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Published at 27th of August 2019 02:05:07 AM

Chapter 167: 167

Chen Qinghang was held captive in the Frosty Demon Sealing Tower as all memories regarding the Holy Glacial Lands and Meng Zhi began to slowly fade away .

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There was nothing in the tower, only an endless expanse of darkness .

He could not do anything aside from sleep .

When he woke up, he would become the real Chen Qinghang… not Bing Fu, not Meng Zhi’s toy, but he would continue to live on as the pride of the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect .

An eternity seemed to pass .

Suddenly, he heard a violent explosion and he began to recover his senses…

Chen Qinghang awoke and stood up amidst a vast expanse of shattered white crystals .

And then, he saw the storm-swept Heavenly Dawn Peak and the countless bodies around him . He also saw many survivors, all of whom were staring at him .

He raised his head to look up toward the battling figures in the sky and smiled bitterly as he finally came to his senses . “So that’s what happened…”

An elder from the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect soon stepped out .

“Are you Chen Qinghang or Bing Fu!?”

Chen Qinghang… Bing Fu?

Memories began to resurface in his mind, all of them as clear as ever .

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He stood rooted to the spot, then widened his eyes as he looked toward the elders of the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect . “What the hell did you guys do? You said you’d erase all the memories regarding the Holy Glacial Lands from my mind, but why can I still recall all these memories clearly!”

All the elders from the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect: “…”

At this moment, a vast glacier suddenly appeared in the sky, trapping the three peak leaders within .

A silver-haired woman with exquisitely beautiful features flashed down from the sky and embraced Chen Qinghang in a tight hug .

She was none other than the High Priestess of the Holy Glacial Lands, Meng Zhi .

“Toy, I’m here to pick you up, please come back with me…”

The powerful and proud High Priestess who was battling three Return to Void Stage mighty figures by herself a moment ago suddenly appeared more like a needy little girl . As she clutched tightly to Chen Qinghang’s clothes, her face filled with both excitement and uneasiness .

Chen Qinghang came to his senses and gently pushed Meng Zhi away . “I can’t… My father is still here . I promised him I wouldn’t leave the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect . ”

“Who told you that your father’s here? Your father has been held captive by me at the Snow God Palace . ” Meng Zhi averted her golden eyes nervously, appearing a little apologetic .

“Ha?” Chen Qinghang’s eyes widened again .

“Well… I originally intended to trade your father for you, but the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect wouldn’t agree to this, so I just held your father captive this whole time…” Meng Zhi’s voice became weaker and weaker as she spoke, making her appear more and more like a little girl who had done something wrong .

Chen Qinghang winced . If his memories had been wiped away, he would definitely attack this High Priestess without hesitation, but as the situation was now…

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“Alright, I agree to go back with you, but you have to promise to release my father once we return to the Holy Glacial Lands . ” Chen Qinghang replied with a serious expression .

“Of course! Aside from the Great Empress, everyone has to listen to my commands in the Holy Glacial Lands!” Meng Zhi smiled sweetly as she stared at the man in front of her, the scene was reminiscent of a few centuries ago .


The three peak leaders burst through the glacier in the air and their expressions began to darken when they saw Chen Qinghang together with Meng Zhi .

“Qinghang, don’t continue down this path . If you make the wrong decision again here, the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect will no longer be your home!” An elderly woman from the Heavenly Dawn Peak spoke in a solemn voice as she gripped her cane tightly .

Within the whole of the Ten Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect, the person that she thought had the most potential was Chen Qinghang and thus, she was also the most heartbroken when he was sealed away in the Frosty Demon Sealing Tower .

Chen Qinghang raised his head toward the old woman with a warm smile on his face . “Grandma Xiao, thank you for looking after me all this time, but I have no other choice here . ”

“Let’s go…” He turned toward Meng Zhi .

Meng Zhi nodded heavily and summoned the nine ice dragons which were still in combat with the formation spirit . They charged through the array formation with Chen Qinghang in tow and flew into the distance, with two Return to Void Stage Palace Leaders and a few dozen powerful snow maidens right on their heels .

The peak leaders and the elders did not give chase . Without the protection of the spell formation, they were definitely no match for Meng Zhi .

They had lost this battle…

The sun had already set over the horizon and stars began to appear in the sky .

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With craters and cracks everywhere, the Heavenly Dawn Peak had been severely ravaged by the huge battle that just ensued, making the whole mountain appear as if it could collapse at any moment .

If it was not for the fact that the peak leaders intentionally made the sky their battlefield, the Heavenly Dawn Peak would have perhaps been razed to the ground already .

An Lin was a bystander in this battle, but he still felt as if he could have died at any moment .

Luckily the High Priestess was only here to reclaim a hostage and not here to fight to the death . Otherwise, who would have known what could have happened .

After the conclusion of the battle, some of the sect disciples remained at the Heavenly Dawn Peak to deal with the aftermath .

An Lin delivered Xuanyuan Cheng and Tang Shiyuan to the sect’s treatment center . Both of them were heavily injured and required a specialized array formation to implement their treatment .

After the two of them entered the treatment spell formation, An Lin breathed a light sigh of relief and left the treatment center .

He then met up with Xiao Chou and Da Bai who were luckily both unscathed .

Da Bai had slept through everything and only learned of the battle after the fact, and Xiao Chou had received instructions from An Lin to not intervene unless the situation required it .

After making sure his beast pets were OK, An Lin began to explore again .

Without him realizing it, he returned to the Heavenly Dawn Peak .

He was here just this afternoon to appreciate the scenery and had praised the Heavenly Dawn Peak as worthy of its title as the most scenic of the five main peaks . But now, within a short span of less than half a day, the peak had become a vast expanse of rubble and scorched earth, transforming it into the most hideous of the five main peaks .

He lay on a huge slab of rock and stared up in deep thought at the stars in the sky .

Why did the silver-haired man inform him of his plan to self-detonate? Why had Chen Qinghang’s memories not been erased? These were all questions he could not answer .

The sudden onset of battle resulted in the deaths of many sect disciples . There were even a few elders amongst the casualties .

The young prodigy, Zhang Yan, who he had just gotten to know not too long ago, also self-detonated during the battle .

It had to be said, this was the cruel nature of battles in the cultivating world . Maybe some mighty figure would suddenly pop up one day and kill you simply because he did not like the sight of you .

“Sigh… I’m already Spirit Nurturing Stage, but why do I still feel so weak?” An Lin sighed internally .

He felt as if he was Detective Conan since there was always something happening wherever he went and a lot of them were huge earth-shattering events .

He thought he was at a stage where he could just bully cultivators of Dao Body cultivation base, but all the enemies he encountered were f*cking Soul Formation and Return to Void mighty figures .

An Lin sighed lightly at the thought of this .

He did not know why, but his gaze gradually began to focus on a particular unblinking star .

The star was round and it emitted a very soft glow, like a miniature moon hanging in the sky .

“This… star is so peculiar . It’s not a fake star, is it?” An Lin spoke to himself .

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