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Published at 29th of September 2019 01:30:06 AM

Chapter 233: 233

The Abyss of Evil was a massive wound on the Tai Chu Continent .

It stretched for thousands of kilometers and was unfathomably deep . It was like a heavenly rift, separating the Kingdom of the Nine States from the Realm of White Sand .

But in the past few days, everything suddenly changed .

Endless streams of black mist suddenly began to rise up from the depths of the abyss, forming bridges . Even if one were to destroy the bridges, the black mist would immediately materialize a new one .

The Black Mist Bridge allowed the two species to come into contact for the very first time . Even more disturbing was the fact that the Ant Tribe seemed to have planned for this to happen all along, as wave after wave of huge ants rushed into the Kingdom of the Nine States .

Aside from the very soil itself, they ate absolutely everything . Not a single blade of grass would be left in the places ravaged by the ants . Everything would become a barren wasteland . In just a few days, over eighty cities in the Heavenly River State fell to the ants, and the human death toll amounted to tens of millions of people .

In response to this Ant Tribe epidemic, the Zeng Chang Heavenly Monarch, who was stationed by the Heavenly Court in the southern region of the Kingdom of the Nine States, immediately took up arms to try and quell the Ant Tribe .

Accompanying him were his trusty subordinates Liu Jun, Gou Leiji, Pang Yu, Bi Zongyuan, Deng Bowen, Xin Hanchen, Zhang Yuanbo, and Tao Yuanxin .

They had already marched deep into the Realm of White Sand and no one knew of their situation .

It was also due to this epidemic that all second-year university students in the Heavenly Court were assigned the same mission to guard the borders of the Abyss of Evil as their end-of-year trial . There were no set criteria for this end-of-year trial, and a high level of risk was involved, so each class had their home-room teacher to accompany them, but even then, there were still quite a few instances of student casualties .

For students with relative high combat strength like An Lin, they were assigned some special missions…

“This is where we shall part ways . ”

The black brick descended, and An Lin bade farewell to Liu Hu and Liu Susu with a smile .

“Senior, aren’t you going to visit the elder you mentioned?” Liu Susu asked quizzically .

An Lin looked up at the defensive barricades ahead, as well as the Black Mist Bridges spanning across two realms . There were countless Black Mist Bridges like this within the Abyss of Evil .

He smiled lightly in reply . “I have some things I have to do, perhaps I’ll come to visit her after that . ”

“Then, Senior An Lin… Will we have an opportunity to meet again?”

Liu Susu bowed her head slightly and asked in a timid and dejected tone .

The heart of a young girl was often worn on her sleeve, so even someone as oblivious as An Lin could detect her reluctance to part with him .

“Uh… Of course we’ll meet again . Here, I have a sword here, use it to protect yourself!” An Lin retrieved a shiny golden longsword from his storage ring and handed it to Liu Susu .

Liu Susu clearly did not expect An Lin to gift her a weapon before he left, and she stared at An Lin blankly with her mouth slightly agape, appearing extremely adorkable .

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Instead, it was Liu Hu who came to his senses first . He knew just how valuable a weapon bestowed upon them by a mighty figure like An Lin would be, and he hurriedly bowed in gratitude for the gift .

The sword was the golden glazed sword which An Lin used in the past . Even in the prestigious United University of Cultivation, this was quite a fine weapon .

However, An Lin had the Evil-Slaying Sword now, so he decided to gift the sword to Liu Susu as a gesture of goodwill .

“You’re welcome . Cultivate hard and we’ll meet again someday . ” An Lin rubbed her head dotingly .

Liu Susu did not resist . Instead, she lowered her head while blushing as she agreed under her breath .

Having experienced the thrill of being referred to as “Senior”, An Lin leaped onto his brick and soon disappeared from view into the clouds .

Soon, An Lin rode back onto Da Bai . The warm and furry feeling gave him a comforting sense of security .

As expected, Dog Kinesis Flight is still the best… swords and bricks can get f*cked!

Flying along the Abyss of Evil, An Lin could see that there were Immortal Sects guarding every Black Mist Bridge, in preparation for a potential Ant Tribe invasion .

After flying along for a short while, an extremely broad and solid Black Mist Bridge appeared in front of An Lin .

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This was where the Heavenly Court forces were stationed and this bridge was also the largest in the whole of the Abyss of Evil . It measured several thousand feet in width and was the main avenue through which the Ant Tribe reached the Kingdom of the Nine States .

A woman in a Jade Barley Ink Garment looked up into the sky and a beautiful smile surfaced on her face . “Ha, not bad, An Lin, destroying a whole sect by yourself like a true one-man-army, eh?”

“No no, it was all because of my awesome team of beast pets . I was only responsible for decapitating the Palace Leader and Grand Elder of the Heavenly Cloud Palace,” An Lin spoke with a modest expression .

Xiao Chou: “…”

Da Bai: “…”

Xiao Hong squirmed in protest .

All the beast pets developed a new understanding of just how thick-skinned their master was .

Xu Xiaolan covered her mouth and chuckled lightly, but soon began to get down to business . “The remaining ants in the Heavenly River State have pretty much been completely exterminated, but the second wave is about to arrive, and it’s going to be much worse than the first one . ”

An Lin nodded . “I’ll deliver the Demonic Blood Lotus to the home-room teacher right away . ”

The first 50 classes in the second year of The United University of Cultivation were responsible for guarding the Black Mist Bridge, while the second 50 classes were responsible for exterminating any ants left within the Heavenly River State .

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A huge golden city wall stood by the Black Mist Bridge, acting as the most vital barricade against the Ant Tribe, the students only needed to stand atop the wall and release their immortal spells .

This was quite similar to the scene in the past when An Lin and the others combated the beast tide, except this time around, there definitely wouldn’t be any students retarded enough to run down the wall . If they did, they’d be devoured by the ants until not a single trace of them was left .

“Sir, I’ve brought the Demonic Blood Lotus you requested,” An Lin spoke to the man in the white robe standing guard at the end of the bridge .

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao turned to look at the mesmerizing lotus in An Lin’s hands with an expression of approval . “Student An Lin, you’ve done a fantastic job completing your mission! Now that all five items have been assembled, we can move on to the next stage . ”

Slitherweed, Nightmare Snow Bamboo, Wind Crow, Heavenly Menace Bead, and finally the Demonic Blood Lotus .

The five items each exuded their own particular aura as Sword Immortal Ling Xiao placed them on to the ground one by one . A white spell formation appeared on the ground as everything was set into motion . The Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth swirled violently and created a vortex which plunged straight into the spell formation .

This spell formation was an Aura Tracking Spell Formation . This time it was prepared by Sword Immortal Ling Xiao, so the energy rippling from the spell formation was even more mysterious .

As vital energy swirled, a white butterfly fluttered out from it, before landing on Sword Immortal Ling Xiao’s hand .

Behind Sword Immortal Ling Xiao, nine Soul Formation Stage and a hundred Spirit Nurturing Stage cultivators gathered, collectively exuding a chilly killing intent .

There were many familiar faces among them, including Earth Immortal Ming Yuan, Xuanyuan Cheng, Xu Xiaolan, and Su Qianyun . But there were also quite a few unfamiliar faces among them too . They were prodigies from the university and the Heavenly Court’s execution department .

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao looked around at everyone and smile .

“Decapitation mission commence, we shall go… and slaughter the Ant Queen!”

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