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Published at 2nd of November 2019 01:15:07 AM

Chapter 313: 313

After the ninja was tossed back into the lake, a tree in the distance suddenly rustled .

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Three figures in black were extremely animated . They used a spell technique which allowed them to blend into the shadows, so even if someone were to look directly at them, it would still be difficult to detect their presence .

“Koji-san has been killed! Master Hatake Shunshunshi, we have to avenge him!” one of the black shadows spoke with rage .

“Don’t be hasty . ” A man with cropped white hair shook his head as he looked toward An Lin and his group with a grave expression . “Koji-san was a Spirit Nurturing Initial Stage Jonin . That man must be very powerful to be able to detect his presence and kill him at the bottom of the lake . On top of that, we don’t know the power level of his friends either, so it’s best to observe the situation first . ”

“Then are we just not going to avenge Koji-san?” another black shadow spoke vehemently .

“We’ll definitely avenge him, but now is not the time . ” Hatake Shunshunshi responded, “The Heavenly Lake is the location where vital energy is the densest in the Changbai Mountain ranges . If there are to be any extremely rare treasures or ruins that appear, they would most likely appear there . Once those things appear, the whole scene would fall into turmoil and it would become a free-for-all battle . We are masters in the art of assassination, it would be easy for us to kill those people once battle erupts . ”

The other two black shadows nodded in agreement . The strength and caution of their team leader were the keys to their prolonged success . They would allow the man who killed Koji-san to live a little while longer .

“There are more powerful cultivators coming . ” Hatake Shunshunshi raised his head to look into the air .

He was met with the sight of two cultivators flying through the air on their swords before landing beside An Lin .

This scene made the expressions on all the ninjas’ faces a fraction graver .

Those two were capable of Sword Kinesis Flight, so they were definitely at least Spirit Nurturing Stage cultivators . That meant An Lin’s group had drastically increased in overall strength .

“Don’t worry, they’re just two Spirit Nurturing Stage cultivators . They won’t be able to do anything as long as they’re not as powerful as me,” Hatake Shunshunshi spoke confidently .

A short while later, another man flew over standing atop a sword .

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He didn’t obscure his aura at all, and it flowed out in waves all around him . The strength of his aura was even more powerful than Hatake Shunshunshi himself . He too landed by An Lin’s side .

Hatake Shunshunshi’s lips twitched lightly but he still offered up words of encouragement to his fellow ninjas, “We’re masters of assassination who have slain countless enemies stronger than us; their superior cultivation base is meaningless to us!”

The other two Jonins immediately nodded in agreement . They had never feared anyone in their ninja careers .

Right at this moment, another pink streak broke through the clouds .

A beautiful woman descended from the sky and landed beside An Lin . Her aura was as vast as the ocean; it was as if she was a powerful Goddess .

Hatake Shunshunshi completely fell silent .

“Team leader…” One of the Jonins opened his mouth in shock and fear .

“Do you all remember what our mission is?” Hatake Shunshunshi asked .

“We’re here to fight for rare treasures and conquer any ruins!” another Jonin replied .

“That’s right! And what is our duty as ninjas?” Hatake Shunshunshi continued .

“Our duty is to prioritize our mission above all else, even if it means sacrificing our lives!” one of the Jonins replied with zeal .

“Good, it seems like you all know your place . Our main objective is to complete the mission and not revenge! Koji-san’s death is a real tragedy, but we must prioritize the mission above all else!” Hatake Shunshunshi spoke in a resolute voice .

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“Our team leader’s wisdom is unmatched!” two of the Jonins spoke in unison .

Just as the three ninjas were re-evaluating their lives, the defensive spell formation had been completed on An Lin’s side .

“Phew, all done . This is the Taichi Energy Formation coupled with the Phoenix Flames Golden Lightning Formation . Even if Soul Formation Stage cultivators were to rush in, they would surely be heavily injured . ” Xu Xiaolan clapped triumphantly .

Xuanyuan Cheng stretched lazily . “I’m going to meditate for a while . ”

“Thanks for your hard work, I’ll call you when the fish are done . The fish from the Heavenly Lake are true delicacies!” An Lin smiled as he fiddled with the fire before him .

The alluring scent of roasted fish soon began to waft through the air .

Yao Mingxi and Hu Guan stared at the fish on top of the fire with bright eyes as they smacked their lips repeatedly .

Whether it tasted good was an afterthought; the important thing was that their idol was cooking for them!

It was a great fortune to be able to eat fish cooked by their idol . Even if it tasted like sh*t, they would still eat every last bite!

Liu Qianhuan also put away her phone in a rare display and sidled up to An Lin as she looked at the fish over the fire with interest .

Today, she wore a sailor uniform that was pink and blue in color, and her short pink hair had been tied into twin ponytails by purple hairbands . Her attire coupled with her flawless features created an extremely alluring and energetic combination .

It was a pity that An Lin was extremely loyal to his temporary job as a chef, and his eyes remained on the fish and away from Liu Qianhuan .

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He would flip, slice, apply condiments, and repeat… His movements were extremely smooth and rehearsed .

“Hey hey… what type of condiment is this?

“Is it ready yet? It smells so good!

“I have some hundred-year-old fruit spirit oil here, can we apply some of that?”

Liu Qianhuan felt like roasting fish seemed quite interesting and ran her mouth with a series of questions .

The first fish was ready in no time .

Liu Qianhuan, Hu Guan, and Yao Mingxi all licked their lips with anticipation .

However, An Lin personally delivered the first fish to Xu Xiaolan, who was meditating nearby .

Xu Xiaolan accepted the fish with a lovely smile . “Thanks!”

“You’re welcome, I can roast another one for you if you like!” An Lin replied happily .

He then went back to roast the rest of the fish in an extremely good mood .

Liu Qianhuan gritted her teeth in rage as she glared at An Lin with a fierce expression . “Hey, how could you be so damn biased? I’ve been cheering you on from the side this whole time and you repay me by delivering the first fish to Xu Xiaolan!?”

“Cheering me on?” An Lin rolled his eyes . “All you did was harass me…”

Liu Qianhuan tugged on An Lin’s sleeve angrily . “I don’t care what you say, the second fish must be mine!”

“OK . ” An Lin nodded in earnest . “As long as Xu Xiaolan doesn’t want a second fish, the second one will be yours . ”

Liu Qianhuan: “…”

Soon after, Tian Lingling and White Spirit Snake also united with the group .

Tian Lingling was very bubbly and outgoing and soon blended into the group .

White Spirit Snake was unexpectedly quite shy and introverted . She only made a brief nervous self-introduction before she fell silent . The only thing worthy of note was, she was especially active when it came to An Lin .

She hung around An Lin constantly and all her sentences comprised of “Senior Poison Lord this” and “Senior Poison Lord that” . It was only a matter of time before she joined Yao Mingxi and Hu Guan to form a retarded superfan trio .

It was worth mentioning that White Spirit Snake had extremely fine and delicate features . Her skin was like nephrite [1 . A type of jade known for its white translucent hue] and she had a slim oval face . Her waist was like a thin and fragile wicker brach, and her luscious hair looked like it had materialized itself from a beautiful painting .

Perhaps it was due to her beauty that An Lin wasn’t too bothered by this particularly retarded superfan .

This made sense too . After all, it was always better to have a beautiful woman look at you with passion and reverence rather than to have two men look at you with the same expression . The former was quite an uplifting notion, while the latter was just downright creepy .

Thus, the team had been completely assembled, and all they were waiting for was the opening of the tomb the next day!

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