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Published at 22nd of November 2019 12:35:11 PM

Chapter 353

An Lin couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he looked at the bald man standing rooted to the spot, completely devoid of life force .

This outrageously difficult battle had finally drawn to a close .

He had to pull out all his trump cards and almost had to sacrifice his own life to beat this bald man . This was no easy victory, that was for sure!

Master Saitama was indeed extremely badass!

And this wasn’t even the real Saitama, he was just a cosplayer, but he was still super badass .

Immediately afterward, An Lin saw the bald man’s body dissipate into specks of golden light which then disappeared before his eyes .

“Wow, as expected of the final BOSS, even his exit after his death is so bada*s…”

An Lin couldn’t help but lament at the scene unfolding before his eyes .

However, he then saw the golden light slowly condense and once again materialized into the bald man .

His body was still riddled with wounds, but the fatal wound on his neck had disappeared .

The bald man looked around himself and scratched his bald head in confusion .

“Huh? Didn’t I just die?” he suddenly asked .

An Lin: “…”

Su Qianyun: “…”

Xuanyuan Cheng: “…”

“Yes, you’re already dead! Please stay down, I beg of you!” Liu Qianhuan felt like her heart was about to jump out of her mouth at the sight of the resurrected bald man .

A lovely female voice suddenly sounded in the sky above .

“You are indeed already dead, please steer the Circular Flying Ark back here . ”

The bald man slapped his forehead and instantly came to a realization at what had happened . He looked at An Lin and the others with a complex expression before jogging away toward the silver flying object and jumping in after opening the cabin door .

An Lin and the others: “…”

The silver flying object then rose into the air under everyone’s intense gazes and flew into the rift in the sky .

“Sigh, that was rough…” Xuanyuan Cheng’s legs gave out from under him as he collapsed to the ground .

He felt like his nerves had been worn thin from all these twists and turns .

An Lin was lying on the ground like a dead fish without the energy to even lift a single finger .

He then felt like his waist was being poked by someone .

He turned to find Liu Qianhuan pointing surreptitiously with her finger in a certain direction while blinking incessantly at him .

An Lin looked toward where she was pointing to find that was the place where Battle God Tian Dao was engaged in battle .

“What?” He was a little oblivious to Liu Qianhuan’s intentions .

“For God’s sake, are you even a man? Can’t you figure it out for yourself!?” Liu Qianhuan glared at An Lin .

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Was he a man? What did that have to do with anything?

An Lin blinked and looked toward the dazzling yet domineering Battle Goddess Bi Qiong .

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong was indeed worthy of the title of strongest on the Zhan Qi Continent . Even though Battle God Tian Dao had the black armor to increase his battle strength, she was still able to grind him down into the ground .

However, that was all beside the point .

The important thing was that Battle Goddess Bi Qiong was in human form at the moment and the green imperial robes looked like a cheongsam on her . Not only did they perfectly accentuate her explosive curve, but the sides of the robes also opened up to almost her hips, exposing the entirety of her sexy long legs for An Lin’s viewing pleasure .

An Lin swallowed audibly .

He was lying down so he was looking up at Battle Goddess Bi Qiong as she battled Battle God Tian Dao in the sky .

This was… the best perspective!

He looked toward Liu Qianhuan with a grateful expression and she nodded with satisfaction .

“Sometimes, it’s important to have a pair of eyes that are proficient at discovering a beauty…”

She pulled out her phone and began playing on it as she spoke .

Su Qianyun made her way toward An Lin and the others and stood guard beside them in order to protect them from the shockwaves radiating from the battle in the distance . She was the person that had the least amount of injuries on the team, but even so, her body felt like it had been taken apart and reassembled as each movement caused her to grit her teeth in pain .

The battle was drawing to a conclusion, and the end result was starting to become quite apparent .

Battle God Zhen Hong really was too powerful . Even after Xu Xiaolan entered the fray, he still held onto a clear advantage . Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the fact that the two Gundams were doing their best to restrict his movements, Hu Guan and Yao Mingxi would probably already have been laid to rest .

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Battle God Zi Yang then also entered the fray and successfully managed to flip the tables as Battle God Zhen Hong fell to a disadvantage .

This was the first time An Lin had seen Battle God Zi Yang fight with all his might, and he struck quite an impressive figure, blasting a relentless stream of earth-shattering flame techniques from his hands . An Lin had to admit, Battle God Zi Yang had finally managed to redeem his status as a Battle God in his eyes .


A mighty green sword projection fell, and Battle God Tian Dao was sliced in half along with his armor .

Battle God Tian Dao’s aura faded, and his body dissipated into specks of golden light .

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong gracefully sheathed her sword and peered in An Lin’s direction .

An Lin immediately averted his gaze and directed it toward Xu Xiaolan with a sincere expression of concern .

However, he was lamenting in his heart that Battle Goddess Bi Qiong’s battle concluded so quickly .

Battle God Zhen Hong was also beginning to show signs of imminent defeat during his six vs one battle .

He dodged a sword strike from Yao Mingxi, but the two Gundams took this opportunity to unleash a powerful gravitational forcefield .

Under the sudden amplification of gravity, Battle God Zhen Hong’s movements faltered for an instant . He was then greeted by a torrent of attacks!

Hu Guan’s fists flew through the air, Xu Xiaolan’s sword slashed out a golden streak of light and Battle God Zi Yang’s flames of judgment descended from the sky…

The sky was once again lit up by spell techniques .

An Lin looked on as the black armor-clad figure plummeted from the sky with Xu Xiaolan and the others in hot pursuit . He knew this battle was essentially over .

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Not long after, Battle God Zhen Hong’s heart was pierced through by Battle God Zi Yang’s crimson flaming spear, and his head was lopped off by Xu Xiaolan’s Flying Lightning Slash .

“Congratulations, Realm-Guardian Trial, Purple Star stage completed!”

A voice sounded in the sky, confirming that everyone had completed the trial .

Everyone’s hearts trembled slightly as they heard the words “Purple Star” . No wonder they had flying saucers and high-tech armor . It made a lot of sense now that everyone knew they were representatives of the Purple Star civilization .

However, why were they an enemy of the Ten Realm-Guardian Tribes?

A projection appeared in the sky, displaying everyone’s scores for this segment .

An Lin: 18,500 points . Liu Qianhuan: 12,200 points . Su Qianyun: 9,000 points . Xu Xiaolan: 8,300 points . Xuanyuan Cheng: 7,200 points . Yao Mingxi: 1,100 points . Hu Guan: 900 points . Tian Lingling: 100 points . White Spirit Snake: 0 points . Tang Ximen: 0 points .

An Lin had initially thought that Su Qianyun would be the highest scorer for this segment, seeing as she had landed the killing blow on the Saitama cosplayer . However, to his surprise, she only managed to place third while he came in first . Hm, it looked like the judges were quite fair after all .

Tian Lingling was extremely excited after seeing her score . She had only tossed a few talismans at Battle God Zhen Hong, then only dared to make her way over and land a few blows when he was on the brink of death . Who would have thought even such a mediocre performance could earn her a hundred points!

Little Qing rubbed her head on White Spirit Snake’s arm in consolation after seeing her score of zero .

“I’m ok, Litte Qing, I’m not the only one who came last . ” White Spirit Snake looked over at Tang Ximen and stroked Litte Qing’s head lightly .

Tang Ximen felt as if his heart had been pierced by another sword .

Another spatial gate opened in mid-air and clouds condensed into a staircase as if it were the staircase to heaven .

Everyone looked up at the spatial gate with anxiety and anticipation in their hearts .

It was finally time for the last segment!

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