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Published at 7th of January 2020 01:24:53 PM

Chapter 489

On a certain plateau within the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, an inky true demon with twin horns and a pair of bat wings growing out from its back tore a West Sea ancient demon into shreds .

"Hahaha… the Realm Essence Crystals are mine!"

The true demon held the storage ring of the ancient monster in its hand as its crimson eyes glowed with bloodlust . It counted the green crystals scattered all over the ground to find that there were sixteen in total .

On the summit of a snowy mountain fifteen kilometers away .

A short girl in a pink dress opened her yellow eyes and stared in a certain direction .

Her eyes were as sharp as a falcon's . She huddled over slightly as she drew her pink longbow .

"Sixteen green Realm Essence Crystals . That's the equivalent of four hundred and eighty thousand spirit stones, and there are two storage rings from the Soul Formation Stage cultivators to be grabbed as well…

"Divine Technique—Spatial Demon-Slaying Arrow!"

Vital energy surged violently before materializing into a pink arrow, which continued to gather energy as it hung in the air .

She possessed the bloodline of the mythological beast Kun Peng . Therefore, she also possessed its ability, Eyes of the Kun Peng, that allowed her to lock onto and survey targets that were at huge distances away from her . Coupled with her extraordinary marksmanship, this was a sure-kill combo .

The true demon in the distance was already her third target .

The true demon hummed a joyful song and stowed the Realm Essence Crystals into its storage ring, like a proud farmer harvesting some radishes .

After plucking out the final radish, it heaved a pleased sigh as a satisfied smile appeared on its face .

Right at this moment, it suddenly felt a chill running down his spine .

It instinctively turned around and buried its head behind its arms in response to the strong sense of impending death .


A pink arrow pierced through the air in a dazzling, pink trajectory before crashing into the true demon's arms .

The terrifying power imbued within the arrow instantly tore its arms apart before striking into its head .


The explosion of energy pulverized the ground in a radius of a kilometer, and a small mushroom cloud rose into the air .

"What a shot!" the woman complimented herself with a buoyant smile as she leaped onto a cloud before flying toward the site of the explosion .

At the center of the explosion, the true demon's powerful body had already been charred completely black, and its head was nowhere to be seen…

"Heehee… time to collect my reward…"

The woman picked up the two storage rings on the ground with a delighted grin and was just about to depart .

Right at this moment, a towering film of water suddenly rose up around her in a radius of a thousand feet .

A huge seahorse holding a silver spear with lightning revolving around its body appeared five hundred meters away . "Well done, Turtle Priest, not only did you predict the right direction, you even got the timing spot on as well . "

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The space beside the huge seahorse warped immediately, following which a sea turtle thirty feet in size appeared with a golden stone in its mouth .

"Hmph! You'll pay with your life for killing one of us West Sea sea monsters!"


The turtle suddenly spat out the green stone toward the woman in the pink dress .

The woman immediately tried to escape into the other direction .

Melee combat was not her forte, and she had just expended too much energy in launching that arrow . Hence, she was no match in her current condition against these two Soul Formation Final Stage West Sea sea monsters .

"Hehe, you think you can escape?" the seahorse sneered coldly before its body transformed into a bolt of lightning that streaked toward the woman at an alarming speed!

At this moment, An Lin and Tina finally managed to struggle their way out from the poisonous realm in which they were situated… only to find themselves on a certain plateau .

"Phew… the scenery is decent here, let's take a rest . " An Lin really couldn't be bothered stumbling around anymore . He immediately sat down on the ground to meditate after swallowing a Blood Spirit Pill .

He had mostly recovered from the after-effect of using the Origin Energy of the Netherworld, but he was still unable to engage in battle .

Hence, he decided to recover here until the negative after-effects subsided .

"You call this a decent scenery?" Tina glowered at him with her hands on her hips . "There isn't even any greenery here! It's all dark, barren ground; how is this decent scenery?!"

An Lin pursed his lips . "Then… do you want to go back?"

Tina: "…"

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An Lin closed his eyes to meditate .

A long while later, a series of resounding booms suddenly erupted in the distance .

"Wow! Giant An Lin! Look, there are extremely powerful creatures battling five kilometers from here!" Tina exclaimed with excitement .

"Quiet down! Unleash a concealment technique on us; the creatures of this world may not take kindly to people spectating their battles!" An Lin rolled his eyes at Tina .

Tina obediently unleashed a Holy Fairy Concealment Technique at An Lin's behest .

"Wow! That seahorse and turtle are so strong . That Giant Godfiend is about to be overwhelmed!" Tina marveled .

An Lin raised his eyebrows slightly after hearing this . "Giant Godfiend? Does the Giant Godfiend have any wings, horns, tails, or anything like that?"

"Wings? Horns? Tails? Giant Godfiends don't have anything like that . Oh, right, she looks a lot like you . She wears clothes, and she looks a lot like a human!" Tina continued .

An Lin stood up and turned his eyes toward the direction Tina was pointing to . He saw lightning and waves surging in the distance . However, the battle was taking place five kilometers away, so he was unable to see the participants in the battle very clearly .

"That Giant Godfiend just got struck by another bolt of lightning, and it's coming toward us! Should we hide ourselves to avoid being swept up in the battle?" Tina asked .

An Lin paused for a moment before shaking his head firmly . "So be it, let's fight!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

There was a great chance that the Giant Godfiend Tina was referring to was a human, which meant they might be a member of the Heavenly Court .

An Lin obviously wasn't going to stand by idly while a member of the Heavenly Court was being chased down before his eyes . He couldn't battle, but his two Gundams could battle in his stead .

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Right at this moment, the woman in the pink dress was already less than two kilometers away from An Lin . She was in an extremely disheveled state with a head of long black hair that was slightly curled from being electrocuted and a tattered, bloodstained dress that revealed a section of her well-proportioned legs .

"Gundam One, Gundam Two, trap that seahorse and sea turtle!"

An Lin's storage ring flashed, and two gallant mechanical puppets appeared in mid-air .

An Lin and Tina had already withdrawn their concealment spell techniques, so the woman in the distance could already see them and hope reignited in her eyes .

An Lin recognized the woman . Wang Xuanzhan had introduced her to him as Liu Chuchu .

Liu Chuchu was an upperclasswoman thirteen years his senior . She was currently at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage, and her portrait could be found in the University Famous Persons Register as she was one of the most powerful students in the history of the university .

"An Lin! This is great! I didn't expect to meet you here!

"Come on! Let's kill these two sh*tty sea monsters!"

Liu Chuchu instantly recognized An Lin, and her eyes lit up as she yelled excitedly .

She was very confident in An Lin's abilities, and she immediately turned around to launch a counterattack against the sea monsters!

"Seahorse, turtle, you two b*stards chased me over half a plateau, now it's time for you to face your death!" She turned around before unleashing a bombardment of arrows toward the seahorse .

An Lin didn't expect Liu Chuchu to recognize him, and he was even more surprised by the fact that she chose to launch a counterattack . He immediately yelled out a word of caution to Liu Chuchu, "Don't do it, Senior Student Liu! I can't battle yet due to some restrictions on my body!"

Liu Chuchu almost fell over upon hearing An Lin's words, and a chill ran down her spine .

Before she had a chance to reply, the seahorse wielding the silver spear had already evaded all the arrows and appeared right in front of her .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!