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Published at 7th of January 2020 01:25:31 PM

Chapter 475

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An Lin suddenly clenched his fists and gritted his teeth . "I don't believe in fate and I won't give up!"

He then turned his eyes upon the throne in the palace .

There wasn't much time left; he had to make it onto the roster to enter the Ancient Tai Chu Realm within this short period of time!

An Lin took a deep breath . His expression became extremely determined as he strode toward Emperor Ziwei .

Emperor Ziwei opened his eyes and a slight smile appeared on his face when he saw An Lin approaching him .

An Lin bowed respectfully before cutting straight to the chase . "Emperor Ziwei, I want to fight for a spot to enter the Ancient Tai Chu Realm . I feel like I'm no less powerful than the seniors entering the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, so please give me an opportunity . "

"Oh? I didn't know you had such an adventurous spirit, An Lin . " Ziwei paused for a moment before continuing, "I know you are quite powerful among Soul Formation Stage cultivators and there should be a spot for you to enter the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, but I refuse to let you enter . "

An lin was stunned by the straightforward rejection . He only managed to spit out a question after a few seconds of shocked silence, "Why?"

"Because I can sense your fortune isn't going to be so great in the next few days, so it would be unwise to allow you to travel far away from the Heavenly Court . After all, you are more important to the Heavenly Court than even some Celestial Immortals," Emperor Ziwei elaborated .

An Lin was once again rooted to the spot .

Emperor Ziwei could sense his ill-fortune?

Holy f*ck, is it that obvious?!

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An Lin took a deep breath . With a resolute expression on his face, he asked, "Conform, and one will be a mortal forever; only through defiance can we become immortals! How can I achieve the Paramount Dao if I run and hide at every slight hint of danger?"

Emperor Ziwei's eyes lit up . "Oh? Your words certainly ring true . "

An Lin smiled internally to himself . Luckily he had read a lot of fictional cultivation novels in the past, so he was not short on corny lines such as the one he had just spouted!

"I'm willing to dedicate my youth and my blood, sweat, and tears to the Heavenly Court in order to fight for the Realm Essence Crystals to provide building blocks for the Heavenly Court! I want to do my part to make the Heavenly Court the splendid paradise it deserves to be!" An Lin got a bit carried away as he spoke .

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"Then how about this? The Giant Spirit God is tasked with guarding the Southern Heavenly Gate, so it's not appropriate to send him to the Ancient Tai Chu Realm . Why don't you take his place to enter the Void Star Division?" Emperor Ziwei offered with a smile .

"Void… Void Star Division? Isn't that division only accessible to Return to Void Stage mighty figures? I can't!" An Lin exclaimed in shock .

"There is only a cultivation base restriction on the Ancient Divine Division, but not the Void Star Division . As long as you are Return to Void Intermediate Stage or lower, you can enter the division . However, the passageway into that division cannot take that many entrants, and it's too dangerous there, which is the reason why we've decided to only send Return to Void Stage Celestial Immortals there," Emperor Ziwei explained .

An Lin: "…"

An Lin felt like he was on the verge of collapse . How was a Soul Formation Stage cultivator like him supposed to play around with the big guns?

The Void Star Division was a place where even Return to Void Stage mighty figures had fallen!

He didn't have the courage, no way Jose!

"Huh? What's the matter? I'm giving you a chance, but you're backing down now? Didn't you say conforming will reduce you to being a mortal forever and only through defiance can you become an immortal?" Emperor Ziwei chuckled upon seeing An Lin's hesitant expression .

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F*ck that! Going to the Void Star Division was no different than walking to his death! Of course he had to hesitate .

Now that he thought about it, it wasn't really that bad to be a eunuch for a hundred years, after which he could marry Xu Xiaolan…

"Haha, alright, I won't scare you anymore, An Lin . " A devious expression suddenly appeared on Emperor Ziwei's face, as if he had successfully pulled off a prank . He then brought out a black robe from his storage ring, which he then passed to An Lin .

An Lin didn't know what it was, but he didn't have the habit of refusing gifts .

He accepted the black robe to find that there were spots of white light shining on the surface of the robe . It looked as if it was a night sky filled with countless stars .

"This is the Illusionary Star Robe, which can help the wearer escape detection from Star Beasts . On top of that, it also has a chameleon effect that allows it to blend into its surroundings and only mighty figures of the Dao Integration Stage or above will be able to see through its camouflage . This is an extremely valuable immortal tool, and I'm bestowing it upon you now . In return, you need to do me a favor when you enter the Ancient Divine Division, and that is to collect a Stardust Fruit from the Huge Starry Mountain . "

A joyful expression appeared on An Lin's face upon hearing this . "So that means… I can enter the Ancient Divine Division now?"

Emperor Ziwei nodded in confirmation . "That's right . You will be the thirty-first person on the roster to enter the Ancient Divine Division . We actually discovered that the Heavenly Court's passageway into the Ancient Tai Chu Realm is able to allow one more person than usual to pass through this time . What a pleasant surprise, right?"

An Lin: "…"

Pleasant surprise my a*s!

Why didn't he say this in the first place?

He felt like Emperor Ziwei had dug him a hole before waiting for him to jump in .

He couldn't help but ask, "Senior Ziwei, how did you know I would ask you for a spot to enter the Ancient Divine Division?"

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A profound smile appeared on Ziwei's face . "I predicted it . "

An Lin was instantly filled with admiration .

Emperor Ziwei thought to himself .

Even if you didn't come to beg me, I would still have countless methods to get you into the Ancient Divine Division… As the brightest star of the Heavenly Court, you're going to enter the Ancient Divine Division whether you like it or not…

An Lin stowed the Illusionary Star Robe into his storage ring before bowing and taking his leave .

Wang Xuanzhan and Yang Ruoling instantly made their way over to him with curiosity on their faces .

"An Lin, what did you talk about with Emperor Ziwei?" Wang Xuanzhan asked .

"Done!" An Lin smiled .

"Done? What is?" Yang Ruoling was confused .

"I can go to the Ancient Divine Division too!" An Lin replied excitedly .

Wang Xuanzhan: "…"

Yang Ruoling: "…"

"What?" An Lin asked as he looked at the confused expressions on the faces of the two people before him .

Wang Xuanzhan was a little hesitant . "You… you chatted with Emperor Ziwei for a little bit and he made an exception for you to enter the Ancient Divine Division?"

An Lin nodded . "That's right . He also gave me some other instructions, but that's roughly what happened . "

"So the rumors were true, you really are the number one backdoor entrant in The United University of Cultivation!" Yang Ruoling exclaimed .

An Lin: "…"

A thought suddenly occurred to Yang Ruoling, and she asked with a nervous expression, "Whose spot did you take?"

An Lin shook his head . "No one . There are thirty-one entrants now . "

Wang Xuanzhan was shocked to hear this, and he raised his thumb to An Lin . "Impressive!"

"You can do that?" Yang Ruoling was in disbelief .

An Lin felt like the two of them had misunderstood something, so he hurriedly explained, "It's not what you think . There were originally thirty-one people that could enter through the passageway anyway . "

"There's no need to explain, Student An Lin, I understand," Wang Xuanzhan replied with an unconvinced smile .

"Um…" Yang Ruoling blushed slightly as her eyes shimmered . She seemed to have mustered up some courage before saying what she was about to say, "After I break through to Return to Void Stage, can you put in a good word for me with Emperor Ziwei so that he can assign me a Palace Leader role in the Heavenly Court Flower Palace or something like that…"

An Lin: "…"

What do you guys take me for? I'm not that kind of backdoor entrant!

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