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Published at 17th of January 2020 12:39:45 PM

Chapter 515

The mysterious smile on An Lin’s face sent a collective chill running down the spines of the twelve snow soul beasts .

He pulled out twelve steamers of stuffed buns, one for each of the twelve snow soul beasts .

The alluring scent of the stuffed buns wafted throughout the entire cave, and even Liu Chuchu, Ling Ying, and the others couldn’t help but swallow to prevent themselves from drooling .

“These are the ‘stuffed buns ignored by Da Bai’, have a taste!”

The snow soul beasts instantly caved in and began to chomp down on the stuffed buns .

And once they started, they were unable to stop themselves from eating! In the blink of an eye, the snow soul beasts devoured all the stuffed buns within their respective steamers before staring up at An Lin with expectant eyes .

“If you come with me, you can eat delicious stuffed buns like these every day!” An Lin offered .

Upon hearing this, many of the snow soul beasts instantly swore their allegiance to An Lin in their unintelligible language .

However, there were still some that were sitting on the fence as well as those who firmly rejected his offer . Xue Zhantian, for example, was a member of the latter group .

Right at this moment, An Lin’s expression changed to one that was extremely cold and menacing as he said, “Yield to me, and you get stuffed buns, otherwise… you’ll die!”

He activated his Divine Might Technique in conjunction with this threat . While his eyes glowed with a golden light, producing a golden ripple that crashed down upon the twelve snow soul beasts with supreme might .

The snow soul beasts had all had their powers sealed away, so An Lin appeared as if he were a mighty war god walking among them . The war god was glaring down at them at this very moment, giving them the choice to yield and live or resist and die .

All the snow soul beasts had been terrified to the point that they were almost sh*tting themselves . Even Xue Zhantian, whose stance had previously been extremely firm, was completely overwhelmed by An Lin’s might . It stared up at An Lin with a pair of big, watery eyes as its lips trembled as if it was on the brink of saying the words “I yield” .

Liu Chuchu was shocked . She didn’t think he would use tactics that were even more underhanded than her own!

These were such adorable snow soul beasts… How could An Lin utter such cruel words to them?!

“You’ve gone too far, An Lin! The snow soul beasts are so adorable; how could you scare them like this?!” Liu Chuchu couldn’t help but glower with rage .

“I’m serious . What is your choice?” An Lin looked down upon the snow soul beasts with a cold expression . His voice was filled with prestige as well as an ethereal quality; it was as if it had descended from the heavens .

“Yiyiyaya…” All the snow soul beasts rolled around An Lin as they flapped their wings in a fawning manner .

“So this is coercion… I… I yield…” Xue Zhantian spoke in a voice full of humiliation and reverence .

“Yiyiya!” said the other eleven snow soul beasts in unison .

Liu Chuchu’s eyes widened in incredulity as she stared at the snow soul beasts .

They agreed? They actually agreed?!

They agreed to yield to such a cruel owner?!

“Hehe, this is gonna take a bit of blood essence . ” An Lin chuckled as he made seals with his hands before slicing open one of his fingers .

Each of the twelve drops of golden blood flew toward each of the twelve snow soul beasts .

Beast pet contracts were forged under the condition that both parties were willing to enter into the contract, thereby creating a relatively equal contract .

If one party were resistant to the idea of forging the contract, then it would be bound to fail .

The twelve drops of golden blood essence had already dripped onto the heads of the twelve snow soul beasts . The contract would be successfully forged once the blood fused into their bodies .

An Lin stared nervously at the snow soul beasts before his heart plunged into icy coldness .

The blood essence did drip onto the heads of the snow soul beasts, but none of them were absorbed! The drops of golden blood essence glinted with a faint glow atop the snow soul beasts’ heads; each of them striking a heavy blow into An Lin’s heart!

“How could this be…” An Lin muttered to himself as the light drained from his eyes .

A joyful smile appeared on Liu Chuchu’s face upon seeing this . “Haha, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink! You can’t inspire true loyalty and sincerity through coercion . ”

Just as her voice faded, the faint sound of blood essence merging into a target sounded nearby .

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An Lin and Liu Chuchu both turned to the source of the sound, and they drew sharp intakes of breath in unison .

“How could this be…” Liu Chuchu’s body swayed slightly as she muttered to herself while the light was drained from her eyes .

The dazed expression on An Lin’s face gave way to ecstasy as he pounced on Xue Zhantian before enveloping it in a tight hug . “Ahahaha… Xue Zhantian, I love you!”

Xue Zhantian blushed slightly as it bared its intricate little teeth . “Don’t get too full of yourself! I, I didn’t want to accept you as my owner! I was only forced to do so because of the aura you exuded just then!”

“Yes, yes… you’re so cute, so whatever you say is correct!”

An Lin rubbed his cheek into Xue Zhantian’s snowy white fur with glee .

Liu Chuchu: “…”

Liu Chuchu clasped her hands over her chest with pain and disappointment on her face .

She knew that Xue Zhantian couldn’t be taken seriously when it said it had been forced into submission . After all, both parties had to be fully willing to enter into a contract before a beast pet contract could be established .

Under normal circumstances, An Lin’s cruel methods would evoke negative emotions in the hearts of the snow soul beasts . But who would have thought… that Xue Zhantian was not averse to coercion! This was simply unfathomable to Liu Chuchu .

“Xue Zhantian, can you try and convince your underlings to also become my beast pets?” An Lin hugged Xue Zhantian as he asked excitedly .

Xue Zhantian flapped its wings before replying, “Don’t even bother . Us snow soul beasts develop intelligence quite late . On top of that, our ice-type Dao foundations are too powerful . Coupled with the nurturing power of the Hanging Ice Lake, it resulted in a very strong sense of individuality . Hence, there’s no way they can sign beast pet contracts with anyone until their intelligence grows to a higher level . ”

“Oh…” An Lin came to a sudden realization upon hearing this . No wonder his eleven other drops of blood essence had all failed .

Liu Chuchu’s body swayed lightly again, and she almost collapsed to the ground after hearing this .

So that was the reason why An Lin had failed?!

An Lin turned to Liu Chuchu with an apologetic expression . “Sorry… I didn’t think it would be like this…”

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Liu Chuchu opened her mouth with a vacant expression, but she didn’t say anything . She didn’t even know how to put her emotions into words .

The beast pet she wanted the most was Xue Zhantian . Xue Zhantian was taken, but she could still accept another snow soul beast . But now… there was no chance for her to even establish a beast pet contract with any of the other snow soul beasts!

She was struck by an overwhelming sense of sadness as her hope and dreams fell apart…

“Is there really no other way? Is there perhaps a way to help them increase their intelligence? I really want to take one home…” Liu Chuchu pouted, and tears shimmered in her eyes as she looked down at the snow soul beasts on the ground .

Xue Zhantian chuckled coldly . “Heh… Seeing as you had the intention of letting all my underlings go, I’ll tell you a method out of the kindness of my heart!”

Liu Chuchu’s eyes lit up as a sense of renewed hope started to burn in her heart . “What’s the method?”

Xue Zhantian pointed to one of the snow soul beasts with one of its wings . “That’s my little brother, Xue Potian . He’s currently at True Power Final Stage . If you can make him progress to the pinnacle of the True Power Stage, then his intelligence would be sure to mature, and you would be able to try and forge a beast pet contract with him!”

“Increase his cultivation base…” Liu Chuchu furrowed her brows in deep thought . She then brought out three immortal fruits imbued with ice energy before turning to Xue Potian with a dainty smile . “These are Snow Essence Wolf Fruits, a type of eighth-grade immortal fruits . I obtained them after killing two snow maidens . If you agree to be my beast pet, I’ll feed them to you . How about it?”

Shocked, An Lin swallowed his saliva with difficulty .

She even killed two snow maidens… Just how many people has she killed in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm…

Xue Potian looked up at the eighth-grade immortal fruits with desire etched all over his face as he flapped his wings and rolled around on the ground, all the while uttering a series of unintelligible syllables .

“Heehee… I’ll take that as a yes…” Liu Chuchu said as she passed a Snow Essence Wolf Fruit to Xue Potian .

Xue Potian opened his mouth and began munching on the immortal fruit .

After he was done, he stared up at Liu Chuchu with big, round eyes that were heartbreakingly translucent .

“Good boy…” Liu Chuchu caressed Xue Potian . She was overwhelmed by her maternal instincts, and she passed the second Snow Essence Wolf Fruit to him .

Xue Potian eagerly devoured the Snow Essence Wolf Fruit before looking up at Liu Chuchu with those heartbreaking eyes again .

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Liu Chuchu’s brows furrowed slightly with concern when Xue Potian’s cultivation base showed no signs of progression . Despite that, she still passed the third Snow Essence Wolf Fruit to him .

Xue Potian quickly devoured the third Snow Essence Wolf Fruit before rolling around like a plump ball of fur while displaying joy and excitement on his face . However, Liu Chuchu’s heart throbbed to the point of asphyxiation .

Did she just feed the three immortal fruits to a dog? Why did it make no difference to the snow soul beast’s cultivation base?

An Lin cleared his throat when he caught sight of Liu Chuchu’s shattered expression . “Ahem… Could it be that the snow soul beast is unable to make a breakthrough because you forgot to undo the seal on his body?”

“Ah! You’re right!” Liu Chuchu’s expression immediately glowed with renewed hope .

She clicked her fingers, and a golden light burst forth from Xue Potian’s plump, round body . Immediately after that, his aura began to grow explosively!


Xue Potian seemed to have broken through some sort of bottleneck as a chilling aura began to radiate from his body .

“My little brother has just broken through to the pinnacle of the True Power Stage!” Xue Zhantian’s eyes lit up with excitement .

Liu Chuchu’s hands fluttered like a butterfly as she made a series of seals before slicing open her finger and releasing a drop of blood essence toward Xue Potian . “Xue Potian, come with me, and we’ll kill people together so that you can have more fruits to eat!”

It was obvious that Xue Potian had been completely won over by the promise of immortal fruits as he eagerly absorbed Liu Chuchu’s blood essence to complete the contract!

Liu Chuchu enveloped Xue Potian in a tight hug as she said, “Oh… you’re too cute . I’m going to feed you until you’re even more adorable than Xue Zhantian! Let’s start off by changing your weird name . You’ll be known as Xue Mengmeng 1 instead of Xue Potian from now one!”

“Yiyiyaya…” Xue Mengmeng wobbled his head around as if he was very pleased with this new name .

An Lin: “…”

Xue Zhantian flared up in rage . “How dare you abandon the name I gave you! And you’re so happy about it too! You’re not my real little brother!”

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