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Published at 6th of September 2019 01:30:07 PM

Chapter 188: 188

Within a large, antique ark, a series of delicious dishes were being brought on .

All the dishes from the Light Wing Clan were very high in energy, each of them was extremely proficient in replenishing the body .

An Lin and the others soon began to feel their bodies heat up as a sense of fullness spread throughout their bodies .

“Shirley, I drink to you, thank you for your Icy Flame Fairy Dragon egg!” An Lin raised his glass with a grateful expression .

Shirley pursed her lips in a smile and also raised her glass in response .

Her beautiful eyes continued to linger on An Lin as if she was thinking about something else .

Augus made his way over and warned her in a low voice, “Shirley, stop being a pervert! We have to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference tomorrow!”

“Alright, alright, alright… jeez, you’re so annoying…” Shirley puckered her petite pink lips in dissatisfaction before continuing, “You can’t compete with An Lin anyway, what’s the point of being so anxious?”

Augus: “…”

An Lin and the others enjoyed themselves thoroughly at lunch .

At the conclusion of the meal, it was already close to night-time .

Following this, An Lin left the ark and walked with Da Bai back to his living quarters .

“Big Brother An, when our little brother is born, should we send him to cultivate at the Mythological Beast Sect for a while?” Da Bai suddenly asked .

An Lin was slightly taken aback by this as he hadn’t actually thought about it before .

Although the Icy Flame Fairy Dragon could recognize its owner straight after birth, An Lin was at a complete loss with regard to how to train it to grow up .

“Hmm… we can definitely consider sending it to beast kindergarten . ” An Lin nodded in approval after pondering to himself for a while .

“Woof! I can introduce a teacher to our younger brother!” Da Bai barked excitedly . He could already envision his younger brother growing up strong and healthy under his guidance .

“Hmm, our younger brother is an Icy Flame Fairy Dragon, so it should have an affiliation with fire . I have gathered a lot of observations in the element of fire, perhaps I can instruct it in the way of fire . ” Xiao Chou’s inner mentor was raring to go . He could already envision his younger brother ruling over the heavens under his guidance .

Xiao Hong also chimed in with her delicate voice, “Then I’ll be responsible for teaching our younger brother how to photosynthesize!” She could already envision her younger brother growing taller each day under the sun .

An Lin: “…”

“It’s too early to be discussing things like this, it’ll still be a long while until our younger brother hatches . Let’s go back to check on him first . ” An Lin and the others had been walking around for a while so it was time to go back anyway .

Da Bai and the others all nodded in agreement . They suddenly felt a sense of responsibility as elder siblings .

Thus, they walked to the door of An Lin’s living quarters .

“Huh? What a delicious smell!”

Da Bai sniffed as drool began to roll down his chin .

“Why does it feel like it’s coming from my room?” An Lin blinked in surprise .

Xiao Chou’s bulb-like eyes lit up immediately . “Big Brother An, could it be that one of your super fans is preparing dinner for you in there?”

An Lin came to his senses at Xiao Chou’s reminder . Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu really were capable of doing something like that .

With this in mind, a smile surfaced on his face . “How thoughtful of them . ”

He was quite happy that a fan would do something like this for him from time to time .

Right at this moment, Xiao Hong’s dainty red head poked out An Lin’s pocket . “Hmm, where’s our younger brother?”

Xiao Hong’s words directed everyone’s attention to the windowsill .

Where there was nothing .


Where was their younger brother…?

An Lin, Da Bai, and Xiao Chou all fell into silence .

They were even a little bit afraid to breathe .

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Da Bai made his way toward the door and accidentally inhaled . “It seems like the smell of eggs…”

An Lin’s hands trembled as he gripped the door handle .

His whole body began to quiver .

The door opened .

A rich, delicious scent flowed from the room .

But everyone suddenly found it hard to breathe .


Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu yelled in unison with wide smiles on their faces as if they were welcoming the return of their idol .

“Senior An Lin, we’ve prepared dinner for you, come have a taste!” Yao Xiu wrapped a slim arm around An Lin’s and dragged him towards the table .

She began to rattle off the dishes on the table excitedly . “This is egg and lotus root, egg with lobster, egg fried rice, golden egg yolk assorted dish,…”

“Senior An Lin, this is an egg feast prepared by me, what do you think?!”

Yao Xiu’s cute face was filled with anticipation as if she was expecting praise from An Lin .

An Lin stared at the succulent dishes on the table, feeling like he was choking on something .

Yao Mingxi thought An Lin was too moved by their gesture, so he patted An Lin’s shoulder in a friendly gesture . “This is just a small display of our admiration . If Senior An Lin likes it, we can cook it for you every day!”

“Can I ask…”

“Where on earth you got so much egg from?”

An Lin pointed at the feast on the table and asked with quivering lips .

“Oh, this is all made from the huge egg on your windowsill, Senior An Lin . Egg is good for the body, but it has to be cooked in the correct way to fully bring out its effects!” Yao Xiu introduced with a proud expression .

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She then pointed to a corner in the room and continued, “We can also use this stuff to make soup, it has very high calcium content!”

An Lin, Da Bai, Xiao Chou, and Xiao Hong all looked toward where Yao Xiu was pointing .

Darkness flashed in front of An Lin’s eyes and he almost fainted . He felt like his chest had been ripped apart .

Da Bai and Xiao Chou both trembled as tears began to well up in their eyes .

Droplets of dew appeared on Xiao Hong’s vibrant red petals as she sobbed quietly .

“Younger brother…” Xiao Chou’s legs gave out from under him and his eyes turned completely soulless .

“Younger brother, you died such a horrible death…!” Da Bai felt like he was about to go mad from anguish as he howled in grief .

An Lin strode toward the corner of the room as his body trembled and swayed uncontrollably . He collapsed to his knees in front of the broken eggshell . The huge blue eggshell had been reduced to a pile of fragments at this point .

He grabbed a fragment in his hand with trembling fingers and repented in a low voice, “Xiao Lan, it’s all my fault… my fault for not keeping you in a safe place…”

The atmosphere in the room became extremely gloomy .

Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu were both startled by everyone’s reactions .

A terrifying thought began to emerge in their minds .

“The younger brother you’re referring to is…” Yao Mingxi inquired anxiously .

An Lin held a bunch of eggshells to himself and cast his gaze towards Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu . “This… this the remains of our younger brother . We wanted to hatch it, but you…”


Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu were rooted to the spot as if they had been struck by lightning .

They weren’t idiots .

An Lin’s reaction and An Lin’s words were enough for them to comprehend what had happened .

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“Oh my god… what have I done!?” Yao Xiu stared at her own two hands as her body trembled .

It was her, she ripped the body of Senior An Lin’s younger brother to shreds .

And she also cooked the remains!

In the end… she was even going to make soup from the remaining eggshell .

Yao Mingxi’s eyes also completely lost focus as his mind blanked out .

They killed the younger brother of their idol?

And they even cooked the remains for their idol to eat?

“Haha… hahaha…” Tears streamed down Yao Mingxi’s face as he neared the brink of collapse .

He had already come to realize what heinous crime he had committed!

“Senior An Lin, please don’t blame my sister . This is all a result of my stupidity, let me pay the price for all the mistakes made here!” Yao Mingxi brought out his longsword and slashed it toward his own neck, hoping to repent through his death .

“Brother, no!” Yao Xiu cried in anguish .


A blast of energy struck Yao Mingxi’s longsword, sending it flying away from his neck .

“Senior An Lin, you…” Yao Mingxi stared at An Lin with a trembling voice .

The person that had intervened was none other than An Lin .

An Lin did not say anything . He instead collected all the fragments of the eggshell and placed them on the kitchen counter .

He looked towards Yao Xiu and spoke expressionlessly, “Weren’t you going to make soup? Come on then, the soup might take quite a while to cook…”

Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu were all dumbstruck .

Xiao Chou’s petite body quivered, Da Bai’s legs gave out from under it, and Xiao Chou’s eyes widened . All of them were staring at An Lin with shock written on their faces .

Had Big Brother An… gone crazy?

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