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Published at 18th of October 2019 12:25:12 PM

Chapter 278

This was a vast expanse of barren land . At the top of the sky was a barrier which separated the sky from the water . This barrier emitted a soft glow which was much like the color of dusk .

From time to time, a gust of destructive wind would burst out from the fractured voids .

An air of death and evil would also occasionally rise from the floor . Furthermore, resentful souls and evil spirits who would never be reincarnated also hovered around this vast land .

This was the Dragon Court’s ancient battleground—a vast expanse of abandoned land .

Five finely dressed males stood next to a fractured white column . They all wore expressions of anxiety and misery .

“Prince Chi Wu, are we really not going to rescue Princess Yin Yu 1 ?” a middle-aged male asked anxiously .

The red-haired male who stood in the center of the five people had a dark expression on his face . Eventually, he flung his sleeve and said, “Humph! Do you think that I don’t want to rescue my thirteenth sister? You have to understand though, she strayed into the Myriad Ghost Realm! After entering that place, who can make it back out? I say we think of how to escape this place and report this to father . He’ll deal with the matter!”

The male named Chi Wu clearly had the highest authority here . After he made his decision, everyone else fell silent . It was just that they all had a look of pity on their faces .

Report this matter to the Dragon King and wait for him to deal with it? By the time they fled back and sent people over here, perhaps the thirteenth princess would’ve already died and become a member of the Myriad Ghost Realm…

Chi Wu gripped a black colored ancient bead in his hand . He had found this ancient artifact after entering this realm when the passage through the boundary was stable . At the very least, he hadn’t wound up empty-handed .

“Let’s return now .

“Chen Yuan, Huang Yuze, you two go and draw away the group of bone ghosts ahead . ”

Hearing Chi Wu’s order, Chen Yuan and Huang Yuze both nodded and smiled faintly . A string of curses raced through their minds .

Bone ghost mobs were extremely terrifying . Even worse, there were two Black Mist Bone Dragons of the Soul Formation Stage amid this mob . Only Prince Chi Wu would do things such as sending out Cloud Dragons of the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage to act as bait .

As Chen Yuan and Huang Yuze stepped forward, they took out their flying swords and exchanged a glance . They could see the expression of resignation and helplessness on each other’s faces . They both activated a sacrificial mystic technique . Even if they didn’t die this time, they would definitely be left half-dead…

“Go, heroes of the Dragon Court!” Chi Wu gracefully saluted them off .

Chen Yuan and Huang Yuze grimaced . They really wanted to curse out loud . However, they managed to forcefully contain themselves in the end .

This was probably the predestined fate of royal guards . For the safety of royal members, they would not hesitate or refuse orders even if it meant sacrificing their lives .

The two of them leaped into the sky and flew forward .

The dense mob of bone ghosts caught the scent of living beings and instantly entered into a state of frenzy .

“Waah… Waah… Waah…”

Wails and howls suddenly echoed throughout the entire realm . Countless bone ghosts started lunging toward Chen Yuan and Huang Yuze . Many even hovered in the skies and traveled at a speed faster than Chen Yuan and Huang Yuze .


Two gigantic bone dragons who had deep, crimson eyes also started to move . They possessed towering might and bore down toward the two figures in the sky .

Chen Yuan and Huang Yuze immediately used mystic techniques and ignited their potentials 2  . They continued to act as bait .

“We should also get moving . ”

Seeing that the mob of bone ghosts had already been drawn away, Chi Wu leaped onto his sword and flew toward the sky .

The remaining two people nodded and followed behind Chi Wu . They became two streaks of light as they whizzed through the sky .

An Lin, Da Bai, and Xiao Chou finished crossing through the barrier passageway . Initially, they had wanted to use Gundam One and Gundam Two as path-exploring scouts .

Unexpectedly though, Gundam One and Gundam Two elicited a vigorous reaction from the passageway . As if it had been irritated, the barrier passageway immediately started to contract once the Gundams set foot upon it .

The sight of this frightened them immensely, and they flew through the long barrier passageway as if their lives depended on it . In the end, they managed to successfully cross into the interior realm of the barrier just in time .

“Phew… That was a close call~ Who would’ve thought that this barrier passageway could also shrink like that . We almost didn’t make it in . ” An Lin’s heart was still fluttering with fear as he looked toward the white passageway which had already shrunk to the size of a pinhole .

“Could this dragon tribe barrier be resisting Gundam One and Gundam Two because they’re inventions from Purple Star?” Da Bai speculated .

An Lin nodded . He felt that this deduction made a lot of sense .

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“The barrier passageway has closed,” Xiao Chou said anxiously . “How are we going to get out?”

“This isn’t an urgent matter . We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it . We’ll discuss it after finding what we came here for!” An Lin wasn’t a pessimistic person, and his tone was full of fighting spirit .

At this moment, three powerful auras suddenly closed in on them .

“Be careful! Strong enemies are heading toward us!” Xiao Chou wore a grim expression as he looked ahead .

An Lin and Da Bai also tensed up . They didn’t expect to encounter enemies so soon after entering this realm . This animosity arrived far too quickly .

“Members of the Dragon Court?” Seeing that the leading person was a handsome male, An Lin said this with an uncertain tone . This male had billowing red hair and a pair of dragon horns on his head . This was a distinct feature of the dragon tribe .

Upon seeing An Lin and the others, the red-haired male was also slightly stunned .

However, he immediately came to his senses and elegantly clasped his hands in salute . “Fellow cultivators, it’s a pleasure meeting you people here . I wish you all luck in your treasure hunting endeavors . I’ll be heading off first . ”

“I suggest you don’t get excited too quickly…” An Lin averted his gaze sheepishly .

“Huh?” The red-haired male was dumbfounded after hearing this reply .

What kind of reply is this?

He’s telling me to not get excited too quickly? Is this a provocation? But I didn’t offend him?

“Prince Chi Wu, the door… The door to the barrier passageway has shrunk to the size of a pinhole!” A person next to the red-haired male stared at the barrier behind An Lin and shouted in panic .

Chi Wu looked behind An Lin, and his pupils constricted . Even his heart almost missed a beat .

He finally understood the implications of An Lin’s reply… Holy f*ck! Excited my a*s! Even the door’s disappeared!

“You… Fellow cultivator, how come this door contracted?” Chi Wu was indeed very noble in temperament . He held in his frustration and spoke calmly toward An Lin and the others .

“I don’t know either…” An Lin answered innocently . There was an anxious expression on his face . “It shrank to this size right after I entered . I’m still trying to figure out how to get out myself . ”

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Chi Wu grimaced .  Holy sh*t! He was that unlucky? The door shrank down right after he entered?

This group of cultivators all looked very unfamiliar . There was no reason at all for them to screw him over .

Even if they did want to screw him over, how were they able to time it so well?

Speaking of which, was he just extremely out of luck this time?!


A deafening rumble reverberated in the distance . It was as if a large army was bearing down upon them .

“Prince, it’s the bone ghosts! They’re charging over!”

One of the males turned pale with fright and spoke in a shaky voice .

Bone ghosts?

An Lin looked into the distance and saw a mob of dark and twisted beings surging over .

Most of these bone ghosts had skeletal bodies and were shrouded in a layer of black mist .

Among them were two particularly gigantic bone dragons who were chewing on something . Their crimson eyes imparted a dangerous and cruel glint .

Chi Wu drew his flaming sword and unleashed his powerful Soul Formation Initial Stage aura . He appeared commanding and intimidating .

“Fellow cultivators, these bone ghosts have been wreaking havoc in this mystic realm,” Chi Wu said loudly . “Now that the exit has been closed off, we’ll be continuously harassed by their mob . Let us work together to destroy them!”

“Alright!” An Lin nodded .

“Cruciform Netherflame Slash!” Chi Wu’s blade sliced out two tremendous arcs and slashed aggressively toward the foremost Black Mist Bone Dragon .

“Mountain Quaking Lightning Fist!”

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“Heavenly Wolf Claw!”

“Black Flame Fist!”

An Lin and the others all launched their attacks .

The two people beside Chi Wu also lunged toward the Black Mist Bone Dragon .

“Frosty Ice Tornado!”

“White Cloud Lightning Sword!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Numerous deadly immortal spells hurtled toward the bone dragon and bone ghosts . These spells instantly killed dozens of bone ghosts and even managed to push the two Soul Formation Stage bone dragons back .


Chi Wu and the two males beside him clashed with a bone dragon .

After a few blinks of the eye, the two males were severely injured and sent flying back .

A strange feeling surfaced in their minds .  Why is it so quiet behind us?

They looked behind them and found that Chi Wu, their leader, had already flown two kilometers away .

The dog riding male and monkey had fled in another direction and had already become black dots in the distance…

A cold chill shot down the two males’ spines as they came to a sudden realization .


Following this blood-curdling scream of despair and devastation, what welcomed them was the bloody maw of the Black Mist Bone Dragon…

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