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Published at 16th of September 2019 12:35:06 PM

Chapter 208: 208

Seeing that the spectators were still caught in a daze, Vice-Principal Yu Hua announced loudly, “Out of the three silver rank war demons, only the Blood Skeleton has the mind of a child .

“The representatives for the Heavenly Court didn’t choose to fight recklessly . Rather, they chose to target the fragile mind of the Blood Skeleton . They tempted and deluded it with a game and eventually, caused the Blood Skeleton to walk down the fateful path of game addiction .

“There are many things in this world which don’t necessarily have to be solved through force . If one targets the enemy’s weak points, they may be able to achieve victory even if they don’t use a single bit of force .

“In this battle, the representatives of the Heavenly Court demonstrated this point perfectly!”

Vice-Principal Yu Hua’s words reverberated around the entire Blue Sky Plaza . His explanations were resounding and well-founded, and he had praised the Heavenly Court’s representatives to the sky .

The members of the other forces had a nagging feeling that something was off, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on what it was .

On the other hand, the tens-of-thousands of Heavenly Court’s students all exclaimed in sudden realization when they heard Vice-Principal Yu Hua’s words .

“So that’s how it was! No wonder it felt so weird seeing that red skeleton playing with a phone . So it turns out that it only has the mind of a child!”

“Right after meeting the skeleton, the three of them were able to identify its weakness and formulate a perfect plan . Such frightening observation skill and reaction speed!”

“Goddess Liu has crushed the Blood Skeleton and once again made a massive contribution . ”

“The three of them were calm in the face of danger and courageous when making their decision . They’ve brought great pride upon our Heavenly Court!”

Amidst the Zhong Long mountain ranges, An Lin and the others were completely oblivious to the praise being heaped upon them by their fellow students .

Hearing that they received another two points, An Lin and Wang Xuanzhan both felt like they were living in a dream .

They could obtain holy grails through playing games? What the hell was this?

Meanwhile, Liu Qianhuan felt that this was only right . After all, she had relied on her own abilities to cheat and win . It was only natural that she received a silver holy grail for her efforts!

“You’ve already lost,” Liu Qianhuan said as she looked toward the Blood Skeleton . “If there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave now . ”

“Don’t leave… Let’s play a few more games . I can definitely beat you!” There was a stubborn look in the Blood Skeleton’s eyes .

Liu Qianhuan pursed her lips . “But you’ve got nothing else of value to lose to me~ I’m very busy right now, so I don’t have time to entertain battles which have no stakes . ”

The Blood Skeleton was dismayed upon hearing this . Looking at the crimson “DEFEAT” splayed out across its screen, it fell deep into thought .

An Lin and Wang Xuanzhan both raised their guards, secretly preparing against any sudden attacks from the Blood Skeleton .

“I-I still have information which I can divulge to you,” the Blood Skeleton stammered after a moment of silence . “Apart from the golden holy grail, I can divulge the locations of all the other holy grails to you!”

An Lin and Wang Xuanzhan both drew in a sharp breath, and they looked at the skeleton in utter disbelief .

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Holy f*ck! He’s selling out his teammates just like that?

And he’s selling them out so readily?!

Liu Qianhuan was also a bit surprised as she looked toward the skeleton . “You can seriously divulge the locations of the other holy grails?” she asked incredulously . “You’re not trying to deceive me, are you?”

“The Queen has been teaching me to be an honest child who doesn’t tell fibs . I’m only a child, and it’s wrong for me to tell fibs . ” Saying this, the Blood Skeleton raised its index fingers and poked at its cheeks . This was an extremely disturbing attempt to act cute .

“Moreover, even if I tell you guys the locations of the holy grails, you guys may not be powerful enough to obtain them anyway,” the Blood Skeleton added .

Liu Qianhuan was skeptical as she accepted the Blood Skeleton’s challenge to battle . This time, she would receive the location of one holy grail for every two games she won .

Just as it wished, the Blood Skeleton was able to compete with Liu Qianhuan once again .

Two hours later .

The Blood Skeleton had nothing left to lose .

Short and fat Blood Skeleton: “…”

After being ravaged game after game, the skeleton finally became aware of the gulf in their skills . It was like the Earth, and she was like the Heavens; it was like a firefly, and she was like the sun . The massive difference in their skills made the Blood Skeleton feel great despair .

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Disheartened, its eyes became dull and lifeless .

After taking a moment to recover, the Blood Skeleton said in low spirits, “The Blue Winged Bone Dragon roams around White Tree Plateau which is located in the northwestern region of the Zhong Long mountain ranges . The Wind and Thunder Geminis can be found near Blackpool Lake in the eastern region of the Zhong Long mountain ranges…”

One after another, the Blood Skeleton guiltlessly revealed to them the locations of the holy grails .

An Lin and Wang Xuanzhan gave up on grumbling and sighing with shock . Instead, they started to record this valuable information enthusiastically .

Without a doubt, knowing the general whereabouts of the holy grails would provide them with a huge advantage .

Not needing to slowly hunt for the holy grails anymore, it could be said that victory was already in the bag!

Liu Qianhuan was very happy to see the Blood Skeleton keeping its promise, so she gifted it a phone . “Here, keep this phone, it’s solar-powered . When you have time, practice more with the AI . We’ll play again if the opportunity arises . ”

The short and fat skeleton trembled as it held the phone in its hands . “Thank you so much sister…” it stammered, “I’ll try my best… I-I’ll definitely defeat you next time we meet… This is the first time someone’s gifted me a toy…” The skeleton was so touched that it was even sobbing as it spoke .

The Blood Skeleton was deeply moved, and it hugged the phone like it was its favorite toy . There was a look of gratitude in its eyes as it looked towards Liu Qianhuan . This expression appeared adorable yet frightening .

Liu Qianhuan smiled faintly and remained largely indifferent to all this .

It was only a mobile phone after all… She had wanted to swap out this iPhone 8 ages ago!

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Sure enough, the Oppo R12 was more suited to her tastes .

Just like that, Liu Qianhuan, An Lin, and Wang Xuanzhan were farewelled by the Blood Skeleton and the thousands of blue flames . The three of them soared into the skies and continued on their journey .

On Blue Sky Plaza, the spectators once again descended into silence .

The tens-of-thousands of students were stunned as they watched An Lin and the others being cheerily farewelled by the Blood Skeleton . They were shocked speechless .

The members of the remaining three forces all looked at Vice-Principal Yu Hua coldly . It was as if they were questioning, “This skeleton isn’t a f*cking agent working for the Heavenly Court, is it?!”

Vice-Principal Yu Hua grimaced as he tried to think up an explanation .

After a moment, he explained with a pained expression, “The spiritual beings which reside in the Zhong Long mountain ranges are all creations born from the interaction between the dragon artery and Ling Huang Holy Grail . The character and temperament of these war demons are all different and unique . Judging by the circumstances, I can only say that the representatives of the Heavenly Court exploited their enemy’s weakness in character to the extreme!”

This explanation made quite a bit of sense . At the very least, the students of the Heavenly Court accepted it . Occasionally, remarks such as “save the world through playing games” could be heard . However, these remarks didn’t elicit any overly intense reactions .

As for the remaining three forces, they didn’t buy this explanation at all . They all looked at Vice-Principal Yu Hua as if he was blatantly covering something up .

Yu Hua felt extremely aggrieved . He had never come across such strange occurrences before . However, they just happen to bizarrely transpire now . He knew that explaining any further would be pointless, so he continued to spectate the battles with an aggrieved expression on his face .

At Blackpool Lake, the three representatives of the Hall of Creation bumped into the Wind and Thunder Geminis . An intense battle finally erupted…

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