sword!

“Golden Cloud Dream!” Jin Ling swept forth atop her massive golden wave as all manners of weapons took shape within the wave .

There were fearsome golden longswords, mountainous maces, spears capable of piercing through space… All of the weapons were imbued with immensely terrifying powers and could easily shatter the blades of ice within the lotus realm . All of them hurtled toward Tina like an unstoppable juggernaut!

“Your lotus realm is no match for my power! Die!” Jin Ling unleashed her full power as weapons hurtled through the air toward Tina .

A golden light flashed past Tina’s emerald eyes . “Divine technique, Divine Mirror Creation!”

She clapped her hands together, and a circular, blue mirror appeared before her .

Its surface reflected the countless weapons hurtling toward her, and bursts of golden energy swept forth, immediately following which an identical sea of weapons tumbled out from her mirror .


Countless weapons shot forth from Tina’s mirror to clash together with Jin Ling’s weapons, upon which a series of resounding booms and explosions erupted .

The waves of weapons were completely identical, and all of them canceled each other out .

“You can completely replicate my power? I didn’t think there would be such a high-level spell technique in this world . ” Jin Ling’s expression became extremely grave as she produced a long, golden pin .

However, before she had a chance to attack again, she discovered that the fairy before her had suddenly disappeared .

Her heart jolted for some reason, and a sense of extreme danger welled up in her heart .

One of the golden flying swords hurtling toward her was crashing forward with an unstoppable force, as if it was the sharpest weapon in this world!

“It’s you! You transformed into a sword?” Jin Ling let loose a cry of surprise .

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Never would she have thought that Tina would be able to merge herself within her spell technique so seamlessly in such a short time .

However, after a brief moment of shock, a faint smile appeared on Jin Ling’s face as the golden pin in her hand shot forth!

This was a high-rank immortal tool, the Soul-Crushing God-Slaying Pin .

This pin was capable of destroying an enemy’s consciousness along with their physical body!

The Soul-Crushing God-Slaying Pin shot forth at blinding speed and struck the golden sword almost instantaneously .


The golden flying sword exploded!

However, Tina was not destroyed by her attack as she had expected .

Instead, the flying sword exploded into a vast expanse of golden water droplets .

One of the water droplets hurtled toward Jin Ling, and within it, a tiny figure was slowly growing bigger .

Jin Ling immediately understood what had happened . Tina had managed to create over ten thousand separate spaces within the flying sword in the split second before the Soul-Crushing God-Slaying Pin had struck, and she had hidden herself in one of those spaces .

In other words, her Soul-Crushing God-Slaying Pin had only struck a decoy structure .

What terrifying mastery of spatial power!

Tina leaped out from the golden water droplet with a cold expression in her eyes as she slashed her bright blue sword toward Jin Ling .

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There was simply not enough distance between them for Jin Ling to react, and she could only look on as Tina’s sword swept toward her!


The sword strike sliced the black-robed woman cleanly in half!

“Jin Ling!”

An enraged roar sounded from nearby .

Ada’s dagger was already piercing through the air toward Tina .

She was initially planning to land a lethal strike on Tina while she was battling Jin Ling, but she didn’t think that Tina would be able to defeat Jin Ling so quickly!

Ada’s dagger strike was extremely fast, and it was imbued with the power of the metallic divine dao as well as her crushing killing intent . She was the best assassin within the Blood Tribe, and none of her targets had ever lived to tell the tale!

The dagger hadn’t reached Tina yet, but a trench several dozen kilometers in length had already been sliced into the earth from her terrifying killing intent .

A faint smile appeared on Tina’s face, and she turned around elegantly to strike the edge of the dagger with her sword, upon which a strange power diverted the dagger away from its original path .

This was the first time Ada had ever felt like her dagger wasn’t being held in her own hand . It was as if her dagger had developed a mind of her own and was intent on stabbing into the space beside Tina’s body .

Even her killing intent had been refracted in a different direction!

Thus, she passed by Tina…


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Another immortal sword had appeared in Tina’s other hand, and just as they were glancing past one another, Tina had struck at blinding speed toward Ada’s back!


A pristine, white sword projection parted heaven and earth .

Ada had already summoned her golden divine dao light to defend herself, but a huge gash was still sliced into her back, from which blood splattered forth, which was then immediately frozen into blood crystals .

She didn’t have time to attend to her wounds as she frantically retreated into the distance .

Ada really was terrified now . In such a short period of time, this little fairy had managed to defeat herself and Jin Ling, both of whom were at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage! This was outrageous!

“Sister, we’re no match for her!” Jin Ling had only just pieced together the two halves of her body with great difficulty, and she too was hurtling back in retreat .

“I thought you two would be quite powerful, but you’re nothing much . ” A faint smile appeared on Tina’s face as she made her way toward her retreating opponents . It looked like she was strolling leisurely through the air, yet she was constantly closing the gap between them .

After Tina progressed to the Return to Void Stage and became the Divine Mirror World’s Goddess of Creation, she already possessed power comparable to a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure . Now that she was at the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage, no one knew just how powerful she was aside from herself .

This was also why Tina had the confidence to accompany An Lin into the core region of the Blood Tribe territory!

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